Portable Pocket Hearing Amplifier

  • Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier
  • Fine Tuning Knob
  • Digital Chip for Clear Sound Quality
  • Easy Volume Control
  • Two Modes - Normal Mode and Mute Mode
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Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

The KRUTINN HA-11 is a pocket-sized hearing amplifier with a cassette housing. Easy to carry anywhere, it features a built-in rechargeable battery that can work up to 50 hours on a single 2-hour charge, making it convenient even for trips or business travels.

Fine Tuning Knob

This hearing amplifier is designed with three tuning knobs to better fit your hearing needs. The knobs include MPO, NH, and NL. Adjusting MPO limits the maximum output to prevent excessive volume damage, NH reduces low-frequency noise and bass, and NL adjusts clarity and the treble range to make human voices clearer.

Digital Chip for Clear Sound Quality

The KRUTINN HA-11 adopts multi-channel operation technology with an intelligent digital chip. The built-in automatic adjustment system ensures real and clear sound. Its active noise reduction feature blocks out background noise, providing a free and comfortable listening experience.

Easy Volume Control

The device is easy to control with an on/off button and various volume levels. It offers a wide adjustable gain range, allowing you to adjust the gain according to different usage scenarios and sound frequencies for a more comfortable sound. (Note: This digital hearing aid is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. To avoid sound feedback and howling, please wear it properly before turning on the amplifier.)

Two Modes - Normal Mode and Mute Mode

The KRUTINN HA-11 has two modes. After powering on, it automatically starts in Normal Mode. Each press of the “MODE” button switches the amplifier to the next mode.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KRUTINN HA-11
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Maximum Sound Output (OSPL90)
Linfon-DHP Super High Power: 136dB
Linfon-DP High Power: 133dB
High Frequency Average (HFA-OSPL90)
Linfon-DHP Super High Power: 132dB
Linfon-DP High Power: 128dB
Full Sound Gain (HFA-FOG)
Linfon-DHP Super High Power: 66dB
Linfon-DP High Power: 56dB
Equivalent Input Noise Level
Total Harmonic Distortion
Frequency Response Range
Rated Current

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