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KZ AS16 Pro

KZ AS16 Pro 16BA Balanced Armature Units Earphones HIFI Bass In Ear Monitor Earphones

    Break high price barrier
    8 BA units on each side, flagship-level configuration
    Three-channel professional conduit structure, sophisticated electronic frequency division
    Advanced metal inlay resin process
    High purity braided silver-plated cable with 2 pin changeable interface design
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New generation KZ-AS16 PRO

Continue the classic, Surpass the classic. After a lapse of 4 years, the AS16, which combines high sales and good reputation, has undergone a comprehensive transformation. Through big data auricle sampling, while having a good wearing experience, the passive noise cancellation effect reaches more than 26dB.

Break high price barrier

Promoter of Hifi IEMs for music lovers. Continuing the mission of "price butcher" AS16,It is the respect for users and music. Break the routine and dare to innovate, different from conventional earphones, AS16 PRO has a built-in low-frequency unit composed of two 22955 BA, providing double the energy output.

8 BA units on each side, flagship-level configuration

The combination of 8 BA covers the complete sound range of low, medium and high frequencies, and the overall frequency response range is as high as 20Hz-40000Hz, bringing shocking auditory effects. 31736 high-frequency BA * 4, with strong resolution and good extension. 29689 medium-frequency BA * 2, makes vocals and instruments sound more clear. 22955 low-frequency BA * 1, brings mellow low frequency, with good dynamic performance.

Three-channel professional conduit structure, sophisticated electronic frequency division

Through comprehensive and accurate air flow and flow rate of each channel, with the help of modern 3D printing industrial technology, in order to achieve the purpose of accurately delivering high-consistency and trustworthy sound. Tri-band connection is smooth and bright. Standard three-way design, accurately calculate the frequency connection of each balanced armature.

Advanced metal inlay resin process

Comprehensive advancement of aesthetic genes The combination of diamond cutting elements and metal-plastic lamination technology creates a double feast of texture and appearance.

High purity braided silver-plated cable with 2 pin changeable interface design

The surface of high-purity OFC core is covered with silver coating, which effectively reduces the resistance value and reduces the signal transmission loss.Adopt the widely recognized 2 pin interface in the market to improve the playability of the AS16 PRO.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ AS16 Pro
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ AS16 Pro Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jesse Van Akkeren
Horrible sound due to (doa) cable problem (I hope....), second purchase with a problem.

Some years ago a friend of mine and fellow band member ordered 2 other KZ’s for use with our IEM system. They sounded a bit to bright in my opinion, particularly on one side but I thought it was our mix. Unfortunately COVID came along so we didn’t play much. Some months ago I found out that the bass driver of one of the in ears didnt work which turned out to be the reason. I ordered KZ AS16 Pro this time. But these sounded horrible on most occasion. Turns out to be a cable or jack problem (the cable of my old KZ’s sounded OK). Mailed Linsoul about it, now i have to make a video demonstrating the problem. I will but second time i am disappointed. Used to brag about price/quality yo othe musicians but will not again.

Hi there,

We are very sorry for the bad experience and inconvenience.

If there is any problem, please remember to contact us immediately. If the manufacturer can see the problem through the video, we will make targeted reissue/repair. In view of your situation, we have made a replacement and we hope this time will not let you down!

If there are any other questions, please feel free to let us know.

Have a nice day!

Kyle Davis
This could have been a contender...

Musically these are very well done: the detail retrieval, while not exceptional, is absolutely fine for the price tag. Soundstage is also above average the overall sound is very nicely balanced - the piercing treble I've experienced with other KZ units is non-existent. The clarity in the mids is the highlight for me and the forward presence in the vocals is not as bothersome as other reviews elsewhere have idenitifed. All in all this is a very competent set that KZ needed to release to catch some redemption and prove they can do more than a wash, rise, repeat of V shaped units. Some have complained about fit, and while the shells are quite heavy, I was not bothered by how they sat on my ear. I am inclined to agree with other reviewers asserting this is a major addition to the sub $100 bracket.

But here's a MAJOR drawback that totally nullifies the above and why I may never pick these up again. There is no port on the AS16Pro. The build up in pressure gave me ear pain and an ensuing nagging headache after maybe 30 mins of use. What a tremendous disappointment and painful (literally) oversight by KZ. Such a shame. I wouldn't recommend these on that basis.

A star in the night but a IEM king on earth?

KZ had 4 years to revamp any part of the IEM to further improve the sound signature and good to see they make it ultra-affordable for what has been offered.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

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