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QKZ x HBB Hades

Dual 9mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers In-Ear Monitors
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Global Collaboration: QKZ partners with YouTube reviewer, HawaiiBadboy (HBB), to create the Hades, merging QKZ's affordability with HBB's professional tuning for an innovative and high-quality in-ear monitors.

Dual Dynamic Drivers: Hades boasts dual 9mm LCP diaphragm dynamic drivers, minimizing distortion and optimizing each driver's tuning for enhanced audio quality and texture across the frequency spectrum.

Tailored for Music Lovers: Tuned for music enthusiasts, the Hades delivers robust bass for rock, hip-hop, and pop genres. Rich lows complemented by a balanced treble ensure a detailed and fatigue-free listening experience.

Detachable Cable Convenience: Equipped with a 2-pin connector detachable cable, the Hades offers versatility for customization and prolonged usage, providing users with a durable and adaptable in-ear monitor solution.

Collaboration with Global Youtube Reviewer

QKZ has been manufacturing high-quality budget-friendly in-ear monitors that have been popularized globally. In collaboration with the Youtube audio reviewer Hawaii Bad Boy (HBB) of BadGuyGoodAudioReviews, QKZ x HBB combines technological innovation with professional tuning. HBB has utilized his years of experience in analyzing audio signatures of headphones and earphones to collaborate a tuning for the Hades that is rich in bass and engaging for all audiences.

Dual Dynamic Driver Configuration

The QKZ x HBB Hades features a dual dynamic driver configuration. Consisting of two high-performance 9mm LCP diaphragm dynamic drivers, the Hades effectively increases output across the frequency spectrum while minimizing total harmonic distortion from each speaker unit. Particularly, the liquid crystal polymer (LCP) diaphragm allows excellent audio reproduction thanks to its high rigidity and responsiveness compared to traditional dynamic drivers. By splitting the frequency spectrum using two drivers, each speaker unit can be tuned to better target its respective frequency range, enhancing the audio quality and texture.

Tuned for Music Enthusiasts

The Hades has been tuned with music enthusiasts in mind. With an extremely strong bass response, Hades punches massive sub-bass and bass hits that drive rock, hip-hop, and pop music forward. The lows are thick and rich, with good boosting of male vocals and fundamental instruments. The treble has been tuned to balance out the bass response by delivering a clear and crisp articulation of instruments and vocals. With a natural treble curvature, the music is clean and detailed, but without any fatigue in the upper harmonics. 

Detachable Cable

The Hades comes standard with a 0.78mm 2-pin connector detachable cable. This means you can swap out any cable with the Hades to customize your listening experience, as well as increase the longevity of your in-ear monitor.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x QKZ x HBB Hades
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The QKZ x HBB Hades Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


9mm+9mm LCP Diaphragm Dual-Driver



Cable Connector

0.78mm 2-pin

Frequency Response



16 ohms



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
David Milligan
A nostalgic pair of old school car style sub bass heavies.

Forget imaging & all that fancy modern stuff.

These will take you back to your youth if it was anything like mine - a gang of guys riding around in a car bumpin jungle & hip hop whilst smoking fat ones 😅

Those days are long gone for me, but these make for a nice trip down memory lane. These really are all about the bass - the tuning is intentionally very unbalanced, so don't expect an all rounder - but I nice & very affordable addition to any IEM artillery.

Dave M

Leon Brennick
Bass Monster

These iem's are exactly as they seem. Very heavy on the bass. They are not the kind of iem that everyone is going to like and won't play all genres of music well, but when it comes to rap and hip-hop, it is great.

A one-trick pony should at least be able to do its one trick properly...

First off: I'm a proper basshead and I really enjoy Chris'/HBBs views on most things audio-related. I wasn't expecting this to be an all-rounder of any sorts. But i'm thoroughly disappointed - even (and especially) as a basshead IEM. The bass is plenty, yes, but it feels bloated, not properly controlled and it lacks sub-bass to have proper impact, while there's simply too much upper low-end. The upper mids and the upper frequencies aren't just muffled, they're so weird that it's too much even for me (I'm very treble-sensitive and I need laid-back treble). The lack of controlled sub-bass and the weird top-end makes this the wrong IEM for the bass-heavy genres I enjoy (dubstep, riddim etc.). It works fine with something like doom metal/stoner rock and older hip-hop genres, I guess, but if I can't enjoy my go-to bass-heavy tracks with a dedicated basshead IEM, then there's something wrong with the set. This sounds like someone had too much fun with the EQ settings on a set that can't handle it.

Greg Sequeira

The Hades is a bass focused IEM with thick Rich Midrange and sparkling treble
Its fun and great for hip-hop, pop and kpop
Rock is good but I wouldn't recommend for metal.

Christopher Bangs
They are exactly as advertised

I’d give these a 5 star review if there was any semblance of decent mids or treble, but there is not. They are made for one thing. Bass. And that is what they do best. Certain genres,.. well one genre sounds good on them and that is hip hop. I do not have and have not heard a set that is so completely focused on bass and sub bass. It’s just nuts. That said, we were all informed by HBB himself that this was intentional and purposeful. Mission accomplished. Bassheads will be thrilled. 😁

Lasted 3days

The left side went dead on the third day and Linsoul wanted me to send a Video!!! To show what was wrong!!! How do I show no sound in a video???

Hello there.
Thank you for the message.
If the driver of the left earbud has died, please take a video to show us how despite properly connecting the earphones with a working device, the left earbud is not producing any sound while the right earbud is working fine.
Please send that video to us via email, to Support@Linsoul.com, and we will show it to the manufacturer to get a replacement.
Thank you.

Bass and…………

Yeah I wasn’t very impressed with these iems. The bass sounds like a cheap car sub, and it needs to be cranked up to get the best balance. I would be totally fine with this if the bass was better quality like the qkz x hbb, kbear rosefinch or 7hz Legato. If this was priced at $30 it would be fine, but for $50 you can do a lot better. However this set can be a “vibe” if you put a few drinks in you and listen to some hip hop with deep bass. I wouldn’t recommend rock/metal, which is a shame. Recently I just got the Doscinco, now that is a killer set with great bass and clarity well worth the asking price of $270. That is a set that can do any genre as well as gaming.

David Lee
All about that BASSSSSSSSSS

Finally a basshead iem that allows me to crank up the volume without getting any treble fatigue.
Need to be used at a hire higher volume to feel it's potential.
Bass quality: cca hm20 > qkz hades > kbear rosefinch
Bass quantity: qkz hades > kbear rosefinch > cca hm20
Bass speed: cca hm20 > qkz hades > kbear rosefinch

Matt L
Just a muffled muddy mess

After watching this iem get hyped up by HBB being a basshead set I was excited to buy it, BIG mistake this thing sounds like your listening to your music threw a pillow, no mids or highs just bloated bass from garbage drivers. For that kind of money you can buy a nice set like the Juzear Clear or the $20 dollar Kbear Rosefinch. I really don't know what this dude was thanking but yikes these are hot garbage. Here's you warning

For the "Bassheads"?

These pretty in-ears aren't for everyone. Plenty of bass with recessed mids. They sound excellent for Electro/electro dance music. However, I don't really know why such a huge packaging box was used when the accessories can clearly fit into a smaller box. Nice but pointless coin included?

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