1DD In-Ear Monitors

  • Comfortable Listening
  • Luxury Appearance
  • DSP DAC & AMP Technology called Phantasm
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • A.W.C.T Acoustic Tuning Technology
  • Higher-Quality Cables
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Comfortable Listening

Splendor II builds upon the renowned user satisfaction of its predecessor, Splendor, offering enhanced analytical power and smoother sound performance. Just like its name suggests, the sound is brilliant and majestic, delicately interpreting rich and colorful notes, perfectly embodying our brand philosophy of comfortable listening.

Luxury Appearance

With a gradient purple-blue hand-painted appearance scheme adorned with golden ornaments, Splendor II boasts a low-key luxurious appearance that exudes high-end taste.

DSP DAC & AMP Technology called Phantasm

By restructuring the speaker's design and optimizing the volume of the front chamber, Splendor II has enhanced its true resolution of sound. Coupled with the DSP DAC & AMP technology called Phantasm, the sound has been finely adjusted for smoother performance.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Featuring a double-sided composite alloy coating similar to a beryllium metal diaphragm, Splendor II offers an impressive frequency response ranging from 5Hz to 50kHz (free field), delivering stronger transient response, dynamic range, and more sound details. The precision CNC high-permeability N52 ultra-high-performance speaker magnetic circuit design ensures precise control and optimal airflow.

A.W.C.T Acoustic Tuning Technology

Splendor II incorporates a specially designed sound cavity absorption system to absorb inharmonic sound energy peaks, providing a textured and comfortable sound experience. The exclusive A.W.C.T acoustic tuning technology optimizes sound performance, presenting more realistic and textured sound details.

Higher-Quality Cables

Equipped with a high-purity copper 0.78 double-pin high-quality cable featuring a high-cost unequal curved surface design, Splendor II ensures not only excellent sound transmission but also a visually elegant experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x INTUAURA SplendorII
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The INTUAURA SplendorII Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency response range
5Hz-50kHz (Free Field)
Effective frequency response range
DC impedance
125dB/Vrms @ 1kHz(3dB)
Total harmonic distortion
<0.05% @1kHz
Plug specifications
0.78mm dual pins
Cable length
1.2 meters (+0.1 meters)
Nozzle Diameter
Suitable Ear Tip Size
4mm to 5.5mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
SplendorII is Splendid

- Unboxing experience felt amazing, like the product packaging had basically everything anyone would need (IEM with a cable that has a chin slider, carry case, smaller pouch for earbuds only (a bit of an overkill to have this but it's included), transparent carry case for ear tips, Type-C adapter (which is appropriate for smartphones nowadays), cloth, and spare IEM filters (most companies don't include these but INTUAURA did).
- Ear tips came in two types and 3 sizes each: 1 type seems to be wide-bore while the other seems to be normal. The wide-bore type feels more comfortable due to its material but it makes the music too loud and direct/aggressive IMO.
- They fit like gloves and can be powered very easily. Reminder to keep the volume level very low at the start.
- First impression of the sound (regardless of the type of ear tips used) is astonishing. Yes, there may be other impressive 1DD in-ear monitors out there but the INTUAURA SplendorII is quite of a different league, especially since it comes in such a complete package that costs less than $300 in total. Some in-ear monitors with many drivers and are of a much higher price range cannot even compare. The SplendorII is that mind-blowing IMO.
- Detail retrieval/resolution is very high. Plenty of sub-bass to lower mid-range. High quality bass doesn't sound "muddy" or bleed into mids. Treble has quite a bit of "sparkle" without sounding "shouty".
- For some songs, mids may sound slightly recessed, with bass having more authority. Note weight isn't too "thin" like certain in-ear monitors (e.g. Moondrop Blessing 2, Moondrop S8) but it isn't very lush. It sounds just right to my liking. Female vocals don't sound too sharp or nasal, with a slight touch of airiness. Male vocals sound good with decent amount of warmth.
- Soundstage and imaging are outstanding. Busy and fast tracks are handled very well.
- In conclusion, it has a fun/lively tuning with terrific technicalities that highly suits the public's taste...unless you really dislike bass. Like really.
- A few songs that I listen to should be mentioned: Hotel California Live On MTV, 1994 by Eagles, i'm so tired... by Lauv and Troye Sivan, Red by Taylor Swift, Demons by Imagine Dragons, Thriller by Michael Jackson and etc.

- Cable jack has a bigger shape compared to the common 3.5mm ones.
- Cable connectors are rather long and stick out of the earbuds despite the earbuds not being recessed 2pin.
- Plastic around the cable ear hooks may cause discomfort over time. Not that big of a deal since I can always buy a new cable.
- Tuning may not suit people who prefer less bass or dark tonality.

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