Reecho & Peacock Audio Spring

Custom Triple Driver 2DD+1BA HiFi In-Ear Earphone

    Gorgeous chinoiserie handmade cavity and outstanding performance
    Reecho self-developed coaxial structure 8mm dynamic driver.
    Unique Aluminum Annular Diaphragm.
    Unparalleled Handmade Craftsmanship.
Brown cable
Blue cable
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Reecho & Peacock Audio Co-brand IEM

Inspired by the sound of nature and the four seasons, Reecho and Peacock jointly created this marvelous HiFi in ear monitor which blows the market with its gorgeous chinoiserie handmade cavity and outstanding performance. Take a loot at it, the refreshing color and eye-catching sketching technique are all speaking for itself, a work of art

Professional 2DD+1BA Triple Driver

Equipped with the Reecho self-developed coaxial structure 8mm dynamic driver and BRC30095 high frequency balanced armature, along with the independent dynamic driver and balanced armature design, this model delivers a unbelievable ductility from 10KHz-20KHz. Tuned with balanced three frequency this earphone suits for most music style and feel free to choose it

Unique Aluminum Annular Diaphragm

This model adopts a special dynamic driver of the breakthrough aluminum annular diaphragm, bringing easy control in low frequency transient and better resolution. With the separate cavity, the dynamic driver takes advantage of coaxial driver to deliver a broad sound field.

Unparalleled Handmade Craftsmanship

The Spring earphone not only takes advantage of the unique hand painted skill from Peacock audio but also embedded it with Reecho audio high standard of ergonomics design based on more than 300 real ear canal data to reach a supreme comfort wearing experience. No more pain even after long time wearing

Detachable OFC 2 Pin Cable

The Spring is designed with 2 different style of cables. Here we got the Stone Model for you which is made from the mixed braided high purity OFC cable and 26AWG OCC cable. The 8 core Liz braiding technique and antioxidantion copper connector all make this cable an excellent one to deliver a deep bass and high resolution mids

Inside the Box

  • -Earphone*1
  • -Storage box*1
  • Colombian eartips*8
  • -Memory foam eartips*4
  • -Reecho-AET07*6
  • -Low frequency plug*6

1 Year Warranty

The Reecho & Peacock Audio Spring Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Dual Dynamic Driver + BRC30095 Balanced Armature
Reecho&Peacock Audio Spring
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nathaniel Terdes
Satisfaction guaranteed

Awesome earphones and very good service

Pretty good

Balanced sound, not very good soundstage.
Extremely tip and fit dependent, longer foam tips seems to be working for me. More bass, less harshness. Very enjoyable now.

David Pastern
Reech & Peacock Spring review


gorgeous looking!
balanced and neutral sound


bland presentation that is non-musical (but accurate and detailed)
above average detail
average instrument placement in soundstage
soundstage not very wide, no real depth to it
VERY uncomfortable - instantly uncomfortable on insertion, even with the smallest tips. After half an hour, the pain becomes unbearable and I can no longer wear or use them.

These aren't bad sounding IEMs - if you want a really accurate and tonally balanced presentation, these will be perfect for you. If yout a bit of musicality and boogie factor, then look elsewhere. They are very attractive, and seem well built. I have smaller than average ear canals, so these are simply very uncomfortable for me with very short listening, and physically painful for anything longer. I suspect most people won't have any fit issues or experience pain when using them - this is simply unique to me and doesn't detract from their sound quality.

I'd recommend them, on the caveat that you enjoy their sound presentation and fit issues. For me, personally, they are unsuitable, but that's a reflection on my personal sound preferences and my ears.

Robert Bae

The IEM sounds very neutral, however the soundstage is poor. The bass is high quality with sub-Harmon quantity, the mids and highs are near reference. The imaging is a bit "blobby" The sound stage is narrow and layered.


I own many high end IEMs and other headphone and these out perform some of the most expensive IEMs. Amazing sound quality and build. I listened to them on my AK SE200 and wow is all I have to say. I though they were well balanced and very clear on the upper register. Bass is punchy but not boomy like the “fun” earphones. I prefer this sound because it is extremely clear and you can hear all the instrument within the soundstage. They were great as IEMs for live or recording studio use as well.

These need to be in more ears!

These look great but sound even better. id heard some rubbish about these sounding "tonally off" and "a thin sound"??? that is just not true I'm loving these still a month later!! it has fantastic punch and slap with transients that is what suprised me most it really can move some air , it does this whilst retaining a very balanced and greatly detailed sound. the best bit about these are the mids they are amazing slightly forward with everything separated really well and vocals sounding very intimate. the stereo image is honestly really good. these are an almost monitor type of iem that has truly exceeded all expectations!! I urge you to give them a try worth 250+ easy.

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