4BA + 2DD + PZT Hybrid Drivers IEM In-ear Earphone

    4BA Driver & Be-Plated Dual DD & Seven-Layer PZT Driver
    Professional Tuning Technique & Replaceable Tuning Filters
    Exquisite Acoustic Cavity Design
    Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Fit
    Standard 0.78mm 2Pin Connector Design & Upscale OCC Silver Plated Mixed Cable
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4BA Driver & Be-Plated Dual DD & Seven-Layer PZT Driver

As the 4th generation of the Legendary NX7 series, the NICEHCK NX7 MK4 still adopts a classic configuration with seven driver units, including the new beryllium-plated dual dynamic drivers, 4BA Driver Units, and Seven-layer PZT driver. Although the first three generations of the NX7 series have an excellent reputation, the NX7 MK4 inherits their advantages while breaking new ground in many aspects. Therefore, NICEHCK NX7 MK4 can bring rich mid-low frequency, make the high frequency more delicate, and perform gorgeous UHF.

Professional Tuning Technique & Replaceable Tuning Filters

The MK4 utilizes a professional tuning, a technique as well as an art. To enable all avid audiophiles to taste true sound quality anytime and anywhere, the engineer from NICEHCK takes a professional approach. Equipped with replaceable tuning filters in gold, red and black, the NICEHCK NX7 MK4 also features three unique sound styles in balanced style, mid-high frequency style and heavy bass style respectively.

Exquisite Acoustic Cavity Design

With the encounter of four different materials, including stabilized wood, environmental resin and PC, and aluminum alloy, the NX7 MK4 characterizes an acoustic cavity on each side. This exquisite design shows not only the charm of materials but also the charm of design.

Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Fit

The NX7 MK4 features an ergonomic design for a secure fit. The goal of the NX7 MK4 is to be an earphone with excellent sound quality and a comfortable wearing. It is worth mentioning that the NICEHCK NX7 MK4 fits the human ear perfectly in accord with human engineering.

2Pin Detachable Design & Upscale OCC Silver Plated Mixed Cable

NX7 MK4 adopts 2Pin detachable design, and adds a limit slot to make the connector part sturdier and more durable. This design is conducive to tapping the great potential of NX7 MK4. This IEM comes standard with a high-fidelity OCC and silver-plated mixed cable, featuring excellent material and excellent detail resolution.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x NiceHCK NX7 MK4
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The NiceHCK NX7 MK4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

0.78mm 2Pin
Face Panel
Stabilized Wood
Shell Material
Environmental PC
3.5mm/4.4mm Optional
OCC and Silver-Plated Mixed Cable
Gold Filter 112dB/mw, Red Filter 113dB/mw
Black Filter 110dB/mw
Driver Unit
4BA+10mm Beryllium Plated Composite Dual Dynamic+
Seven Layers PZT Driver, Hybrid 7 Units
Filter Timbre
Gold Balanced, Red Mid High Frequency, Black Heavy Bass

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Customer Reviews

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Terry Pope
Best IEMs for the price range

I love the quality of these IEMs. They look amazing and the cable is very comfortable. Easily the best sounding in this price range.

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