Flagship 14.2mm Planar Diaphragm In-ear Earphone

    14.2mm planar diaphragm drive unit
    Super large sound field and super high resolution
    Detachable 0.78mm-2Pin OCC Cable
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Small Planar - Big Energy

PP is PMV’s first new flagship planar diaphragm earphones. It has a self-developed 14. 2mm Planar diaphragm drive unit with a diaphragm whose thickness is only 2 microns, 14 magnets was built in, lowering the impedance to an astonishing 14 ohm, which has changed the shortcomings in the past that planar unit earphones were not easy to drive, but now, even mobile phones can be easily driven..

Low Distortion-High Quality Sound

The Planar unit has the characteristics of very low distortion, so it can be used as a monitor earphone in scenes such as stage, recording studio, etc. The sound of Pp is balanced and durable, with a super large sound field and super high resolution, giving PMV PP flagship sound quality.

Professional 8 Core OCC Braided Cable

PP adopts 2pin 0.78mm interchangeable cable design, you can change your own cable to play your other devices, which extends the playability of earphones. Professional 8-core OCC braided cable provides stable signal transmission and reaches the rich music details in one step!

Full Metal Housing

PP is equipped with the brand new aluminum alloy shell which adopts CNC five-axis precision-carved crafts, with excellent texture and detailed processing in details, is not only a headset, but also a handicraft.

Comes With Earphone Bag

PMV adopts high-quality EVA headphone case, all-round protection, allowing you to enjoy music at ease.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x PMV PP
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The PMV PP Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Drive unit
14. 2 mm planar diaphragm unit
Speaker impedance
14 ohms
102 ± 3 dB
Frequency response range
10-40,000 Hz
Distortion degree
<0.1% (1KHz 1mw)
Plug type
3.5mm stereo gold-plated plug
Cord length
1.2 meters (eight-core single crystal copper braided wire)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
alfredo nicolas ceballos
Not worth it.

Lack of punch. Boring extremely. More detailed and dinamic range at lower prices. Don't buy it.
NF Audio NM2 is still absolutely much better in every possible way. Even more detailed. Punchy, fun. I returned the PP
Linsoul only refund 66% of the price. Not fair. Watch it.

Very Impressive

The PMV PP earphones are my second pair of planar magnetic earphones as I already own the Tin Hifi P1s. While all reviews are by their nature subjective, here are my impressions having owned and used them for a few weeks.

The shells are made of metal and are nicely finished with the blue colour a little darker than shown in the photographs. The supplied cable is very good quality and is terminated with a 3.5 mm single ended connector. All the connectors and splitter have metal shells and the cable is very flexible with little or no microphonics. Also supplied is a hard case with a zipper to store the earphones when not in use. A reasonable selection of tips is also supplied.

Planar magnetics have a reputation for being inefficient and needing a lot of power to drive to a reasonable volume. Not so the PMV PPs, although they certainly benefit from having a good quality source such as a dedicated digital audio player rather than just powering them from a smartphone.

Now onto the most important factor – what do they sound like? I don’t obsess over frequency response charts and technical details; the quality of the sound is what matters. They have a good bass response which is well controlled so there is no boominess. The high frequencies are also well controlled so there is no harshness when listening to high notes on the piano for instance. The sound stage is good and details are well resolved. I mainly listen to classical music and whether a single instrument or a full orchestra, the PMV PPs perform well.

Overall, the sound is full and rich and gives an immersive and atmospheric experience.

If the price is in your budget range, then the PMV PPs should certainly be on your short list.

Nikolay Gramchev

I cannot understand how some compare PMV PP to any KZs and KBears! These are gems - bass is rich, deep, and clear and bodyful; mids are not recessed and do well instruments and male and female vocals in a very natural way; treble is present, rich smooth, no fatigue; in general - very rich and energetic iem. I listen to very versatile music like Metallica, Massive Attack, Kazukii, U2, Pink Floyd and PMV PP do well all of these. I find the sound signature like W-shape with great extension in both ends with a slight emphasis on bass. Or not!, these just do bass like Sony IE80 and resemble the Sony but have better clarity. To clarify for those who do not know the IE80 - I find the PMV PP a great all-rounder with bass of the Monarch and treble and clarity of the Blessing 2. They also do EQuing very well. These worth the money.

Alexander Sehn
Tin P1's too hard to drive? Love the planar detail, but longing for the planar BASS? Get these.

The PMV PP's are kinda like the polar opposite of what the Tin P1's are:
Bass-heads rejoice! They've got dark, thick and detailed BASS, with width and soundstage to spread it all out, and just enough brightness and warmth to make it all nice and cozy without blinding your earballs. Excellent package for the price!

Scott Farley

I'm quite disappointed with these IEMs. They distort under even a moderate musical signal. The bass is weak, and when it's driven it breaks up.
I'm not blasting the tunes, I'm just listening at moderate volume. My comparison IEMs, the TRT Starsea are superior in every quality. There might be a flaw in the construction, but both ears sound similarly bad. The discount price, not the positive reviews should have been a clue, I suppose.
I cannot recommend these at all.
Very sad.

Bryan Paradis
Enjoyable. Warm with top end sizzle. Driven easy by LG G8, ES100, Apple USB, Macbook Pro

I get fatigued by bright signatures pretty quickly and thus have used quite a few of warmer sounding headphones. Others described these as a bit dark or quite warm but it was actually a bit less warm than I was expecting. Highs are reasonably extended. Lows extend very far down and I enjoy the quality and quantity. Haven't found something that sounds bad on them yet. Seem well made. The cable looks to be of decent quality and is supple which makes it comfortable and doesn't cause microphonic noise. Checked out on my multi-meter and looks good! Would recommend.

Steve Fultz
Well worth the price!

Bought these from DROP, who buys from LINSOUL and these are very good. I heard that the Tin P1s and Tin P2s take a lot of power, these don’t. I have compared them the KBear believe sound wise and power wise. These have a little more detail, but not as wide as the KBear believe. Highly recommend these for the money even on LINSOUL!

What a surprise!! best sound for price

The PMV comes with a dark sound profile similar to Audeze profiles (I own a iSine 20). Subbass is beautiful and excellent whits its deep extension. Mid frequencies come very agreable without notches and without agressive peaks. I guess the distortion is very low. Some of you will miss sparkles in the high regions but I do not need any EQ there. It is perfect for me for long listening sessions.
Despite the large housing the wearing comfort ist excellent because there are no nasty edges and the IEM fits secure in my ears without touching the ear. Very good... I own several dozens of IEM's and regarding the comfort this one of the best. The accessories are not very extensive. The tips you get are foam and plastic. The large plastic suited to me. You get a large plastic box. The stock cable is single ended and a good sounding one but these IEM's need a balanced cable because otherwise you will not get the rich and very detailed representation of the PMV. The PMV brings details to the ear other IEM's dont do.
In regard the price this headphone is absolutely a no brainer! Excellent price - sound relation!! Suited for long and comfortable listening sessions!

These things are stellar!

I have to say, for the price I'm loving these. I've had all sorts of IEM's and Headphones from cheap to expensive. Some to mention are Empire Ears Legend X, the P1's, TFZ Live 03, BLON (all of the IEM's), Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R, Beyer 1990 pros, a LOT of Sennheisers and KOSS headphones, Audeze iSine 20's, Audeze Mobius and Penrose (yes I know they are gaming headsets but they perform well), and so many more. I am what I like to call myself a "Basshead Audiophile". I LOVE bass, but I don't want it to ruin the other frequencies. The Legend X did that a bit for me, and to be honest the Legend X tried to make the soundstage too large. I think IEM's are supposed to be intimate, otherwise it's typically artificial soundstage and I pick up on it.

Let's get back to the PMV PP's. They are outstanding. I don't think they are technically impressive as the tinhifi P1's, and by that I mean they don't pick up quite as many details... but in a way they get the same and more. So, what do I mean? Well, the Tinhifi P1's were a bit too dry and sterile, and boy were they hard to drive (in comparison to these anyway). The PMV PP is rich, and full... it has bass. It's not going to blow your socks off, but it definitely has more than the P1's, and it isn't muddy at all, it is VERY well controlled. The bass does leak a bit into the mids, however it doesn't overpower them at all. It's just there, the details in the mids get reproduced and picked out very easily enough. The highs are definitely well done, they don't reach quite as far out there as a 64 Audio tia Forte for example, but they do a very good job. This isn't a HUGE soundstage IEM, but then again... I don't think IEM's should try unless they are open-back IEM's, because then it is a natural expansive sound.

I really love these things, they have a very nice finish and are built well. I ditched the cable though, it's not horrible but I have better ones that feel better so I used one of those. These are VERY good for EQing, they handle everything I threw at them, and the distortion isn't there. These don't take much to power, and hold up well with high volume, something dynamic drivers have a hard time doing. These also sound a lot more natural than the typical planar magnetic. I don't know what it is about planars, but I always felt they didn't have the best timbre when compared to dynamic drivers (sort of like how balanced armatures deal with bass, yes the bass is there but it doesn't feel or sound natural when compared to a dynamic driver).

I absolutely love these. They have the sound signature I love, a good bass reproduction, details everywhere. Very pleasant, they may not be SUPER analytical or MONSTER detail retrievers, and the sound is more of an "in the head" experience versus something you get from an open-back set... but man these tick off so many check boxes that I felt the need to tell people. Easy to drive and able to take power too, nice frequency response, distortion isn't an issue, natural sounding, impactful and dynamic and not a siblant or shouty pair, built well, great price for what you get. I think it depends on what you want, but these are amazing in my book. I think everyone should have multiple headphones/IEMs for different occasions... and these deserve a spot in anyone's collection for being very well rounded and impressive in many areas.

Mark Pitt
great set of IEMs

5 stars for this set! Mine arrived today after pretty fast shipping from Linsoul (to the UK). Spent a few hours with them and they're absolutely brilliant. Nice level of bass which really booms, excellent clarity and nice highs too. Nothing is too much or sibilant. These may well be my new favourite pair! Cheers.

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