Kinera RUYI

Professional Cable with Boom Mic

    Inspired by the hook-shaped weapon Ruyi
    Strong, stable, and nice-to-touch
    360° Adjustable Microphone
    Smart controller compatible with IOS and Android OS
    Made of two strings of 16*6*0.08mm Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wires
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Ruyi - The hook-shaped weapon

Named after the hook-shaped weapon of the Yellow Emperor from Classic of Mountains and Seas, Ruyi was used for blessing and exorcism as a symbol of defense and guardian against demons. As a lucky charm that boosts the performance of a powerful tribe army, “Ruyi” is a fitting name for this upgrading cable that will take the performance of your earphones to the next level.

Strong, stable, and nice-to-touch

Hand-woven by skillful and detail-driven craftsman, RUYI is made of two strings of 16*6*0.08mm Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wires. Thanks to such high-purity wires, the purest music will be delivered swiftly and steadily, with no signal loss or filtering ever happening. The PVC wrapping reduces microphonics noise, i.e., the undesirable rattling or ringing caused by mechanical vibrations inevitable in daily move about.

Power-up buff for your earphones

Compared with other materials, copper cable is known as best for enjoying a boomy low frequency. As even more excellent conductors, OFC acts as a buff to your HiFi devices’ ability to represent bass and lower-mid frequency: immersive and honey-smooth music will flow to your ear. No more feeling of narrowing down. With Ruyi, you can enjoy a wide sound stage with distinct notes and detail in an enjoyable blend.

Wide compatibility

Ruyi comes with a universal 3.5mm jack which is compatible with most phones with gadgets to accommodate all your needs.

360° Adjustable Microphone

Ruyi adopts the microphone version M49-MUTE, which is a high-sensitivity, wide-bandwidth hi-fi pickup. The human voice can be captured and transduced to the highest possible purity, perfect for voice calls, karaoke, vocal streaming & broadcasting, and online courses.

Handy Remote Control

Smart controller compatible with IOS and Android OS.

Mute Microphone: Switch the back button down

Answering Phone Calls: When call is incoming, click the “Call” button once

Hanging up Phone Calls: During the call, click the “Call” button once

Reject Phone Calls: When call is incoming, press and hold the “Call” button

Voice Assistant: Long press the call button

Audio Play/Pause/Resume: Click the call button once

Next Track: Double-click the call button

Previous Track: Triple-click the call button

Volume Down: Click the "-"button

Volume Up: Click the "+"button

Comfy on your ear

Ergonomic around-the-ear design with equal pressure evenly spread on all angles, for prolonged and cozy wearing. Soft PVC wrapping that stays nice to the touch and won’t tangle or gets nastily sticky. Whether work or play, Ruyi is the dedicated partner by your side in the world of HiFi audio.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kinera RUYI
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Kinera RUYI Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

OFC, PVC outer-layer
Woven Style
2.0mm/core (each 16 strands of 6*0.08mm), hand-wove
0.78 2pin / mmcx
3.5mm Pure copper CTIA plug
Cable length
Signal-to-noise ratio
Frequency response
Boom mic length

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Customer Reviews

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June Z
Not fantastic

The connector to the boom arm is extremely finicky and inconsistent (enough that I would consider this the dominant reason to avoid this product) and the audio quality is so-so; it’s not bad but not good either, and my use case is only video calls.

Broken after little over a month

I like the look and the feel of the cable and the mic is a nice addition. Sadly the cable is already breaking (right headphone stops working and stuff) after just little over a month of not so heavy usage.

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