KiiBOOM Evoke

10mm LCP Dynamic Driver & Balanced Armatures In-Ear Monitor

    4-core upgraded copper
    Hybrid in-ear monitor
    Deep and powerful bass response
    Balanced armature drivers
    Medical resin printed shells
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4-core upgraded copper

The Evoke comes standard with an upgraded 4-core oxygen-free copper cable that is woven in an oxygen-free enclosure. This minimizes corrosion in the wires and keeps your music sounding transparent even over time. The 2-pin connector also means you can easily swap out different cables with the Evoke.

Evoke - Where Music and Precision Collide

The Evoke is a hybrid in-ear monitor designed using the combinations of a single dynamic driver for bass, a full range balanced armature driver for mids, and a micro tweeter balanced armature for the upper trebles. This 3 driver configuration balances the best of all worlds in performance-to-efficiency ratio.

Deep and powerful bass response

The new 10mm dynamic driver features a liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) membrane for a deep and powerful bass response. Like the our other models, the Evoke has been engineered to put acoustic accuracy first, implying a studio monitor-like tonal signature. This translates to a thunderous sub-bass impact that still keeps the midrange neutral for a precise tonality in instruments and vocals. It is the closest you can get to a physical studio monitor with subwoofer setup within an earphone design.

Balanced armature drivers

The full range balanced armature is carefully engineered to cohere to the bass range of the dynamic driver and deliver a full-bodied midrange, while keeping the tonal presentation flat and neutral. Using a separate balanced armature driver for the midrange and the upper treble allows greater control of the frequency spectrum, allowing an exact acoustic engineering to achieve the perfect natural and detailed musical presentation. Using only genuine American Knowles balanced armature drivers, the Evoke maximizes the full potential of these drivers to achieve a sonic performance unparalleled by even the most famous earphones in the industry. The Evoke is the first in its class to masterfully deliver top of the line musical performance in a minimalist driver combination.

Medical resin printed shells

The housing of each Evoke unit is precisely 3D printed using European medical-grade resin often used for hearing aids. This ensures safety to the skin and comfort over many hours of listening. Our resin is also more durable, which will keep your unit safe from day to day handling. After printing, each shell is paired, sanded down, polished, and finished by hand.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KiiBOOM Evoke
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KiiBOOM Evoke Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Information
1x 1Omm Dynamic Driver - liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) and 2 x Balanced Armatures
Frequency Response
Upgraded 4-core Oxygen-free copper cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Everything I wished for

First of all the IEMs themselves:
They are on the bigger side but fit very well in my ears.
The cable has a nice weight to it, doesn't really want to tangle much and has a nice feeling in the hand.

Now to the sound:
Tested with my Pixel 7 Pro they get really loud, much louder than a pair of Moondrop CHU 2's.
The treble is nicely detailed but not fatiguing.
The bass is strong and punchy but stays where it should be so the mids and treble stay unouched and clear to distinguish.
Overall a beautiful and fun pair of IEMs.

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