LetShuoer DZ4

3DD+1PR Hi-Fi In Ear Earphones

  • Triple 6mm Titanium Dome Dynamic Drivers
  • CNC-Milled Anodized Aluminum Casing and Semi-Open Design
  • Innovative Driver Configuration
  • Modern and Futuristic Aesthetics
  • High-Quality 4-Core Silver-Plated Cable
  • Well-Designed Connectors and Accessories
  • Ergonomic Design and Noise Isolation
  • Effortless to Drive
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Triple 6mm Titanium Dome Dynamic Drivers

The DZ4 represents LetShuoer's latest hybrid driver earphone, featuring a unique driver setup. It combines three 6mm diameter titanium dome dynamic drivers with one 6mm diameter passive radiator driver. These drivers are connected to a dual-pin receptacle through a Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) crossover board. The DZ4 incorporates a four-way acoustic tube design, which is an integral part of the two-way crossover circuit. All of these components are housed within a resin shell with a CNC-milled faceplate on top. The DZ4 includes a 4-core silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with 2-Pin connectors and a 3.5mm SE headphone jack.

CNC-Milled Anodized Aluminum Casing and Semi-Open Design

The LetShuoer DZ4 is an elegant In-Ear Monitor with a universal shape that was designed in collaboration with HeyGears. The monitor shell combines high-quality 3D printed resin material in a pleasing pastel white color for the main body and CNC-machined aluminum material for the faceplate.

Innovative Driver Configuration

The DZ4 features a distinctive driver setup, combining three 6mm diameter Titanium Dome Dynamic Drivers with a single 6mm diameter Passive Radiator Driver. These drivers are intricately connected to a dual-pin receptacle via a flexible printed circuit (FPC) crossover board. This design also incorporates a Four-way Acoustic Tube arrangement, an essential component of the Two-way Crossover Circuit.

Modern and Futuristic Aesthetics

The CNC-machined Anodized Aluminum faceplate showcases a futuristic aesthetic with interconnected dots and lines. This section boasts an orange finish that appears to have a neon-like glow. A mesh backing complements the semi-open back design of the LetShuoer DZ4. The inner surface of each monitor is equipped with a low-profile sound nozzle featuring small damping filters on top. Each earpiece includes a 0.78mm diameter 2-Pin female connector interface for secure connections. The rear surface of each monitor is adorned with LetShuoer branding and L (Left) or R (Right) indicators.

High-Quality 4-Core Silver-Plated Cable

The DZ4 comes with a 4-core cable featuring 216 individual strands, each with a diameter of 0.05mm. It is constructed from Silver-Plated Monocrystalline Copper and measures approximately 120cm in length. The cable boasts a braided design and is insulated with soft and flexible PVC in Gold and Silver colors.

Well-Designed Connectors and Accessories

The 2-Pin connectors are encased in metal housings, with transparent markings for easy identification (left for transparent and right for red). Near the connectors, heat shrink ear guides provide additional comfort during use. The cable also includes a metal Y-splitter and a transparent plastic chin slider for user convenience. It terminates with a 3.5mm single-ended headphone plug featuring a straight-profiled metal housing with LetShuoer branding on top. The plug incorporates a semi-transparent plastic strain relief for added durability.

Ergonomic Design and Noise Isolation

The LetShuoer DZ4 stands out as a comfortable In-Ear Monitor, primarily attributed to its ergonomic design and the use of lightweight materials such as resin and aluminum. These factors contribute to a secure and comfortable fit within the ears, particularly for individuals with average-sized ear concha. The passive noise isolation of these monitors falls within the average range, primarily due to their semi-open back design. However, they provide adequate isolation for use in moderately noisy environments, such as buses or trains.

Effortless to Drive

The LetShuoer DZ4 is an easily powered earphone due to its low impedance of just 12Ω and a sensitivity of approximately 104dB/mW at 1 kHz. This high compatibility extends to smartphones, tablets with a 3.5mm output, and USB dongles with relatively weaker amplification capabilities.

Inside the Box

  • 1x LetShuoer DZ4
  • Carrying Case
  • Six Pairs Of Ear Tips
  • Four Cores Of 216-strands, 0.05mm In Diameter Silver Plated Copper Cable
  • 3.5mm Single-ended PlugA Warranty Card
  • An Instruction Manual

1 Year Warranty

The LetShuoer DZ4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency Response
Chassis Material
3d Printed Resin
1.2m 0.05m*216 Silver-plated Monocrystalline Copper
3*6mm Titanium Dome Dynamic Driver + 6mm Passive Radiator

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