Mangird XENNS UP

2Electrostatic Driver+4BA+1DD Hybrid Driver In-ear Earphone

    Hand-painted Faceplate+Resin Shell
    6N OCC Silver-plated Detachable Cable
    2EST+4BA+1DD Driver
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2 Electrostatic Driver+4BA+1DD Hybrid Driver IEM

Mangird XENNS UP adopts the hybrid technology to combine a composite Sonion EST65DA01 Ultra-high frequency driver, two Sonion custom high-frequency driver, two Sonion 2300 series mid-high frequency driver and one 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver for bass one. Apart from the high-level driver configuration, Mangird acoustic engineers mainly focus on the layers of different frequencies while tuning. Proper fractional frequency design and precise adjustment make the sound more balanced and smooth

Hand-painted Faceplate+Resin Shell

The faceplate of XENNS UP is hand-painted by experienced artist. Each faceplate is unique and distinct with lines of flowing color. The combination of artistic faceplate and imported resin presents a mixed and elegant look. The enriched color, the glowing shell and the pure resin make each pair of XENNS UP truly a work of art .

Detachable 6N OCC Silver-plated Detachable Cable

XENNS UP comes with a high-quality cable, made of 6N OCC silver-plated cable with Litz braiding technique. With this cable, the sound is more balanced and lossless. Moreover, the detachable 0.78mm 2Pin connector improves compatibility and durability. This design ensures fully upgradeablity when you want to level up your device.

Sound Signature

XENNS UP features an airy smooth high frequency, especially when play instruments and vocals, the detailed changes of emotions is so thrilling and moving. For bass, it’s flexible, powerful and dynamic. Three frequencies are divided clear but precise, full of atmosphere and broad soundstage. It could be one of the most appropriate IEMs for rock and roll, popular music or vocals.

Driver Configuration

-Sonion EST65DA01 driver for ultra-high frequency
-two Sonion custom balanced armatures for high frequency
-two Sonion 2300 series balanced armature for mid-high frequency
-one 10mm imported beryllium-coated dynamic driver for bass

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Mangird XENNS UP
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Mangird XENNS UP Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency range
Distortion rate
Cable length
1.2 meters
default 0.78mm 2pin
default 2.5mm balanced plug (3.5mm and 4.5mm plug included)
Nozzle diameter
What’s in the Package?
-2.5mm balanced cable
-2.5mm to 4.4mm plug, 2.5mm to 3.5mm plug, 3.5mm to 6.35mm plug, U-shaped plug
-silicon eartips (S/M/L), foam eartip
-storage bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Fun set

super fun sound, great for workout music, dance music. I would say it is V shaped, which means fun sounds, yet still detailed. great to get you hyped

Mangird XENNS UP

This is best iem in this price range for hiphop, EDM, and Latino music. The Xenns up is a basshead that has a lot of bass in the forefront and the vocals and other frequencies just behind that bass very natural but bass boosted. Make sure to pair it with a good source like Shanling UA5 will make the Xenns up shine as it’s slightly a warm source, also it works well with Ibasso DC04 pro.

Alexander Bunzli
In Love

Had these about 6 months and they are simply fantastic.

I honestly love everything about these IEMs, fast punchy and just so incredibly clear with everything that goes through them. These are worth every cent and the looks are gorgeous. The only downside I can say about them is that I treat them too carefully.

So don't be like me, use them with everything they have. You and they deserve it.


They are very good But they will show what songs have been poorly recorded even if it's your favorite song but anything that's been properly recorded they shred ear tips are a must and they do give to the updated cord in the box with removable size tips like the TOPs

Josh Northrup
Way, Way better than anything else I tried under $800

Nobody gives these credit like they deserve. The bass is not overwhelming, all instruments are clear, precise. Better than the Variations, better than anything I tried in the $450 to $800 price range. These were the ONLY iems that put a SMILE on my face! Paired them with a qudelix-5k and a Hiby R6 iii for full quality LDac. It's soooo good!

Samuel Adams

Slammy bass with clear highs still. It's a yes from me.

Unbelievably good

Ever wanted more from your music? Well here you go. Bass punches, details galor and smooth listening experience. Comfy too.

Boiiiii this slams

You want to crank the volume? Get this. The details are filled in if you go loud enough but never make you wince! The bass is like an Hydraulic press, will make your ear canals go hot with the amount of bass energy! Super highly recommended, a special set to have in your collection!

Andreas Schmid
Wow - the stage, the dynamic, the bass… FUN

I drive this beauties with a IFI AUDIO XDSD GRYPHON Portable Balanced DAC. And what can i say - this is mind blowing.
I searched long time for in ears with a warm signature, hifi like sounding and a lot of bass. I found them - the Mangird Xenns Up.
They play all my favourite songs sooo good. Metal is not the perfect genre for them but house and dupstep for example - my head vibrates inside.
The packaging, the quality and the fitting is outstanding.
The delivery to germany was sooo fast - thank you linsoul.
If you look for in ears with this characteristics - trust me - buy them and have FUN.

Brett Anderson
Love Them

So happy I finally chose these. Took forever deciding to get these or a couple other choices. Was also considering a set of the Fearless audio forget which one. Watched the Hawaiian Bad Boys about these a couple of times and cause his playlist is exactly what I listen to finally sprang.
So deep and full sounding even when I'm walking around here in noisy Japan. Was worried about the fact that they may be a tad hard to drive but have them paired with the AP80 pro X which has a balanced output. They pair nice as well cause he Pro X is neutral (a lil bright even?) so the bass is still awesome and the details are there. Thumbs up!

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