HiBy R6 Pro II

Portable HD Lossless Music Player

    Dual AK4499EX+AK4191
    USB DAC / Coaxial Digital / Line Out Fully
    Femtosecond Precision Crystal Oscillators
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 & 5.9”Large Hi-Res Display
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HIFI Reimagined in Shape and Quality

If you are familiar with HiBy R6Pro, then HiBy R6Pro (Gen 2) is definitely a product that deserves your attention. HiBy R6Pro (Gen 2) has improved both appearance and performance compared to HiBy R6Pro: larger screen, more stylish appearance, longer battery life and so on. Of course, the HiBy R6Pro (Gen 2) continues Hiby's attitude towards the product as always.

Powerful Core and Independent Power Supply Design

Utilizing AKM’s new flagship DAC duo, AK4191EQ+dual AK4499EX, in current output mode with complete separation of digital conversion and analog rendering. Hiby's engineers designed the Hiby R6 Pro II with a 4 section independent power supply. It is based on numerous sets of high flux, ultra-low internal resistance, fully shielded high power inductors, power supplies are made independently for digital, decoding, preamp and output stages, for pure, uninterrupted power without interference.

All-In Audio Architecture and Class A/AB Dual Amplification Circuits

The R6 pro II is designed with dual independent amplification circuits, which can be freely switched via the touch screen. Well regarded Class A amplifier driven by 2 OPA1652 and 8 NXP bipolar transistors for zero crossover distortion and fast transient response. Turn on Class A amplification to unlock stronger drive control at the same time as enhancing power and density of the sound, handling full-size headphones and complex loads such as multi-hybrid IEMs with aplomb. Turn on Class AB amplification mode yields longer play time, lower heat emissions, and is perfectly sufficient for most IEMs on the market.

NDK Femtosecond Precision Crystal Oscillators

45.1584MHz and 49.152MHz femtosecond precision crystal oscillators onboard for ultra-low phase noise and jitter for precision digital signals to be converted to exquisite analog details. You can feel the clarity and 3-dimensionality of each note even in highly dynamic, busy passages. With vanishingly low distortion and colouration, every note is resolved accurately and dynamics are rendered in full.

Industry-leading DSD1024 and PCM 1536kHz / 32bits Native Decoding

DSD1024 is one of the highest-spec formats currently on the market at the moment, encoding audio signals at many-fold higher bitrate than CD quality. The highly resolving bit depth and high sample rate of PCM1536kHz / 32bit also ensures more faithful capture than CD quality in all dimensions.

Like a Smartphone, But with More

The R6 Pro II is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. This SoC yields higher computational and graphics abilities. In conjunction with HiBy’s many years of software and hardware integration experience, a high level of fluidity and responsiveness is achieved for all music app usage and more besides. The R6 Pro II has a 5.9”large hi-res display that uses Corning Gorilla glass, 2160x1080 resolution, 16:9, oleophobic-coated.

HiByOS and Systemwide HiByCast Remote Control

HiByOS based on Android 12. It offers fine volume control, clearing of unwanted extra sound effects, systemwide bitperfect audio even for third-party apps, and all manner of other audio-related system optimizations over regular Android 12 and even any other flavour of customization found on the market. Meanwhile it offers the same UI experience as mainstream smartphones and multi-task switching smoothness on a level with flagship smartphones thanks to kernel optimizations. Meanwhile, HiByCast supports systemwide remote control of all device functionalities from any smartphone or tablet. Third-party app opening and control, browsing are all remote accessible.
*Via HiByCast app to be installed on your smartphone/tablet

Multipurpose Audio Input/Output

Supports line out, coaxial digital output, USB audio out, Bluetooth audio output etc. , allowing you to easily integrate the R6 pro II into your home audio system. Also supporting USB DAC in functionality, for use as computer external sound card or digital amplifier for smartphones, etc. Two-way Bluetooth enables Bluetooth audio input for use as a Bluetooth receiver for wired headphones.

Unconventional Shape Design

The R6 pro II has a very distinctive look.It introduces bold asymmetrical lines in the chassis, with two diverging curves that define a visually interesting bevel. Elegant purple and understated black, these two colorways take the R6 Pro II to another level of aesthetics.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HiBy R6 Pro II
  • User Manual

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