Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
Mangird Tea
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Mangird Tea

$299.00 USD

6BA+1DD Hybrid Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphones

    An Upgraded Version of Mangird Ten
    An overall flexible, natural and balanced sound signature
    Imported Egger Resin Shell
    Fully upgradability for more choice

Mangird Tea-An Upgraded Version of Ten

Mangird is truly a perfectionist while making and creating the astonishing HiFi earphones. Following the first legend model, Mangird Ten, the audio engineers have take numerous work in improving the new model-Tea. Just like the name, this model takes that much time as making a cup of tea and displays details as you are tasting the tea, lingering aftertaste is so attractive

6BA+1DD, Natural and Balanced

As a professional HiFi brand, we know the skills to get the right driver configurations, thus we are adopting 2*Knowles RAD-33518 for high frequency, 4*Sonion 2600 for mid frequency and 1*German Bio-titanium dynamic driver to present an overall flexible, natural and balanced sound signature. The mids and higs are quite detailed and transparent while the vocals are full of emotions, bass is super powerful, and one of the best choice for classic music, the broad sound field is played to full

Imported Egger Resin Shell

Functionality is not the only pursuit of Mangird, we take the art of craftsmanship at the same level. Featuring an amber crystal clear cavity, made from high quality German imported material, we add some luxurious flavor to it by embellishing the gold foils on the faceplate. The shimmering material is quite eye-catching under any circumstances

Detachable OCC Cable.

For Mangird Tea, we choose the 8 core high quality OCC cable for stable, lossless music transmission. With this cable, the sound is clearer and smoother. Detachable also ensures fully upgradability for more choice. You can change it for any other cables you prefer. 

Custom High-End IEMs.

Custom HiFi IEM is one of the best in the market and we make it affordable to most people. Mangird Tea will beyond your expectation to rival the products that far more expensive that it. It’s a must to have item if you are into this field. Get it, enjoy it and live your music life to full

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Model name
Mangird Tea
Driver Configurations
-2* Knowles RAD-33518 -4*Sonion 2600 -1*German Bio-titanium dynamic driver
Hybrid Driver, 6BA+1DD
18 ohm
112+/-2 dB/mW
Frequency Response Range
Line Length
  • Earphone*1
  • Foam Eartips
  • Storage Box
  • Mangird Silicone Eartips(S/M/L)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Afford and amazing

I absolutely love these I am so much detail and bass very enjoyable sounds signature at a very affordable price

A finely brew tea

A great IEM tat definitely punches well above it's price point ($300). Well balanced highs, mids and lows. Sorry I'm not into the technical aspects, but it is the loveliest sounding IEM I have heard to date. If you can't break the bank for, let's say, the Clairvoyance or UM Mest I or II, then the Mangird Teas are probably the best top tier soundig IEMs for your hard earned money.

Nice One

Great pair, clarity and balance on point with great detail. Ordered
the TANCHJIM Oxygen too and find these more powerful although the Tanchjim is slightly more balanced.

Wow factor

Really like the mangird tea. Shipping took almost 3 weeks. Took 2 emails before it finally got PKG and shipped. Once linsoul was about to get their act together, the shipping from time of PKG to my door was 2-3 days. Other then the sour taste in my mouth with the delay, the iem is awesome.

Sweet Tea Time

I suspect many customers who've decided to purchase a $300 IEM are excited, they want them quick, and are hoping for great performance, both from the equipment and provider, therefore, I'd like to first recognize the provider - Linsoul. And I can honestly say, they have met and exceeded ALL expectations, even in a busy time of year such as Christmas, which is when I purchased mine. Through their offer of expidited freight, I received the units within 5-days! They were extremely responsive to my questions during the order period and I honestly can't imagine any better service and support than what the Linsoul family offered, so KUDOS and thank you. If you are interested in better quality equipment such as the Mangird Tea, you cannot go wrong purchasing from Linsoul. They will be my first choice for future purchases.

Regarding the Teas. I absolutely LOVE them. And while I don't have extensive experience with IEMs in this price range, I do have over 40yrs of audio experience and must say, they are incredible to my ears. The fit is great and the replay presentation is beyond what I imagined. I find that these units MAKE ME SMILE each and every time I listen to them, and this is likely due to staging and imaging. I've read some of the reviews and realize that some may feel the vocal area is a little too forward, and they can get a little "shouty" if you are using silicone tips at higher volumes. This is not a problem for me as I don't listen at very high volumes. So overall, for my tastes in music (primarily jazz and acoustic, with some classic rock "sprinkled in") they sound extremely natural to me. They have sub-bass rumble when needed, mid-bass is well textured and present, and mids and highs are very smooth and natural. Overall, I can't imagine finding a set at this price point without some deficiencies and any deficiency these present, are far outweighed by their benefits. My preference is foam tips as it does make them just a tad "warmer." These observations are made while running balanced (3/4 watt) off of a Hiby R6 Pro DAP. I would suspect they sound far different off of a phone with minimal power but they are sensitive and should work well. I highly recommend any customer searching for equipment in this price range, give these serious consideration as you too might just smile each and every time you listen to them.

Tea Time

Great sound, very smooth and nice detail. Great fit actually, super comfortable. Im using the stock tips, do get some suction but easily fixed. Fast shipment as usual.

Absolutely fantastic

These produce some of the best detail and natural sound I have ever heard. I have other good sets that only use one dynamic driver. More drivers doesn’t necessarily mean better but the six balanced armatures and one dynamic are really working together in tandem exquisitely. If you want to hear every little detail separated well in a 3-D space these are the ticket. If it weren’t for reviews on YouTube I would have never even heard of these and even if I was browsing and saw them I would have no idea how great these truly are. One of my other sets that I love are the thieaudio legacy 3. They are great if you want warm non fatiguing sound. The mangird tea is way more neutral and detailed for comparison. The tea has good sub bass rumble that doesn’t bleed into the rest of the frequency spectrum. They aren’t bass head IEMs. It’s hard to achieve such a well-rounded sound but I think these do it better than anything else I have listened to.


Mangird Tea

Best in its price range

Without a doubt the best iems in their price range, great soundstage, excellent sub bass and very present mids make this set a no brainer

Magnificent Sound

Peace of art and I have received it in one week 👍🏻


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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