Kinera Imperial Loki

1 DD+6 BA+4 EST+1 BC IEMs

  • Flagship Quadbrid Driver
  • 1 DD for Bass and Sub-bass
  • 4 Knowles Mid-Range BA + 2 Knowles Treble BA
  • 4 Sonion EST Drives for Ultra-High Frequency and Airiness
  • 1 Bone Conduction Driver
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Volcanic Eruption

Loki, the god of fire, possesses extraordinary strength due to his noble birth, and his mischievous character challenges order, indirectly leading to the creation of "Ragnarok."Kinera’s designers use fiery red lava to symbolize Loki's power of fire, while the blue color represents the earth's surface. When Loki engages in mischief, accompanied by a volcanic eruption, the earth's crust cracks, and hot magma flows and churns along the surface, shocking the energy of Asgard and heralding the arrival of a new era of world renewal.

Tuning Philosophy

This flagship quadbrid driver In-Ear Monitor boasts outstanding detail performance that combines the characteristics of multiple acoustic drivers. It offers good elasticity and clear, deep bass. The mid-range (vocals) exhibits a strong sense of density and distinct layers, while the high-end is transparent, delicate, and well-extended, with rich overtones attributed to the electrostatic unit. The ultra-wide frequency response brings an expansive, transparent soundstage space.

1DD for Bass and Sub-bass

A single 6mm dynamic driver is responsible for the low-frequency range. Kinera’s custom-made 6mm liquid diaphragm dynamic driver delivers excellent acoustic performance, providing a relaxed, natural low-frequency performance that is full and elastic.

4 Knowles Mid-Range BA + 2 Knowles Treble BA

Six Knowles balanced armatures, including four mid-range and two high-frequency drivers, are custom-tuned by Kinera. These balanced armatures handle Loki’s mid-range, with two additional ones connecting the mid and high frequencies via clever electronic and physical crossovers. This achieves a seamless integration of high, mid, and low frequencies.

4 Sonion EST Drives for Ultra-High Frequency and Airiness

Four electrostatic drivers are responsible for the ultra-high frequencies. One Sonion electrostatic driver works with four others to deliver Loki’s ultra-high frequency range, resulting in extremely low distortion and a more realistic sound, bringing a bright and warm auditory experience.

1 Bone Conduction Driver

A single bone conduction driver utilizes a contact-type bone conduction unit. Kinera’s custom-made contact-type bone conduction unit works in tandem with the low-frequency dynamic driver, providing a deeper, ultra-low-frequency performance with a unique bass presentation, forming an almost bottomless dive.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kinera Imperial Loki
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kinera Imperial Loki Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency Response
0.78mm 2pin
Cable Length
1.2m ( Detachable )

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