2BA+2DD+PZT Tribrid In-Ear Monitor

    PZT Drive Unit+SSCE
    2P DIP Switch, Four Music Styles
    Three Sets Of Replaceable Metal Filters
    Multifunctional earphone storage box
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The Next Generation of Hi-Fi

Experience the perfect fusion of sound quality and versatility with the Raptgo BRIDGE in-ear tribrid Hi-Fi earphones. Combining cutting-edge technology and innovative design, these earphones are tailored to satisfy the needs of audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Triple Driver Type configuration

Like its name, the Bridge brings together three different types of drivers by using two Balanced Armature (BA), two Dynamic (DD), and one piezoelectric (PZT) drivers. With a total of five drivers per side, the Bridge delivers a completely full and coherent sound that is energetic, detailed, and natural. Two custom high-frequency balanced armature drivers deliver pristine and clear trebles that articulates every nuance of micro details. This is supported by a 6mm air-conduction dynamic coil driver that adds additional fullness and body to the upper-mids and trebles, allowing better coherence between the driver types. A 10mm custom dynamic driver powers an impactful bass and rich low-mids that are textured to add comprehensive depth and body to instruments. Finally, a 10mm double-sided 12-layer PZT full-range driver brings about an airy atmosphere and holographic soundstage that effectively enhances the perceived resolution and audio quality. All of these drivers are painstakingly brought together using a four-way crossover network that accurately layers instruments.

SSCE Patent Technology

The problem with many PZT drivers is their low output, resulting in ineffective contribution of the driver to the overall sound. Using Raptgo’s proprietary SSCE (Sound Superposition Compensation Effect) technology, the air conduction driver is powered in succession with the PZT driver for a more effective bone conduction. This provides a superior PZT driver effect that can truly be experienced for the first time.

Tuning Switches

The Raptgo BRIDGE is equipped with 2 tuning switches, allowing you to adjust the sound profile to your preference. Switch 1 adjusts high-frequency levels, while Switch 2 controls high and low gain modes across the entire frequency range.

Interchangeable Metal Filters

The Raptgo BRIDGE comes with three sets of interchangeable metal filters, providing different sound profiles. The black filter offers a standard mode, the gold filter enhances high frequencies, and the silver filter delivers a balanced mode. Using a combination of metal filters and the tuning switches, you can define the perfect sound for your preference. The Bridge is the one stop solution for all of your sound preferences.

Multifunctional Earphone Storage Box

The BRIDGE earphones come with a newly designed multifunctional storage box for storing earphones, cables, silicone sleeves, and metal tuning filters. The box also features dedicated slots for third-party adapters and cables. This design keeps your earphones safe, and also allows you to take all of your accessories with you wherever you go.

High Sensitivity and Wide Frequency Range

With a sensitivity of 105dB SPL/mW in standard mode and 109dB SPL/mW in high-gain mode, the BRIDGE earphones deliver powerful sound across a frequency range of 20Hz-40KHz. The ability to adjust your gain makes it perfect for any output source, regardless of its power ratings.

Comfortable Fit

The Bridge’s design was conceived to allow users to wear them comfortably for even long listening sessions. The lightweight and durable shell is shaped to fit snugly in the ear, while its angled nozzle was designed to comfortably seal within the ear canal. The semi-open back shell design enhances a life-like soundstage, while minimizing uncomfortable air-pressure buildup.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x RAPTGO Bridge
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The RAPTGO Bridge Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

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Audio Interface
Earphone Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simply Outstanding

The clarity and musicality are heads-and-shoulders above the crowd. I have numerous IEMs and I can say with confidence these are tops. I just forget they are in my ears and get totally lost in the music. No analytical listening with these for sure.

Gavin Granado
U-shape Bliss

Absolutely love this thing. It's got a room temp tonality- neither warm nor cold. It presents my music very naturally.

There's ample bass in the low end that has good sub bass depth and the mid bass is punchy and dynamic. The mids are very detailed, lower midrange sounds sufficently full and there is no brittle timbre to be found here. Upper mids are energetic and sparkly- no sign of sibilance. High end is airy, gives upper harmonics good decay without sounding artifically widened and is also very detailed.

Technicalities are just wow. I need not say more. They do excellent on all fronts. Separation, detail, resolution, imaging, transient response, staging- everythang!

With all the drivers inside these sound really cohesive. I love them and I let my friends try them on one time and they loved it too. Perfect points Raptgo

Bridge is Great!

The Raptgo Bridge is a very good sounding IEM. They’re very detailed, have an enormous soundstage, solid technicalities and really good, well controlled bass. They aren’t sub-bass blasters. The bass is more focused on bass/mid-bass. The mids are just slightly recessed and the treble is extended without being harsh or sibilant. The graphs don’t tell the whole Bridge story. They sound fantastic.

Nicholas Low
Too shouty

Weak bass coupled with overwhelming high frequencies just make an unbearable experience. I could only listen for 15mins max before needing to take a break due to the fatigue from the highs. I have tried changing the filters and also experimenting with the switches, but none of those efforts fixed the overly loud upper frequencies problem. I do not recommend this IEM and I am considering returning it. At least the design looks unique.

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The Raptgo BRIDGE is equipped with 2 tuning switches, allowing you to adjust the sound profile to your preference. Switch 1 adjusts high-frequency levels, while Switch 2 controls high and low gain modes across the entire frequency range.And it comes with three sets of interchangeable metal filters, providing different sound profiles. 

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