Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite

8BA Performance In-Ear Monitor

$249.00 USD
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Driven by the pursuit of extraordinary audio reproduction.

Handcrafted each unit using custom Kiwi Ears balanced armature drivers.

Three-way passive crossover strategy to achieve intricate layering and reduce total harmonic distortion.

Paired with 4-core 7n oxygen-free copper cable for best enhancement.

Each unit undergoes two separate rounds of quality control inspection.

Using our custom drivers, the Kiwi Orchestra Lite features two custom ultra tweeters for the treble, four custom midrange balanced armature drivers for the mids, and two large subwoofer drivers for the lows.

Technical Details


In-Ear Monitors


Kiwi Ears Customized HI*2+Kiwi Ears Customized MID*4+Knowles LOW*2





Cable Termination

3.5mm Stereo Cable

$249.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Expensive but excellent

I was sceptical but they're definitely worth the price unmatched by any others I've tried you, can really hear the difference.

Jerome O'Flaherty
Amazing IEM - love the tonality and detail I get

This was my first multiple BA IEM and I have to say I am so impressed with the sound - the details I get are outstanding far superior to the much cheaper IEMs I had purchased previously like the salnotes zero, Moondrop chu and even the ER2XR. The tuning is exquisite and while not a bass monster I think it has the right amount for me

Ian Arduini

Laid back but clean tuning, vocals and instruments shine and sound very natural. Bass is also great for a BA set.

Greg Sequeira
So pleasant and enjoyable

For starters the Orchestra lite is a very beautiful IEM, the construction is exceptional and so is the comfort. Sound wise, it's smooth balanced tonality has good technicalities and details. It's a well rounded every day IEM


Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite

KiwiEar Orchestra Lite - Tranquility

How good is the Orchestra Lite, really? At first, I was not convinced. However, the smoothness and balanced tonality of Orchestra Lite eventually won me over. Look elsewhere if you like a robust bass response or a vibrant sound signature. However, suppose you like vocals and want a “well-tuned” IEM. Suppose you are looking for an IEM for gaming, especially competitive FPS games. In these cases, Orchestra Lite receives a high recommendation from this reviewer.

Pros: Exceptionally balanced tonality, Excellent midrange, Almost no shoutiness, sibilance, or treble glares, Good detail retrieval, Good instrument placement.

Cons: BA bass lacks physical sensation, Upper treble is not as extended, Definition and separation of musical notes could be improved, Large shells.

My full written review on be found on Head-Fi or here:

KiwiEars Orchestra Lite A 8 BA Chill-Centric IEM

A great second attempt at a All BA set.
This time around much better tuning at a attractive price.

Shells and shape are stunning
Worth a look if you Library is not bass heavy and your not looking for a all-rounder or super detailed set.

But if your looking for a chill air back and relax set this one might be for you.

Full written review here: YouTube video placeholder
Ian Thompson
Cable let's them down. Not the best all-rounder

This is the first all BA set I've owned. I was initially quite disappointed until I switched out the very attractive and supple single ended stock cable for a balanced cable (Kinera Leyding) from my collection.
The difference with my Shanling UP5 DAC through 4.4mm balanced with Ifi's IEMatch4.4 was huge. These almost went back in the box, now I'm glad I changed the cable.
They're a very musical set that seem to excel at female and male falsetto vocals. The BA bass is nice but lacks the depth and punch in used to, this doesn't matter too much with a lot of my library but they're definitely not the set to use when listening to Royal Blood!
Soundstage is "intimate". Listening to Billie Marten it seemed like she was singing right in front of my face, almost touching my nose! This wasn't bad as such, as I said "intimate", but if you're used to something like the Hook X then you need to be prepared!
I don't think these will become my daily driver but they certainly have a place, SYML's "Where's My Love" sounded amazing with these.
I'd have happily given 4 stars with a better cable.
Kiwi Ears... Please give us the option of a balanced cable with future models! I'm waiting for the launch of the new Quartet hybrids but I'll be disappointed if there's no choice with them

Musical and vocal set

Was looking for All BA set for quite some time, but most of the best tuned are 500usd and above. Then Kiwiears announced this 8ba set for just 250usd, I gave them a shot since i loved their Cadenzas, boy...

They tuned these well, not too analytical like Bravery, theres BA bass that's suffice and acceptable (if you're used to dd bass). Quite impressive for all ba set

Mids are well tuned, female vocals shines, most instruments sounds great, some nitpick would be male vocals and some part of mids that plays drums need some weight/warmth.

Treble is alright, no tss pss, no cymbal strikes sibilance. Just lack air.

Soundstage kind of small hence busy track sounds too congested/packed, but seperation layering still handles them well. Imaging is ok,

Setting this set at 250usd with this tuning as All BA set sounds fun and balanced. Recommended to those who wanna try all ba set on a budget. Well done Kiwiears 🥝 👂

A Wonderfully smooth listen

The Orchestra Lite are a great pair of IEMs - with some caveats.
Tips used: BGVP W01
Source: Topping DX3 Pro+

They lean on the warm side, which makes them very easy to listen to for extended periods of time.

They shine with instruments and female vocals, so if you have a library which consists of these characteristics then these IEMs will work wonders. Male vocals sound a little thin in comparison to their female counterpart, but this is to be expected given the tuning.

The bass is a mixed bag. It has reasonable impact, not too much but for most genres i don't find it lacking. For genres such as EDM and hip hop it will be a big concern however. The rumble is not very noticeable, so for genres utalising a large amount of sub-bass these will not be suited for it.

Some important things to note:

These are very large IEMs, they will not be suitable for smaller ears. (See pics attached for comparison to Yanyin Mahina).

The provided carrying case is completely different to what is advertised. It is still a nice carrying case, but of course it should be the one in the pictures instead.

Overall, these perform very well for the price, they are a great listen and perform well on most genres, especially those focusing on instruments and female vocals.

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