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1DD+4BA+2 Piezoelectric Ceramic Driver HiFi Hybrid In-ear Earphones

    Adopts the hybrid technology to present a more favorable sound
    Detachable MMCX 8 Core 6N OCC Cable
    Each product is provided with different colors of interchangeable earphone nozzles
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1DD+4BA+2 Piezoelectric Ceramic Driver

After tons of adjustment and research, LZ A7 now is finally released. Innovatively it adopts the hybrid technology to present a more favorable sound. One dynamic driver is set for the low frequency, 2 Knowles balanced armatures are set for the mids and another 2 Knowles balanced armatures are for the highs and it’s complemented with 2 Piezoelectric Ceramic Drivers for UHF

Detachable MMCX 8 Core 6N OCC Cable

Each pair of LZ A7 earphones comes with a 8 core 6N OCC silver-plated copper cable. The MMCX connector is stable and durable even after times of plugging test. Detachable feature ensures fully upgradeability. Feel free to upgrade your cable with your preferred one

Unique Tuning Switch

LZ A7 is outstanding because of its unique tuning switch. Each product is provided with different colors of interchangeable earphone nozzles to give a different tuning. They can be exchanged by unscrewing the tube counterclockwise and then screwing on another tube by twisting it clockwise. When screwing on, use a certain amount of force to tighten the tube until the rubber edge is compressed, but do not over-tighten it with tools

Supreme Material

LZ A7 adopts a special material which feels luxury and cool. The surface is matte with detailed texture. The faceplate is designed with tuning switch, easy to use and change the tuning style

Tips for Better Using Experience

1. The earphones are designed to fit the contours of each ear. The "L" side can only be worn on the left ear, and the "R" side can only be worn on the right ear, as shown in the figure.

2. The design of the earphone cable assumes that the ear-hook is hung on the ear to get a professional and stable seal. If necessary, you can use both hands to put on one earphone before putting on the other one.

3. The ear tips on the earphones need to seal over the ear canal entrance. If you find that one or both ears are not sealed properly (for example: no sound isolation, or lacking bass), please change between the different sized ear tips provided until the earphones seal properly.

4. The sound effect can be changed by the dial switch between two modes, ie. POP mode and MONITOR mode. The respective acoustic curves are shown in this figure. The black curve is the POP mode, and the purple curve is the MONITOR mode.

5. Each pair (with a different color) of provided interchangeable earphone nozzles gives a different tuning. They can be exchanged by unscrewing the tube counterclockwise and then screwing on another tube by twisting it clockwise. When screwing on, use a certain amount of force to tighten the tube until the rubber edge is compressed, but do not over-tighten it with tools.

POP Mode+5 colored tubes' acoustic curves (Purple stands for the stainless-steel tube)

Inside the Box

  • 1 x LZ A7
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The LZ A7 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-1DD (liquid crystal polymer diaphragms) for low frequency
-2 Knowles Balanced Armatures for mid frequency
-2 Knowles Balanced Armatures for high frequency
-2 Piezoelectric Ceramic Drivers (7 layers piezoelectric parallel) for UHF
Frequency response range
measured frequency response range 5Hz-40kHz, audible
frequency response range
20Hz 20kHz
POP mode is 15Q/ MONITOR mode is 13Q
109dB/mW in POP mode, 113dB/mW in MONITOR mode, @ 1kHz
Channel error
Distortion rate
Executive standard
CTIA international standard IECQ
Cable length

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1 Year Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty for the all products except the cables and accessories*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dick Koolmeister
Just f***in Great!

Great sound


Bncjj U.K. m g

Chris Baxter

For my ears these are the best iv tried. I prefer a fun sounding headphone. So" b&w p9" over "focal utopia" or " hd800s " . The LZ A7 must be set up right to get the best out of them. "Dekoni foam tips " black filter or gold filter if too bright. Monitor switch. Ak sp2000 copper, tripowen c8 balanced cable balanced output. And wow amazing 360° wide soundstage treble and bass detail like iv never experienced. For well recorded edm and modern rap stuff just drops into the soundstage all over the place with perfect separation. The first time I tried them I spent all day and half a night listening to all my music again, couldn't turn them off. Tryed them on my s20 phone and" agptec
ao5st" mp3 player, good volume but just a hint of what quality is possible with a really good balanced amp. Compared to my other really good iems the clairvoyants I listened to a good live recording of Fleetwood macks dreams, with the clairvoyants i was seated about quarter way back in the music hall, with the LZ A7 i was on the stage surrounded by the band with micro details iv never heard before. Although I recommend the ak sp2000 be aware apart from being expensive the eq software is substandard so makes eq impossible. LZ A7 are a bright set so silicone tips don't work ,foams really make the bass and mids kick, and tame the treble a bit. For under $100 my Agptec ao5st with blon03 and "tripowen zone cable" Dekoni foam tips and rubber extender washers to lengthen the tips sounds good. For anyone with a copper ak sp2000 definitely get the LZ A7 . Strangely the balanced output makes a massive difference to the soundstage and detail where as with the clairvoyants , ej07 , tanchjim oxygen and blon03 there's just a slight upgrade in sound quality.

Michael Wong


Wonderfull technical IEM, but lacks a bit of bite

I purchased this IEM based on reviews that said that LZ A7 is a good fit for metal. And I have to agree, it really is very versatile and plays all styles of metal (and other genres too!) well.

But it has one bad quality which keeps it from being perfect: it has a dip in its frequency response at about 5 kHz. No matter the tuning filter or switch, they all have that dip there. What it means for music is that some instruments really lack some bite which usually would be present thanks to instrument's overtones. For example, violins of Ne Obliviscaris are clear, but sound kinda lifeless.

Otherwise, A7 is both a very detailed and forgiving for bad recording experience. Usually you can't find both, but this IEM accomplishes that, probably partly because of that treble dip. Thanks to that, A7 works pretty well on a big range of recordings, ranging from the early 80s and up to modern well produced metal and jazz. Bass is neutral, mids are forward and treble is not exhausting, a good combination for all kinds of music.

I've had LZ A7 for a week now and I'm still experimenting with different tips and filters. For me, I have found the black filter on monitor setting to be the best for clear and engaging guitars. Currently I am using SpinFit CP145 for comfort. Also, the shell is kinda big in width and may cause problems with fit.

Steve Sinclair
Jack of all trades......Master of all

Firstly Linsoul did me well. Thank you.
The LZ A7 is crystal clear and musical throughout the frequency range. It sounds good whatever tuning nozzle is attached. Some increase mids, some bass but I like them all. You can choose pop or monitor mode with a switch on the body of the IEM and it makes a difference. By using the different tuning nozzles and the switch on the body of the IEM there are many different tunings. What is best will depend on your ear....but it's certain you will find the one that suits you. If I have heard an IEM that everybody will enjoy....it is this one. I am really happy with this and happy I bought it.

Really Nice Flexible IEM

These IEMs represent my first experience with an LZ product and they did not disappoint. The beauty of this set is in the ability to tune them to your liking. Between the switch and the assortment of tuning nozzles most people should be able to find a combo that suits their taste. In addition I find these to be very revealing and very balanced in their tonality. Treble can be quite smooth and non fatiguing. I am thoroughly impressed with the timbre and decent soundstage. I have several other other really good IEMs in this price range but these are my favorites. I would dare say they compete with sets substantially more expensive. The A7 is not the most attractive IEM but they are quite comfortable. I am able to fall asleep with them in my ears without discomfort when I wake in the morning. I highly recommend them.

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