Dynamic Driver + Planar Driver IN-EAR MONITORS

  • Cutting-edge Hybrid Configuration
  • Dual Driver Two-way Crossover UWBS Combination
  • Benchmark Acoustic Cavity Design
  • Ultra-low Full-link Nonlinear Distortion
  • Innovative Tuning Possibilities
  • Medical-grade Resin Shell & 3D Printed Structure
  • USB-C Wired Connection
  • Interchangeable Cable Design
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Cutting-edge Hybrid Configuration

MAY sets a new standard in audio technology with its revolutionary dual-driver system. A dynamic driver, utilizing a sapphire full-frequency diaphragm, seamlessly combines with an annular planar magnetic treble driver. The result is a powerful yet refined sound reproduction that exceeds traditional HiFi products.

Dual Driver Two-way Crossover UWBS Combination

Verified Acoustic FEA Optimization ensures MAY's sapphire-evaporation composite flexible-suspension diaphragm delivers a classic, beautiful timbre. The custom-designed audio chip with powerful DSP ensures fully balanced HiFi sound quality, supporting high-resolution PCM decoding up to 32Bit/384kHz.

Benchmark Acoustic Cavity Design

MAY's UWBS combination offers ultra-wideband, low-distortion response characteristics rarely found in HiFi products. The benchmark acoustic cavity design contributes to the exceptional acoustic performance. Unlike traditional wired earphones, MAY leverages high-performance DSP for precise sound quality adjustments, delivering a close match to the VDSF Target Response.

Ultra-low Full-link Nonlinear Distortion

MAY prioritizes sound detail with its ultra-low full-link nonlinear distortion system. The dual-unit configuration and fully-balanced audio circuit ensure a complete restoration of timbre, providing an uncompromised auditory experience.

Innovative Tuning Possibilities

Explore limitless tuning possibilities with the MOONDROP Link 2.0 app. Choose from five preset tunings, customize parametric equalizers, and download optimization configurations for various earphones. Share your own configurations or discover those submitted by the MOONDROP community.

Medical-grade Resin Shell & 3D Printed Structure

MAY boasts a medical-grade resin shell and a high-precision 3D printed structure, ensuring universal comfort through an ergonomic design. Developed in collaboration with HeyGears Technology, a leader in medical 3D printing, the precise control of acoustic cavity parameters enhances the overall listening experience.

USB-C Wired Connection

Experience a seamless connection with MAY's USB-C interface, offering a driver-free link to smartphones, tablets, and computers. Say goodbye to annoying latency and sound quality loss, as MAY outperforms ordinary USB-C earphones. The exclusive online interactive DSP function further enhances your listening experience.

Interchangeable Cable Design

MAY adapts to your needs with a universal 0.78mm interchangeable cable. Switch cables or utilize Bluetooth neckbands and TWS ear-hooks for diverse usage scenarios, providing unparalleled adaptability.

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The MOONDROP MAY Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

MOONDROP·MAY USB-C Online Interactive DSP DD +Planar Hybrid Dual Drivers Fully Balanced HiFi ln-ear Monitors With Interchangeable Cable
10mm Sapphire Plated Diaphragm Dynamic Driver + 6mm Annular Planar Magnetic Driver
Frequency Response
Effective Frequency Response
20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4,3dB)
Earphone Jack
Cable Plug
Nozzle Size

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Customer Reviews

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Fun All-Rounder

It's stylish, it's comfy, and it's cheap!
Love how they deliver the thump and energy of the bass. Perfect for those who are looking for a fun and inexpensive daily driver.

Yes we May!

This set is pleasing and relaxing, brilliant for long listening sessions on the go. It’s inexpensive, so no anxiety of losing it. It’s competent and capable of transmitting emotion without being aggressive. It connects straight to my Samsung phone using usb-c so no dongles or adapters and I can use it for calls because the cable includes a mic. It’s not an epic set, not suited for analytical listening but as a daily workhorse it’s a bargain!

Samuele oliveti
MoonDrop MAY los Últimos Audifonos que comprarás Si...

Los Moondrop MAY son entre los mejores audifonos que he probado y del que hice la reseña, estos Iems son increíbles para el gaming y para la musica, y si teneís 20 dolares más, aseguro que no tendréis que comprar nada más para disfrutar. YouTube video placeholder
The Path to Audio Excellence!

👋 Audio company Moondrop has released very interesting hybrid headphones with a dynamic driver with sapphire coating and a planar driver, and you will find out how they sound in the review!
🥳Enjoy watching!
🔥Available in all languages YouTube video placeholder

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