Kiwi Ears Melody

12mm Planar Driver IEM

Planar Driver Innovation: Kiwi Ears introduces their first planar in-ear monitor (IEM), featuring an in-house 12mm planar driver that harnesses the acclaimed technology of high-end headphones, now conveniently packed into a portable and durable in-ear earphone.

Professional-Grade Audio: The 12mm planar driver offers an impressive frequency response range from 5Hz to 40,000Hz, ensuring the faithful reproduction of every audio nuance, from deep bass to intricate treble details. The IEM delivers powerful bass, airy trebles, and a wide, realistic soundstage akin to open-back headphones, all housed in a custom-designed driver enclosure.

Bass-Lover's Dream: Unlike the neutral tonal balance of other Kiwi Ears IEMs, the Melody caters to bass enthusiasts with a tuned emphasis on powerful bass output characteristic of planar drivers. Careful tuning of the mids and trebles ensures a balanced and articulate sound signature, while the ultra treble extension enhances air and microdetails.

Versatile Compatibility: With an impedance of only 18Ohms and a 102dB sensitivity, the Melody is optimized to efficiently power the planar driver, making it compatible with a wide range of mobile and professional DAC/AMP setups. Whether for on-the-go or studio use, the Melody offers flexibility in audio source compatibility.