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1BA 1DD TWS Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones

    Mini and lightweight
    Support touch operation
    Extra long battery life
    Physical noise reduction
    *Note: Please do NOT use fast-charging adapters.
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Strong compatibility

Can be used as long as there is bluetooth function. Mobile phones, iPad, and computers can all be connected . Memory pairing, automatic connection after power on,no need to reconnect.

Touch operation

Tap the earphone to recognize the instructions, and the functions are at your fingertips. Refuse any delay,turn on high-performance mode instantly.

New Bluetooth 5.2

Less delay, lower power consumption, more stable signal. Synchronous transmission of music, video and games. Refuse to delay, refuse to freeze, refuse to wait

Extra long battery life of 26 hours

Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, the earphone use time is about 6.5h, and the battery life can reach about 26h when used with the charging case.

Mini and lightweight

The whole machine weighs only about 57g, and the earphone is about 6g. The size of the charging case is smaller than the SKS charging case, and the shape is simple and unexpectedly mini.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ SK10
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ SK10 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Charging bay battery capacity
400 mAh
Headphone battery capacity
48 mAh
Bluetooth transmission
About 15m
1BA+1DD hybrid drive, 30019 balanced armature unit +10MM dual magnetic dynamic drive(Polymer composite diaphragm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marcus Lesesne

I am more than satisfied with my wireless earbuds that I purchased. I was surprised by the sound quality, especially the bass. In my opinion, they are far superior to any other earbuds out there. The fact that they cost under $50 had me, skeptical at the very least. I was shocked when they outperformed any other product that Ive tried before.....and all of those were $125 to $250. I will definitely be ordering my audio products from you guys from now on. The difference in quality and price is amazing, as well as baffling to me. Charging 3-5 times the price for a product that works half as good, at best, is disappointing and that's putting it mildly. Keep up the good work!

Vanshawn Agnew

these bluetooth ears had a very amazing sound and i love them

Navin Doloswala

I was looking for some wireless earbuds. I listened to my son's aipods (dont know what gen). I was pretty impressed. I was after something with good bass response as I listen to a lot of Jungle and Dubstep. The KZ SK10 deeliver in spades. The fit is very good (often I struggle with ear buds being painful). They are not too heavy. I love them.

Fredrik Tollefsen
Great sound to value

Wife and i loved them. Only bit with connection blue tooth not 100% but again look at price

Sarah Young
Not worth the money

They constantly cut out or sound glitchy, there’s bad static, they won’t connect to my laptop, and they couldn’t even manage to send the right color. Buy from a different company.

Actual Garbage

Never got them to work at all. Followed the instructions and did all the trouble-shooting steps I could find. Neat case I guess.

These are surprisingly a great sounding TWS

The sound quality of these is excellent. I have the KZ KAX for comparison and the bass is better than that.

Looks very stylish.
The fit is good and can wear for hours without noticing it.
Sound Quality as I mentioned before, I don't know how to describe it in audiophile terms but I like it very much.
The stereo effect is awesome
The touch controls are very sensitive and work well.
You can wear these for hours and there is no fatigue from the sound.
The charging case is good and is also stylish. In the images, it looks big but actually, these are small.

The connectivity and connection are not perfect, there are a few hiccups once in a while.

Overall for the price, I think these are very good and definitely worth the price. KZ impressed me on this one, but I hope they improve the connectivity and battery issues in future models. (Although this is not a deal-breaker, I just expected a little more that's it.)

If you are looking for TWS earbuds at this price range, I would definitely recommend this because the sound quality is too good.

Antonio Martinez
Good but the left earbud on the case is busted

These earbuds are the best I've ever had but the left earbud just refuses to charge now and I have to resort to like pushing down onto it just for charge to happen it seems


Overall good headphones great audio, Bluetooth connection is abit buggy tbh.

John Park
Comparison with CCA CC4

Battery is a lot longer than previous KZ/CCA TWS. Plus Bluetooth 5.2 is nice.
Compared to the CCA CC4 the setup is the same (1DD + 1BA).
The CC4 is a lot more sub-bass focused, making it a bassier TWS.
The SK10 is a lot more balanced and is a typical V-shaped tuning.

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