KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
KZ EDX Magnetic Dynamic Driver
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1DD 10mm Composite Magnetic Dynamic Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphone

    Equipped with a 10mm composite magnetic dynamic driver for more details
    Designed with a low impedance of 23ohms makes EDX easy to use
    Stylish Ergonomic Appearance
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10mm Composite Magnetic Dynamic Driver

KZ EDX is the newly released budget HiFi earphones. While making it more affordable, we never compromise on quality. Each product is equipped with a 10mm composite magnetic dynamic driver for more details. The powerful dynamic driver is excellent in presenting human voices with which you will be fully immersed in this wonderful world.

Mater Tuning Technology

Tuning is mainly popular and ACG oriented. The strong magnetic force increase the low frequency density which is more suitable for the needs of electronic music and heavy instrumental music. The rapid improvement of transient response can meet the demands of vocal and classical music for medium frequency details

Easy to Drive, Plug and Play

Designed with a low impedance of 23ohms makes EDX easy to use directly with your cellphone. It’s easy to push and reach the satisfying results. 112dB shows the mid and low frequency is more delicate. You can easily use it with your phone, no more extra amplifier is needed

Detachable 2 Pin Cable

Coming with a detachable 2 pin cable, the KZ EDX ensures full ungradeability. You can easily change it into your preferred cable anytime and enjoy the next level of HiFi world. Moreover, the Microphone is available for your needs. The customized dual capacitor standard microphone is compatible with most phones.

ES9038Q2M DAC chip.

The LA-QXD is a well designed DAC built on a ES9038Q2M Sabre 32-bit chip ntegrated in balanced mode. This component belongs to ESS flagship series and is among the best current hardware solutions for high-fidelity audio decoding. It uses HyperStream 32 BIT 768kHz architecture with native DSD support. Each one of this chips is also equipped with advanced reconstruction filters and uses some of the finest dithering techniques available on the audio market. ESS ES9038Q2M SABRE DACs are also very popular thanks to their ability to operate volume with almost no consequences on the audio bitrate.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ EDX
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ EDX Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Earphone sensitivity
Frequency range
Cable Lngth
Whether with cable
Earphone interface
2Pin 0.75mm
Whether can replacement cable
Driver unit
10mm composite magnetic dynamic driver

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1 Year Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty for the all products except the cables and accessories*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tim Wehmeyer
Great value

I first purchased a set for myself from Amazon. My son and daughter in law live in turkey and I wanted to get them each a set Amazon wouldn't ship there so I turned to linsoul. The shipping was very fast. I recommend linsoul to anyone with family and friends in other countries the expidited shipping was very reasonable. As for the edx they loved them. They are a great value. Thank you linsoul.

Abi Khalid
A Pleasant Surprise

Someone on a social media forum had mentioned about these headphones and how great they are specially considering their cost so I decided to give them a try as well. These headphones have a better sound than so many others that cost 10 times more. I've thoroughly enjoyed these whenever I listen to them.

Happy 2nd Purchase For Friend

Purchased 2 more sets and she said they worked well. She said she needs time to get used to the wearing style since it's her first time trying in-ear monitors.

"Are these $60?"

Helped my friend to get this set since he likes intimate vocals. He's very happy with it and initially thought it cost $60.

Tynan McLaren
Very good for the price

I'm writing this review after months of owning these and the DQ6's and I gotta say that they're still really good for their pricing. They have almost as good as a seal as the DQ6'S. They also have some decent sound with pretty low bass and pretty crispy highs. I'd recommend these to anyone who wants a really cheap pair of earbuds but don't wanna get some dollar store quality.

Great value

Pleasing, warm signature, very comfortable - really excellent value for the price. Great for running, gym, commuting.

David Leonardo García Castellanos



Satisfied beyond expectation thank you

Timothy Lui


Shehan Warnakulasuriya
Best budget IEM i had under $15

And i have a vk4 it is way better than that for me. Above $15 i think not. It’s grate for gaming and movies.

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