Moondrop Blessing 3

Advanced 2DD +4BA Hybrid Triple-range Frequency Division In-ear Monitors

    Full-bodied and authentically natural sound quality
    3D printing frequency division framework and Filtering Nozzle Structure
    Dual 10mm dynamic drivers
    Eye-Catching Stainless Steel Faceplate
    High full-band phase consistency
    Interchangeable Cable
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Full-bodied and authentically natural sound quality

The Blessing 3 utilizes a new horizontally-opposed double-dynamic bass driven module that delivers higher dynamic range and lower dynamic nonlinear distortion than previous versions. Moreover, Blessing 3 adopts improved implementation of hybrid frequency division has further optimized the continuity and smoothness of the mid-highs, ensuring ultra-high detail. Combined with a brand-new bass module, the result is a full-bodied and authentically natural sound quality.

3D printing frequency division framework and filtering nozzle structure

With long-term strategic relationship of HeyGears, Blessing3 continues the physical frequency division framework of previous versions through the use of state-of-the-art 3D printing. It utilizes a new horizontally-opposed double-dynamic bass driver module that delivers higher dynamic range and lower dynamic nonlinear distortion than previous versions. 3D-Printed High-Precision Acoustic Filtering Nozzle Structure As in previous versions, frequency division in Blessing 3 is performed by both a physical filter and a crossover circuit, the physical filter consisting of a compact and efficient 3D-printed acoustic structure.The frequency division design of Blessing 3 is the result of a long period of repeated experimentation and modification that has resulted in a doubling of the parameters and accuracy of the earlier Blessing 2, and even better acoustic indices.

Horizontally-Opposed 2DD Module

The new scientifically-designed horizontally-opposed double dynamic driver module further demonstrates the advantages of the hybrid earphone in bass dynamics. H.O.D.D.D.U.S. (Horizontally Opposed Dual Dynamic Drivers Unit System) uses dual 10mm dynamic drivers arranged closely and symmetrically using 3D-printed modular components. The components form a physical band-pass filter comprising two independent filtering structures and damping devices, thereby facilitating acoustic adjustment.

Dual 10mm dynamic drivers

The use of dual 10mm dynamic drivers, the maximum sound pressure of Blessing 3 is double that of the previous model, and the diaphragm stroke under the same sound pressure is less than half, giving the bass of Blessing 3 a larger dynamic range and lower nonlinear distortion, and significantly improving the sound quality of lower frequencies.

Eye-Catching Stainless Steel Faceplate

The brand-new Blessing 3 faceplate features an eye-catching interplay of light and shadow, achieved by precision CNC machining followed by meticulous hand-polishing of the esthetically satisfying angular design.

High full-band phase consistency

The classic hybrid triple-frequency division of the Blessing series is the culmination of Moondrop's unparalleled acoustic expertise, backed up by repeated testing in the company's measurement laboratory, and ensuring high full-band phase consistency. Combination of innovative acoustic design and expert tuning. Creating a more authentic, more open, and more textured sound. Leveraging the proven excellence of previous Blessing models and related products, Blessing 3 has been carefully tuned to ensure an even more precise amplitude-frequency VDSF Target Response, resulting in the even more pleasing and accurate sound quality of Blessing 3.

Interchangeable Cable

Blessing 3 uses a universal 0.78 interchangeable cable, which allows users to replace the cable with, among other options, upgraded cables for monitoring, cables with microphones for calling/gaming, and Bluetooth cables for outdoor listening.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Moondrop Blessing 3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Moondrop Blessing 3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Blessing3 Hybrid In-ear Monitor
14.8Ω±15% (@1kHz)
Frequency Response
Effective Frequency Response
20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4,-3dB)
3.5mm single-ended jack
Housing processing
3D printing of imported medical resin
Headphone Jack
Nozzle diameter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Blessing 3 is amazing

Blessing 3 sounds absolutely fantastic. All the details I need and it does not lack at all. It has a fairly balanced sound signature but with slightly lesser bass. I usually hate having too little bass but the "quality" of bass is just so good that I am almost completely unbothered by it, I still think it needs just a bit more. My biggest issue with it is that it has made all my iems feel obsolete.

Regarding the looks, it's just kinda ehh. I don't exactly appreciate it at all, it's kinda boring to look at but, like a massive car nerd, I really enjoy the fact that I can look at the "engine" of my iem. I still wish they went for something like wood or a gem/resin look, it's a lot less interesting to look at compared to ther iems out there. This may be a kick in the nuts for some but I absolutely do not care at all, the face plate can pick up a lot of scratches over time and start to have a strange grainy look. I don't think it's a big deal but it is upsetting that that can happen.

I also really love that it doesn't have nor need a filter cover. So many iems I've had in the past have spoilt filters because my ears were 2% too humid that day, and I have to spend extra money, time and effort replacing it. Eventually I gave up but I will forever risk my iem into spoiling further. Moondrop 3 just gave up on filters and completely doesn't need it. I'm not exactly sure how or why it doesn't need one, and it still going strong after a few months.

The accessories are just okay. It has a big white leather box and looks nice, but I don't appreciate it at all to be honest. It's kinda too big and bulky, and I'm not the type to store my iems in any box unless I'm travelling and would like to bring several iems. I think this box is just kind of a waste, looks super fashionable though. Moondrop just can't make good wires it seems. It's pretty frustrating that the wire is just thin and weak. The connector seems fine but I don't trust it, I switched it out as soon as I could. It looks nice though, and is easy to compress into your pocket which I appreciate. The rubber tips are just okay, they insulate sound very well and sometimes I genuinely can't hear my friends talk even without the music playing, though I think it's primarily just that the nozzle is so big that it really seals up in your ear well (I know this because I lost one side and had to use a crappy rubber tip lol).

(Ignore this 🤦‍♂️)
Waifu is okay, I appreciate that they're trying to contrast the blue iem with her pink hair but it didn't work that well, so she doesn't really feel like she fits in with the iem's aesthetic

Josh G
Crisp and clear

I don't know how one determines when you have enough drivers in the right configuration to faithfully reproduce any sound, but I think the Blessing 3 is getting close and doing it at an incredible price point.

That is not to say I've experienced every configuration and determined through some objective measure that this one is ideal, but from my experience and for the range of listening I do (streaming music, competitive gaming, movies) through my relatively simple setup (PC through a mixer w/ no amp), this is a noticeable step up from twin DD and 2DD+2BA configurations I own. I've also tried some high driver count IEMs that sound incredible, but to my ears, the Blessing delivers at a small fraction of the cost.

My only "complaint" is that they feel large in my ear, both in the canal and in the outer ear. They offer very good isolation and pair perfectly with SpinFit CP145 tips, but are not my most comfortable IEMs.

These punch so far above their price point that I would consider them a benchmark for the industry. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Andreas N.D.
A wonderful in ear monitor

I very much enjoy my new blessing 3

It has wonderful clarity
And my first thought when using them the first time was Wow

It's a good swap from my hd800

Since those are heavy for long sessions

There is two things I dislike

One. The ear tips slip off very easily making them stuck in your ear

Two. The metal side scratches super easily even when transported in the case included

Great but not perfect.

The moondrop blessing 3 is a very good iem but for me it requires a little EQ. It sounds a little thin thanks to a lack of mid bass and lower mids presence. Which combined with the 3k peak leaves the vocals sounding a little harsh and borderline sibilant (to my ear). However if you fill in the mid bass and lower the 3k peak this becomes a very good and technical iem and sets the bar for this price range. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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