RAPTGO Release

Jointly-designed 4.4mm Shield Upgrade Headphone Cable

    Litz Taiwan Single Crystal Copper & Long Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Conductor
    4.4mm Shielded Wire
    Well-Knit Wire Structure
    High Grade Insulation Material
    Designed to Associate with RAPTGO's Products
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Litz Taiwan Single Crystal Copper & Long Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Conductor

The release is a shielded version of upgraded earphone cable jointly created by RAPTGO and DDHIFI, which adopts Taiwan Bandung single crystal copper and long crystal copper silver-plated conductor. It features the same shielding structure as DDHIFI's Nyx and a brand-new mid-part cable device design. RAPTGO Release follows with excellent performance, stable and smooth signal transmission, and soft feeling of its body to effectively avoid Stethphone Effect.

4.4mm Shielded Wire

To simplify the process, most of the headset shield cable on the market is not connected to the 4.4mm plug ground cable. To enhance the anti-interference of the earphone cable in the development process, the shielding layer was connected to the ground wire of the 4.4mm plug to increase the cleanness of the sound.

Well-Knit Wire Structure

The release features a well-knit structure in cable and shielding. This cable adopts four 0.05 mm * 7 * 7 wires as the core, and four 0.05 mm * 8 * 8 wires as the shielding.

High Grade Insulation Material

RAPTGO Release characterizes Inner and exterior insulation with high-grade insulation material, including high precision foam HDPE from Japan NUC, which is made in Japan, and high transparency SoftFlex PVC, which is made in the USA.

Designed to Associate with RAPTGO's Products

When Release works with RAPTGO's products, the low frequency was significantly improved, especially in terms of fullness and diving of any frequency and in terms of the resolution of the background instruments. The overall listening sensation of the transient improvement is relatively obvious, especially when dealing with fast songs, more leisurely than before.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x RAPTGO Release
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The RAPTGO Release Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Conductor Configuration:
Single Strand Outer Diameter 1.6mm, Four Strands of Braided Wire
Conductor Material:
Liz Taiwan Single Crystal Copper (Main Core) & Liz Long Crystal Copper Plated Silver (Silver)
Wire Structure:
Φ0.05mmx7 ×7 ×4 Strands (Main Core) + Φ0.05mmx8 ×8 ×4 Strands (Shielding)
Inner Structure:
NUC High Precision Foam HDPE (Made in Japan)
Outer Insulation:
High Transparency Softflex PVC (USA Made)
Weight/ Length:
4.4mm Balance Plug, Copper Plated 24K Gold
0.78mm Double Pin, Copper Plated 24K Gold

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ian Thompson
Ok, I'm stunned

I do believe cables make a difference... To a point. Some are much nicer to handle than others, less prone to tangles and so forth. There's a marginal sound difference with some, though usually I'm not certain if that's a psychological difference rather than an audiological one.
And that's why I'm stunned.
This cable genuinely sounds better EVERYWHERE! Every genre, every song I've listened to is improved. From sub bass to air it's better, faster, fuller. The harshness that I sometimes found a problem has disappeared but the treble still has all the energy, and maybe even more, than before. Female vocals feel another and richer...
Basically it sounds better! It's made my Hook x into an end game set. I really didn't think it could make such a difference but it has.

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