Linsoul Nymph

8 Strands 5N OCC Silver-Plated Litz Upgraded Cable

    Wide applications:2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm single-ended, and 4.4mm balanced
    Nymph Cable greatly improves the mid and high frequency
    Nano Technology Graphene Coating Replacement cable
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Live Up to the Quality

Nymph Cable consists of 8 strands of 22awg 5N OCC single crystal copper, plated with silver (12 cores) and Coating Graphene (7 cores), 7 wires per core, welded and braided in accordance with the directionality..

New Tech Applied

The new nanotechnology graphene coating reduces the distortion in transmission. With the support of the litz type 2 structure, the conductor is insulated, which rejects the skin effect of high-frequency electrons, and makes full use of the silver-plated and graphene-coated layer on the surface for efficient transmission, which brings unique listening enjoyment.

Sound Improvements.

While maintaining the low-frequency energy sense, Nymph Cable greatly improves the mid and high frequency, especially the extension of the high-frequency. The low-frequency dive is better and the sense of space is more prominent

Wide applications

Available in the three most common types of earphone connections– 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm single-ended, and 4.4mm balanced. The Optional MMCX/2pin connectors offer a simple way to get better sounding music with common types of earphone.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Linsoul Nymph
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Linsoul Nymph Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Cable length
about 1.2m(47inch)
Quantity of Wire
1064 wires in total (133 wires per core)
Wire Structure
Litz Type 2, featuring bundles of twisted wires together with outer insulation.
Ear-hook style
Over the ear

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Clean & Clear

More detail has been brought out of my earphones

Great customer service

I had a problem with the first cable that I received. Thanks to The customer service, that gave me fast response and sent a new cable really quick
The stranded cable is one of the coolest I’ve ever tried, looks solid.
One suggestion : it would be nice if the sockets were rounded, in the direction of the ear
It makes a 4 stars for me (4.5/5)

Nathan Plesnicher
The benchmark for IEM cables

This is easily the best cable I own. I should state that I don't really buy into the belief that cable quality really affects the audio quality in any audible ways, so I'm not going to try and tell you that this made my IEMs sound better. What is immediately apparent the first time you handle this cable is the quality of the wire. This is an braided 8-wire cable and it has ABSOLUTELY ZERO cable memory. I can drop it into a coil without even trying and it doesn't move at all. You can bunch it up and throw it in your pocket and pull it out and straighten with a shake. I'm not sure if it's the graphene coating that accomplishes this bit of black magic, but I absolutely love it.

This is a heavier cable than most I own. I have a couple other cables with large, metal cable nuts that are also relatively heavy, so this wasn't something that surprised me. It's definitely something others might want to consider if they have only ever used 2 or 4 conductor braids, or lower-end cables in general.

I have owned dozens of cables for my IEMs, and I tend to go through them due to heavy wear. Time will tell how well this cable holds up compared my other cables. It feels sturdy, but you really never know. I'll report back as time progresses...

Perfect upgrades to any IEM

I like the cable so much I bought both the 2 Pin version and the MMCX version. Build quality 10/10 and I love how it looks and feels. Audio is clear and sharp. Since I upgraded to a Balanced cable for my IEMs I had to run the on Low Gain other wise it was loud :-)

Leonardo Esteves
Fantastic cable

Got as a replacement and upgrade from 3.5 to 4.4mm for my UE 18 pro that I owned since 2017 . If you are looking for a great cable here is something that I really recommend. Feels and sound 👍 great !!

성범 박



Crystal clear sound quality! Solid cable, love the texture!

Васил Нанков
Very good

Amazing sound with my Moondrop Blessing 2!

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