Kinera Ace 2.0

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Modular Upgrade Earphone Cable (2.5mm + 3.5mm + 4.4mm)

    Eight Strands of Silver Foil Wire and Alloy Copper Wire
    Impressive Improvements in Sound Quality
    Replaceable Plug Design with Three Types of Front-End Plugs
    Copper-Gold Plated Plug and Aluminum Alloy Metal Parts
    PVC Super-Soft Skin-Friendly Insulation
    High Compatibility with 0.78mm 2pin/mmcx Interface
    Gold-plated Copper Modular Plug and Aluminum Alloy Anode External Metal Part
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Eight Strands of Silver Foil Wire and Alloy Copper Wire

The "ACE 2.0" is an upgraded version of the magic bracelet, made with eight strands of silver foil wire and alloy copper wire. Each wire has a diameter of up to 1.0mm, composed of four strands of seven pieces of 0.2mm silver foil wire and four strands of twenty-eight pieces of 0.05mm alloy copper wire. This provides exceptional conductivity and transmission efficiency while reducing the skin effect commonly found in ordinary round wire.

Impressive Improvements in Sound Quality

Compared to its predecessor, the ACE 2.0 cable showcases a significant enhancement in sound quality, specifically in sound texture. It delivers a clearer, more realistic, transparent, and fuller sound performance. The improved high-frequency performance is natural, with a balance of instrument brightness and texture solidity. Mid-frequency and vocal positioning are closer, resulting in realistic vocal imaging. The low-frequency details are clearly rendered, providing an atmospheric soundstage and a purer, high-quality cable experience.

Replaceable Plug Design with Three Types of Front-End Plugs

The "ACE 2.0" cable incorporates a replaceable plug design and comes with three types of front-end plugs: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm, including balanced plugs and a single-ended plug, rendering it suitable for most playback devices. The copper-gold plated plug material effectively mitigates interface oxidation, reduces resistance, and enhances conductivity.

Copper-Gold Plated Plug and Aluminum Alloy Metal Parts

The cable plugs are made of copper-gold plated material while the plug kit and splitter are made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy undergoes an anodizing surface treatment, enhancing its anti-wear performance and durability. The earphone end plugs are available in two types: 0.78mm 2-pin and mmcx, facilitating smooth and durable insertion and removal.

PVC Super-Soft Skin-Friendly Insulation

The "ACE 2.0" cable is encased with a PVC super-soft, skin-friendly insulation, which is flexible, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant. The cable is lightweight and durable, effectively improving the cable's lifespan and reducing any "microphonic" effect, thereby providing comfortable wear.

High Compatibility with 0.78mm 2pin/mmcx Interface

The Magic BraceletACE is designed with a high compatibility 0.78mm 2pin/mmcx interface. This highly adaptable design ensures seamless connectivity with a wide variety of devices, further enhancing the versatility of these cables.

Gold-plated Copper Modular Plug and Aluminum Alloy Anode External Metal Part

The Magic BraceletACE features a gold-plated copper modular plug for superior signal transmission. The external metal parts are made of anodized aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kinera Ace 2.0
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Silver foil + alloy copper
Braid way
8-Core square braid
Silver Foil 4 cores * 7 strands * 0.2mm + alloy copper 4 cores* 28 strands*0.05mm
Cable Length
0.78mm 2pin/mmcx
4 pin detachable plugs
Modular Plug
2.5mm balanced/ 4.4mm balanced/ 3.5mm plug
Plug material
Gold-plated copper
External metal part
Aluminum alloy anode
Outer Layer
Cable structure
Multi-strand winding

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