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ND 001

Nano dual magnetic moving coil IEMs

  • Precise Electronic Frequency Division
  • 2Pin Pluggable Cable Change Design
  • Resin Material for Comfortable Wearing
  • Standard Silver-Plated HIFI Cable
  • Carefully Tuned Structure
  • Ergonomics Short Sound Mouth Design
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Precise Electronic Frequency Division

Harnessing the power of a customized nanometer double magnetic diaphragm moving coil, complemented by two high-frequency moving iron units and two medium-frequency moving iron units, our laboratory employs electronic frequency division adjustment to achieve high fidelity and immerse users in a spatial sound field experience.

2Pin Pluggable Cable Change Design

Featuring a 2Pin Pluggable cable change design, our product offers flexibility and high playability. The standard 0.78mm gold-plated double-pin design allows for easy replacement and upgrade of the cable, adapting to different devices and meeting diverse HIFI needs.

Resin Material for Comfortable Wearing

001 adopts an environmentally friendly resin and undergoes solid inverted mold integrated molding, resulting in a thinner and lighter shell. This enhances comfort and durability, considering both fashion and practicality in its design.

Standard Silver-Plated HIFI Cable

Equipped with a high-quality silver-plated copper core braid, the standard HIFI cable upholds a commitment to excellence. The four-strand silver-plated wire significantly improves the transmission quality of sound, delivering beautiful and transparent vocals with enhanced resistance capabilities.

Carefully Tuned Structure

Undergoing internal structural adjustments, including changes in air intake and exhaust positions, our product is fine-tuned in the acoustic laboratory to enhance noise reduction capabilities. These adjustments contribute to faithfully restoring authentic vocal details.

Ergonomics Short Sound Mouth Design

The improved design ensures a more comfortable fit, preventing any sense of blockage and minimizing the foreign body sensation in the earplugs. Shortening the length of the sound output part not only reduces distortion but also enhances the overall immersive experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1x ND 001 IEMs
  • Four strands of oxygen-free copper wire silver-plated wire*1
  • White earplugs*3 (SML)
  • Black earplugs*3 (SML)

1 Year Warranty

The ND 001 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Number of Units
1 moving coil + 4 moving irons
Frequency Range
Interface Type
Wire Length
Drive Unit Components
Nano diaphragm moving coil*1 ; 30095 high frequency*2 ; 50060 mid frequency*2

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ND 001

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