Discrete R2R + 1Bit DSD Desktop Digital to Analog Convertor

    Excellent Discrete R2R & 1Bit DSD DAC
    10M K2 Clock Synthetization
    Low Pass Filter
    Complex Programmable Logic Device
    XMOS XU216 USB Interface & Two High-Quality Toroidal Transformers
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Excellent Discrete R2R & 1Bit DSD DAC

Different from A> DAC which has been popular in recent years, it provides a more natural sound. However, this architecture needs precision resistors and deep development to achieve fine performance. That’s why the GUSTARD R26 adopts a R-2R ladder DAC to convert the digital signal to analog signal by switching resistors' array. Besides, the R26 utilizes a native 1 Bit DSD DAC, supporting DSD 512 (via USB) and DSD1024 (via IIS). The DSD stream is decoded by the independent 1 Bit DSD DAC without DSD to PCM converting.

10M K2 Clock Synthetization

The GUATARD R26 replaces the input signal's clock with precision oscillators (local or external), which can avoid the interference from the input source's clock. This device will function off when using IIS, AES, COAX, OPT, BT, PCM NOS, and 1Bit; function on when using USB and LAN. It is worth mentioning that the ultra-low noise K2 clock synthesizer can provide precision clock from local oscillators or external clock in.

Low Pass Filter

LPF is specifically designed for the D/A converter using discrete devices. Final parameters of the circuit are adjusted with subjective listening. Different from ICs, discrete circuits provide the possibilities to control every detail in sound and performance. But the parasitic effects introduced huge challenges to development experience and device's quality.

Complex Programmable Logic Device

The R26 Convertor features a complex programmable logic chip to construct logic function of digital integrated circuit. In addition, the GUSTARD DAC features signal routing, the clock management, 2nd order PLL, DOP decoding, and depop for PCM/DSD, all of which lay a solid foundation for excellent sound quality.

XMOS XU216 USB Interface & Two High-Quality Toroidal Transformers

Equipped with XMOS XU216 USB audio solution, the GUSTARD R26 can support up to PCM768, DSD512, and MQA 44.1-384kHz. This device also comes with two specific toroidal transformers for audio application and isolated the digital & analog power supply.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x GUSTARD R26
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The GUSTARD R26 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Input :
•COAX/AES/OPT: PCM: 16-24bit/44.1-192kHz; DSD: DOP64; MQA: 44.1-384kHz
•USB: PCM: 16-32bit/44.1-768kHz
MQA: MQA 44.1-384kHz
OS support: Windows 7~1132/64bit; macOS; Linux
•IIS: PCM 16-32bit/44.1-768kHz; DSD DOP64-DOP256
MQA: MQA 44.1-384kHz
•LAN: Multiple and upgradable protocols
•Bluetooth: LDAC, APTX-HD, APTX-LL AAC, SBC. Up to 24Bit/96Khz
•10M Clock in:
50 Ohm BNC,OdBm-20dBm,
square wave 0.2V-3.3V, sinewave 0.5-3.3V
•Frequency Response: 20-20kHz /+-0.2dB (Oversampling)
•Dynamic range: >115dB
•Signal-to-noise ratio: >122dB
•Crosstalk: -134dB @ 1kHz
•THD+N:<=0.003% @1kHz
•IMD: ~0.008%@ 0dbfs
•RCA: 2.5Vrms (VOLUME FIXED)100Ω
•XLR: 5.0Vrms (VOLUME FIXED)100Ω
•XLR pinout: 1-Ground 2-Hot 3-Cold
Power Supply:
AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:
330mm (Width) * 260mm (Length) * 65mm (Height) (protrusion not included)
Packing size:
420mm (Width)* 360mm (Length)* 175mm (Height)
7Kg (with package)
Sandblasted aluminum alloy case:
Silver or Black version

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