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Electret Electrostatic Dynamic Driver Balanced Armature Hybrid Driver HiFi in Ear Earphone

    10mm dual magnetic circuit dynamic unit
    6.8mm electret electrostatic unit
    30095 high frequency balanced armature unit
    Zinc Alloy Faceplate+Translucent Resin Shell
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Electret Electrostatic Driver+Dynamic Driver+Balanced Armature

While KZ ZEX is equipped with electret electrostatic and dynamic driver, for ZEX Pro we have added one more 30095 balanced armature for high frequency to better present stereo sound. The low-voltage electrostatic driver is far more stable and superior than those of the same specification. Three different types of drivers are fully integrated and supplemented by precise tuning that instantly blooms the sound of nature

Zinc Alloy Faceplate+Translucent Resin Shell

In line with the previous aesthetics, KZ ZEX Pro goes with the aviation-grade zinc alloy faceplate, matching with imported skin-friendly resin cavity. The mixed material of metal and resin delivers a delicate stylish in ear monitor for every generation

Professional Detachable Recessed 2Pin Silver-plated Flat Cable

Silver-plated layer enhances hi-res performance to be better, reduce the loss during transmission. the new type double line parallel cable has lower impedance, effectively prevents winding, and reduces pulling, so it is more durable and has a longer usage life. The standard 0.75mm gold-plated pins are compatible with a variety of 2pin standard upgrade cables.

Ergonomic Shape for Comfortable Wearing

We understand wearing comfort is one of the biggest concert for most in-ear earphones, thus we have paid high attention to this to present you a comfortable, secure fit and noise isolation earphone while it also possesses astonishing industrial design and beauty. KZ ZEX Pro could be the earphone on-the-go or something for professional scenario

Fine Tuning, Wide Sound Stage

Same as KZ ZEX, KZ ZEX Pro also benefit from the high-density sounds and hi-res audio performance of the electrostatic, it presents a better vocal resonance, louder and clearer sounds performance.

Microphone Instruction

-Short press to Answer/Hang up the call
-Short press to Pause/Play
-Long press to Reject the call
-Press twice to Next Song
-Press three times to Previous Song

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ ZEX PRO
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ ZEX PRO Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Electrostatic driver + Dynamic driver+Balanced armature

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1 Year Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty for the all products except the cables and accessories*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Poor QC on multiple units

I've had two pairs of KX x CRN (Zex Pro) IEMs now. First pair I lost most sound in one channel within a day or two of using them and the RMA'd set to replace them did the same within a few days as well. I don't run these at high power, just off normal sources I run other IEMs on so I have no clue what would be special about my setup that would cause these failures and am chalking up to low quality products.

Josip Pilic

Great IEM for the price. Even when used for FPS IEM works as a charm. For this price you can't go wrong and I would recommend them to everybody.

Good attempt, but poor execution of the tuning

I was excited when I heard that Crinacle helped tune these, but sadly they have a very metalic sound to vocals and instruments and the treble sounds quite shimmery. This is actually fixed with an EQ profile that Crinacle provided, but in their stock form, the drivers for the high frequencies was not able to deliver the proper tuning without some EQ after words

Mr. Fox
$30 hi-fi

For the money these are not bad. The stock cable is undesirable. I replaced it with a better cable from KZ, that fixed my stereoscopic noise issues. I like the housing shape, they fit way better than the AS10 and slightly better than the ZAS. The ZEX pro has become my go to work headphones for music and being able to switch to meetings and conference calls. They have more bass than the AS10, but not as much as the ZAS. They are punchier than the AS10 and almost as detailed. The ZEX pro with my cable upgrade are still about half the cost of the ZAS and cheaper than the AS10. I suggest some ear tips, the stock ones are a bit thin and lack isolation in noisy environments.

Love the housing, weird/not entertaining sound

I compared the ZEX Pro with AKG K702/K240 Studio, KZ ZEX (normal version) and KZ ZAS.
DAC I used were Fiio BTR3K and KZ AZ09 Pro.

For the positive things, I love the housing of the KZ ZEX Pro. It's perfectly shaped for my ear, it looks gorgeous (maybe not the biggest fan of this look of the metal plate but the DD needs the extra space) and the nossle has a much better fitting for ear tips.

Sound wise it can deliver good amount of bass. Bit recessive against other KZ but still enough there. The mids could really sound pretty good but there comes my big problem with them.

As treble kicks in the overall sound experience is getting really cheap and washed out. Many details on the treble can't really be represented.

I'm no expert on this topic but I really prefer the normal KZ ZEX. Maybe the graph isn't that flat as the ZEX Pro, but you get a much more entertaining sound out of them. Clarity wise I would say they are about the same ZEX Pro better in mids. Normal ZEX in treble.

Wooowoooowoooo alll aboard!!

Hyping it and hypin it! Yeah, it’s good, but I miss the ass oops bass. Still luv it! Mean there’s an ass, just not quite what I’m used too. Definitely got a boob job though. ;p. The MELE is my big booty baby! This one is worth the dinner.

Worth it

For 35 bucks it is definitely worth it. This is my first items and it's hard to get them into my ear but once I did that, they sound excellent.

Yan Loon Cheng

Lots of sub-bass, detailed bass, and nice treble extension.

The shape of the shells fits very securely, for medium to large ears. Vented so no pressure discomfort on insertion.

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