Little Dot MKII
Little Dot MKII
Little Dot MKII
Little Dot MKII
Little Dot MKII

Little Dot MKII

6J1+6N6 Dual Vacuum Tube Portable Headphone Amplifier

    SEPP single-ended push-pull circuit
    High-Profile Front-tube&Back-tube
    Key components are all from internationally renowned brands
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A Good Choice to Enter the World of Tube Amps

Little Dot MKⅡ is equipped with SEPP single-ended push-pull circuit, which brings excellent output dynamic range and delicate sound quality performance. If you are just interested in tube amplifiers world, MKⅡ must be your first choice.

High-Profile Front-tube&Back-tube

The front tube adopts Dawn 6J1, which has a beautiful timbre and is outstanding for listening to human and female voices. The latter tube 6N6, a classic power tube, has the characteristics of high output signal voltage and low distortion.

Enhanced Version of the Pre-output Circuit

With the enhanced version of the output circuit, the output impedance is reduced, and the load capacity is stronger. MKⅡ is not only a headphone amplifier, it can also be connected to the rear stage of the split power amplifier, as a pre-amplifier to improve the sound quality of the speaker system.

Internationally Renowned Key Components

MKII uses the filter capacitors of NICHICON from Japan and the tuning capacitors from WIMA of Germany. Its key components are all from internationally renowned brands. The aluminum alloy body with secondary oxidation process also has a good surface finish and texture.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Little Dot MKII
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Little Dot MKII Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Driver Tube
Power Tube
A.6.35 Headphone socket (for headphone amplifier)
B. RCA (used for pre-amplification) 20HZ-50KHZ (300Ω-1db)
Frequency response
20HZ - 50KHz (-1dB)
Frequency response
20HZ - 50KHz (-1dB)
0.1% (50mW into 300 ohms)
Output Power
A.300 mw(600/300Ω)
C.100 mw (32Ω)
Output impedance
32Ω-600Ω (headphone amplification part)
10KΩ (pre-amplification part)
210 *110 * 130 mm
2.5 Kg
-Three-core power cord*1
-RCA-RCA signal line*1 (optional 3.5-RCA)
-3.5-6.35 headphone adapter *1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Peter Lescano
Excellent value

This is a great tube amp. Tubes must be upgraded , an extra $20 but it makes a big difference . This paired with HD650 could easily be all you need for good timbre, neutral warm sound.

Great amp

Changing the gain settings was a bit of an involved and kind of scary process (i never really open any electronics.) But other than that this is a great little amp. Small amount of static but when i put my hand near the tube it stops, and you definitely cant hear it while music is playing. Probably just electrical interference from my pc and stuff.

Incredibly happy with my purchase 10/10

Don’t buy from Linsoul.

Linsoul is firstly not accountable or has a relationship with suppliers; they will not back you up or help you fix this amp unless you pay for a new one.

Linsoul warranty is unfair and a scam. They will make you pay for the shipping to send the item back to them for warranty claim/repair not only this amps any item in their catalog.

I have bought a few things from linsoul. They are in to screw you over and will make you pay! They will not be accountable for anything and it’s on their best interest to charge you for shipping as they are trying to save their profit margins. (I will post screenshot this on headfi) in case they delete it! Why do business in the US if customers are being screwed over every single time!


Hi there,

Firstly, we take full responsibility for each of our orders. When you contacted us about issues with your product, based on your situation, we proposed sending it back for repairs. At that time, the warranty period for your order was nearing expiration. We sent multiple emails to follow up and remind you that the warranty period was about to expire, suggesting you to send it back. This communication began in August and continued until November, but unfortunately, you did not return the item.

Secondly, our policy clearly states that items claimed to be faulty after 7 days must be shipped back to Linsoul for us to check for any factory defects. Linsoul Audio will not cover the shipping costs in such cases. However, we will cover the repair/replacement and return shipping fees, excluding any possible local tax/import/processing fees. It is imperative for all customers to read and acknowledge these terms and conditions before placing an order with us.

Lastly, the warranty period for your order is one year, which means we would cover repair costs up to November 29, 2023. Unfortunately, you contacted us a whole month later, on December 29th. We hope for your understanding that, due to this delay, your order is no longer eligible for warranty coverage. We have done everything within our capabilities to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yvette Toohey
Really fast shipping!

Great little tube amp. Thank you

Brody Heineck
Tube rolled ldmkii

With the stock tubes this amp is just ok, but with some replacement tubes (GE jan5654w), this amp truly opened up the potential for my sennheiser hd6xx.

John Timothy
Good tube amp and good support by Linsoul

I bought this tube amp for my 6xx’s and 560s, when I had originally bought these I read a review that they were accidentally sent the wrong adapter/voltage model, so I reached out to support before my order had shipped and they made sure I got the US version, super nice and quick support. The tube amp is great but I switched the tubes for Riverstone’s which sound a lot better.

Great tube amp, not so great service from Linsoul.

I love the amp now that it is all working. Works and sounds really, really great with HD 6XX headphones. But it was a long process to get here. Linsoul sent me the 220v version instead of the 110v version and gave me the run around for weeks and weeks. They eventually, finally sent me a 110v to 220v step-up transformer so that I could use the amp with my USA electric outlets, so now everything is all good and the amp is great with higher impedance headphones like the HD 6XX or even the HD 58X. I did roll the tubes to customize the sound a little bit, but even the stock tubes that come with it are fine.

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