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Designed From Classic

XUELIN H6 music player is designed based on 50 years ago pure class-A music player by John Linsley. It’s more focused on the inner circuit design and tunning. It’s a truly a tribute to the classic sound lover. XUELIN is aiming to maintain the beginner’s mind of music world. You’ll be amazed at this product

AK4495 High Quality Chip

This model can fully display the 5 filters of AK4495 chip to have more fun. It adopts AKM AK4495 32BIT 768K decoding chip which has 32bit decoding and piezoelectric capacitor filtering. LPF adopts Ime49990 operational amplifier of 0.00001% THD.

6000mAh Built-in Battery

Ihifi1969 adopts the built-in large capacity battery to support over 9 hours play time. The battery and circuit are designed based on the discreteness of transistor. Take it anywhere with you and enjoy music freely.

Fine Tuning Technology

The tuning of 1969 is different from others. It’s more likely to the old style of vinyl records. You can enjoy the no oppression smooth music with this player. Just like back to the golden age

Unique Craftsmanshi

Crafted curved surface, striped case, reasonable button configuration, they all show the extraordinary technique. It’s truly an art

Supported Format

-MP1, MP2,MP3.

-FLAC :(Level0..Level8)Bit depth:(16BIT,24BIT)

-APE:C1000(Fast)..C5000(insane)Bit depth:(16BIT,24BIT) Sampling frequency:8KHz~96KHz Bit rate:max 9.6Mbps

-ALAC:(16BIT,24BIT)Sampling frequency:8KHz~192KHz Bit rate:max 9.6Mbps


Sampling frequency:8KHz~192KHz Bit.rate:max 9.6Mbps -MS-ADPCM(4BIT)IMA

-ADPCM(3BIT.4BIT) Sampling Frequency:8KHz-192KHz -DSF/DFF: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256

Filter configuration

Short delay fast attenuation filter / short delay slow attenuation filter

Fast Attenuation Filter / Slow Attenuation Filter / Ultra Slow Attenuation Integrated Filter

LPF: LME49990*2 (THD 0.00001%6)

Voltage amplification: JAN5636*2 thumb tube

Driver: AD8397*2 JFET Op Amp

Battery: 3.7V6000MHh lithium ion battery

Play time: about 9 hours, standard code rate, main and secondary screens off

Main screen: 0.96 inch pure white OLED (128464)

Screen: 0.91 inch white OLED (128+32)

Interface: 3.5mm stereo earphones 2.5mm balanced earphones

Balanced port output level

-Standard power 5.0Vp-p ,

-Low power 35Vp-p

-Distortion: <0.4%

-Frequency response: 20Hz (+1dB) - -20Khz (-1dB)

-Signal to noise ratio: 89.5dB

-Separation: 79.5dB

Unbalanced port output level

-Standard power 2.50Vp-p

-Low power: 1.7Vp-p

-Distortion: 0.4%

-Signal to noise ratio: 89.5dB

-Separation: 79.5dB

-Frequency response: 20Hz (+1Db) ---20Khz (-1Db)

Inside the Box

  • 1 x XUELIN H6
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The XUELIN H6 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Built-in 32GB+ expandable 128GB TF card ASRC.CS8421 asynchronous up-conversion +26MHz 0.5PS MCLK
All aluminum alloy CNC, surface pearl sand oxidation
What’s in the Package?
-XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) tube

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