Linsoul XC01

26 AWG 4-Strand Silver-Plated OCC Litz Structure HiFi IEM Cable

    Brilliant Audio Performance
    Stable Signal Transmission
    Wide Compatibility
    Connector & Pin Genres
    Litz Structure & PVC Coat
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Brilliant Audio Performance

Adopting 4 strands of single-copper silver plating material, the Linsoul XC01 cable characterizes pure sound effect, meaning that this HiFi cable can offer natural sound rich in details as well as strong radiometric resolution. It is worth mentioning that this cable can help display three frequency sound characteristics perfectly and real HiFi music. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure whether it is compatible.

Stable Signal Transmission

The XC01 cable is made of single crystal copper material, which is wear-resistant and durable. Featuring stable transmission, Linsoul XC01 is not only gorgeous in appearance, but also marvelous in function.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of QDC/0.78mm/MMCX audio cables for all QDC/0.78mm/MMCX jacks on stereo system equipment, for instance, QDC can be available for Nepture, MMCX for SE425, and 0.78mm for THIEAUDIO Monarch MKⅡ, etc. Equipped with 4 strands of weaving with perfect proportioning, the XC01 features high resolution.

Connector & Pin Genres

There are three pin types and three connectors utilized by the Linsoul XC01 cable. This cable is suitable for most types of headphones, amplifiers, and desktop decoders.

Litz Structure & PVC Coat

Equipped with Litz Structure, the Linsoul XC01 cable can promote the output power in the transformer. Besides, this cable characterizes a PVC coat with a 1.8mm single wire diameter, featuring high weather resistance, thermal stability, convenient processing, and energy-saving economy.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Linsoul XC01
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Linsoul XC01 Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Linsoul XC01
Wire material type:
26AWG 4-Strand Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cable
Pin type:
Single wire diameter:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Heller Xu
Sturdy, good looking, nice bright treble

Looks a lot like the QoA Rum but slightly more stiff build. The interchangeable plugs are also more compact.

Sound wise it's got some brightness in the treble compared to the Rum, kind surprising but also welcomed.

Very nice cable overall.

Balaji d
Superb quality

Quality is very good , sounds dynamic and clear
Good for this price range
Definitely recommended

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