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6BA Balanced Armatures in-Ear HiFi Metal Earphones

  • New 6BA Balanced Armatures Earphones
  • Bright Neutral Sound Earphones
  • Exquisite Craft
  • Ergonomic Design&Noise Canceling.
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New 6BA Balanced Armatures Earphones

KZ is a motivated creator in headphone field as we all know. Now they have their new 6BA earphones which adopts new driver configurations. It features 2 30012 high frequency BA drives, 2 29689 Mid frequency BA drivers and 2 22955 Low frequency BA drivers. With this, it’s more suitable for pop music or light music as well as for vocals.

Bright Neutral Sound Earphones

With the drivers, AS12 reaches more accurate restoration and more sound details. It also improves the sensitivity to 1kHz which is about 10dB higher than the traditional dynamic drivers. The peak frequency is from 1k to 10k, 50% higher than the normal ones. Overall this model performs better in instrumental vocals, sound field range and analytical capability.

Exquisite Craft

The faceplate is made of zinc alloy while the cavity is made from imported resin. The two different material not only presents an elegant look and shimmer but also be practical and durable. The detachable OFC 2 pin cable offers fully upgradability and the limit slot protection design greatly avoids the pin from breaking and prolongs the service life of the interface.

Ergonomic Design&Noise Canceling

The cavity is made based on large data of cochlea. It’s scientifically molded to fit the ear like an customized earbuds. Even with vigorous exercise, it will still securely fit in the ear. Comfortable for long time wearing as well. Because of the special design of pedal-shaped sleeves, it can effectively isolate the noise to 26dB to offer a better experience while enjoying the music.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ AS12
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ AS12 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product Name
KZ AS12 In-Ear Earphone
Total 12 balanced armatures, 6BA Per Side
Earphone Sensitivity
Frequency Range
Connector Type
0.75mm 2Pin
Plug Type
3.5mm Straight Plug
Cable Length
Cyan or Black
Whether with mic
OFC Oxygen-free copper cable

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Customer Reviews

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Further to the last review...


I received contact from LONSOUL after explaining that I was not happy with the quality of the item a day later.

They asked me to post it half way across the globe at my own expense and that they would also charge a 35% restocking fee!

I shall pursue them for the payment as this is clearly not an acceptable response to selling an inferior product - but just be warned they shall likely pull this trick with anyone who is not happy with their item. The is was an online purchase made in the UK, so they are bound by UK distance selling law when trading in this country.

Pro's & Cons

Great packaging, well presented when opened and the high build quality of the units themselves are immediately evident and impressive. The connections are also of a high quality and very secure.
The sound is clear, detailed and has some width.

Unfortunately the rest is negative.. In contrast to the other review, these units do have well separated bass, but it is weak and too far from the rest of the frequency range. The mids also lack presence as a result of the poor balance between mid and bass frequencies (think of recording your voice on a quality microphone, then playing it back on a laptop speaker!). The worse thing of all is the treble though.. it is detailed and accurate, but so bright that it isn't comfortable to listen to for any period of time.

I 'back to back' listened to these with other brands and types of headphones to make sure I was being fair in my assessment. The closest set I have are Shure se535's that I ordered, and unfortunately turned out to be fakes (far too many fakes on the market!) - yet these fake IEM's ironically outperform these AS12 units for sound, and incredibly by a notable margin!

I can state the AS12 build quility is confidence inspiring with no reserve - but this is in no way reflected in the sound. These AS12's shall be returned. There is no circumstance I can imagine where I would reach for these IEM's over anything else available to me.

I shall do some more research, and depending on the efficiency of the returns service, shall try this brand again and see if I can get the sound to match the build quility - if I can I shall be very happy!

Brighter sound, emphasis on mid and high.

I also bought the ZS10 Pro to compare, but much prefer the AS12. The AS12 has a cleaner bass that doesn't bleed into other ranges. It's also clearer in mids to highs. I'm driving this with magni/modi at low gain and no EQ.

For classical AS12 comes out great. It has a solid rich sound that only struggles with strings in the upper register.

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