Newmine R8 TWS

Wireless Earbuds 4BA+1DD Triple Drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mic with Noise Reduction,10 Days Standby, IPX6 Waterproof

    Bellsing BA+1DD+Ti-Coated Loudspeaker
    One-Step Auto Pairing and Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity.
    Dual Microphones with Ergonomic Design for Noise Cancellation
    Up to 10 Days Standby.
    Handmade Resin Shell
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4 Balanced Armature Drivers for a Studio Monitor-like Accurate Tuning

The R8 was tuned with respect to studio reference-standards. Audio engineers highly value the neutral tuning of studio monitors that most accurately portrays the exact sound that was recorded by the musician. The R8 utilizes Bellsing Balanced Armature driver to create a comprehensive sound at every frequency interval. Utilizing our proprietary crossover system, we balanced each driver to their respective optimal frequency ranges to get the most out of each sound without any overlap.

The R8 is the most technical tuning out of our R-series lineup

and is aimed towards professional audiophiles and musicians who require the most accurate and true sound. Trust us, you may need to check twice to believe that you’re listening through a TWS earbud and not a live performance! By utilizing two bass-frequency drivers, we were able to tune down the bass so it does not impede upon any other frequencies, but also simultaneously maintain the quality and texture of low-frequency sounds. We like to describe the resulting bass as “just enough” but so sweet!

Balanced Frequency Response Curve.

Fearless Audio is focused on high-end custom earphones and because of our rich experience we are able to tune S8Z into a most satisfactory response curve. The vocal is rich in detail and emotion, the high is full of air, the sound will never let you down

One-Step Auto Pairing and Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

R8 wireless earphones use Bluetooth 5.0 for a fast, strong, and ultra-stable connection. Simply take out the earbuds and connect once, it will automatically connect next time. Unlike many, R8 adopts handmade resin shell. The glorious look is elegant and the texture feels luxurious. Lightweight and compact for daily use

Dual Microphones with Ergonomic Design for Noise Cancellation

Each earbud is equipped with a microphone that utilize unique in-ear shape for better noise reduction technology. When making a call, environmental noises are reduced and you can enjoy a clearer music and call

Up to 10 Days Standby, 2000mAh Charging Case

A single charge gives you a full 6 hours of listening, while the charging case extends it to more hours of playtime. Wide compatibility for Android and iOS system, nothing to worry about

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Newmine R8 TWS
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Newmine R8 TWS Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Instructions for operation
R/L: Single press for play/pause, answer the phone or hang up, / R/L: Press 2 seconds to turn on,/ R/L: Press 4 seconds to turn off,/ R/L: Press 3 seconds to call out Siri (only when playing the earbuds),/ R: Short Press 3 times for Volume up; double press for previous song,/ L: Short Press 3 times for Volume down; double press for next song
Earbud Weight
Charging case battery
Earbud battery
Charging time for base
less than 3 hours
Charging time for earbuds
less than 1 hour
6 hours
Bluetooth version
5V/1A, Type C
dual mic
Earbud dimension
Charging case dimension

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Customer Reviews

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For $200 you would expect a little more

In my opinion the biggest Flaw with these are that theres no mmcx/2pin wired passthrough so when the battery dies out which it will in a near future you wont be able to continue to use them.
The other major issue is that there is no LDAC or any high res codec built in so even if the sound from the iems are good, you get loud, compressed and lossy signal from the music itself. The good thing is that it does have an IPX rating which many better sounding enthusiast TWS iems do not have.

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