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50mm Dynamic Driver Semi-Closed Back Headphones. || Customers who purchase RC can use code ERIS-PICCOLO to get a free pair of Tripowin Piccolo earphones along with your Eris order!
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Latest Generation Dynamic Driver

Superior Comfort and Build Quality

Semi-Closed Back Design & Two Listening Experiences

4.4mm Balanced Specially Customized Solder-Tuned Single Crystal Copper Cable

HarmonicDyne x Z Reviews

The Eris was born a collaborative project from HarmonicDyne & long time audio reviewer Zeos from Z Reviews. This Headphones uses a bespoke 50mm dynamic driver developed by HarmonicDyne and physically tuned by Zeos for this project. The aim of the Eris is to be an experience unlike any other currently in the headphone space.

Latest Generation Dynamic Driver

The Eris is designed around HarmonicDyne’s latest generation of Ceramic-Metal High-Flux Magnetic Long-Stroke Dynamic Driver (CMHFMLS-DD). Featuring a 50mm ceramic-metal fusion diaphragm. This new dynamic driver is extremely responsive and delivers some of the best sound HarmonicDyne has to offer. Combining the tensile strength of micron-thin metal sheets, with the rigidity of ceramic layering, the CMHFMLS diaphragm achieves greater rigidity than typical membrane-based diaphragms while offering more resolution, extremely wide staging, and deep powerful low end reproduction without noticeable distortion. Creating a unique timbre even discerning audiophiles will want in their collection. 

Semi-Closed Back Design

The Eris features HarmonicDyne’s M-type pressure relief system that passively ventilates the acoustic cavity. This system combines some of the benefits of closed back headphones, such as better sound isolation (roughly -5db) with passive airflow to achieve an open-sounding or “big stage” experience. Balancing/tuning the internal pressure within the acoustic cavity allows for a life-like sound staging experience and substantial bass control, down to sub-bass frequencies. All being accomplished without the sound leakage usually associated with fully-open headphones and greatly reducing interruptions to your music, gaming, movie watching experience from ambient noise.

Comfort, Build, Looks

Zeos put extra care into making sure the Eris was as comfortable as possible for long listening sessions. The pads being crafted out of softer materials and featuring a unique Light Blue micro-suede fabric and vegan-leather design in order to achieve the ideal level of airflow, isolation, and comfort in both warm and cool environments. The headband and frame are constructed with resilient materials including injection molded plastic, glass, aluminum, and were put through rigorous physical testing. Eris weighs 320g (without cable) to be lightweight enough to use for hours while walking, gaming, yoga and other physical activities. The matte black color scheme and aesthetic deep purple Glass-Back design of the Eris was used to portray a modern, clean, understated & timeless look.

The Balanced Cable

Eris comes STANDARD with a 4.4mm custom balanced cable (3.5mm Dual Entry) made from customized solder-tuned single crystal copper wires. More costly to manufacture then traditional stock cables, this upgraded cable allows for worry free connection from any source gear to Eris for the best listening experience right out of the box, and can be swapped out for other custom 3.5mm dual termination cables in the future, ensuring customizability and preference are in your hands.

Two Listening Experiences

Due to the fully symmetrical design of the Eris, it is actually possible to reverse the cable left and right and use the headphone backwards to achieve a separate and unique listening experience. Moving the off center / angled driver to the rear of the cup, this takes the focus off of detail retrieval and applies an even greater sound stage presentation, while keeping imaging and overall tonality very similar. Perhaps the most unique feature this headphone.

Mythology of the Goddess Eris

In the tradition of HarmonicDyne headphones being named after ancient deities, the name Eris was carefully chosen by Zeos due to her disruptive behavior in the world of Greek mythology. Sister to Ares, the God of War, and known for being a troublemaker, she is usually found sowing discord among the other Gods and was a force to be feared. Often joining Ares, completely in her element on the battlefield, this headphone seeks to be a similarly disruptive element of the audio world, cemented by the quote placed on the box “The Bass Violence Necessary for Change”.

NOTICE: Eris can take up to 50 hours of Burn-in for the driver and ~10 Hours of Break-in for the Pads to achieve its final sound. When brand new, if the pads have any noise/squeak this is caused by a residue on the plastic below the pads from manufacturing. Remove the pads and wipe the plastic facia with fingers or a clean rag to remove film and then restore the pads.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HarmonicDyne x Z Reviews: Eris
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HarmonicDyne x Z Reviews: Eris Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


Ф50mm Dynamic Driver

Acoustic Architecture

Semi-closed (4 Vent)

Input impedance


Frequency Response

10-70KHz(Free Field)






4.4mm Balanced Cable


Micro-Suede Fabric + Vegan Leather




Approx. 320g(without cable)

$12.99 USD

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