10mm Large DLC Diaphragm Wireless Earbuds
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Gaming Prowess with Ultra-Low Latency: Redefine gaming responsiveness with an unprecedented 60ms ultra-low latency. ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics ensures you stay steps ahead in intense FPS battles, offering an unparalleled gaming experience where every move is instant and victory is assured.

Boundless Freedom with Bluetooth 5.3: Embrace unparalleled freedom with advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology and a 15-meter transmission range. Ceramics earbuds provide a consistent connection, breaking through barriers and offering boundless freedom whether you're on the move or immersed in your favorite melodies.

Crystal-Clear Communication with Dual-Mic ENC: Say goodbye to background noise with advanced Dual-Mic ENC technology. Ceramics earbuds filter out distractions, ensuring clear communication in any environment. Upgrade your conversations with an unrivaled calling experience, where every word is heard distinctly.

Dual Connectivity & Smart-Touch Control: Revolutionize your wireless experience with instant dual-device pairing and automatic reconnection. Effortlessly switch between entertainment and calls with smart-touch controls, offering swift, intuitive control for a versatile and enjoyable audio journey.

HiFi Excellence with 10mm DLC Diaphragm

ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics isn't just wireless earbuds; it's a celebration of HiFi sound mastery. Immerse yourself in the bliss of HiFi with Ceramics TWS. The 10mm dynamic driver, complemented by N52 magnetic steel, creates a sonic masterpiece that competes with high-end headphones. Delight in crisp highs and profound lows-a symphony for your senses. Break free from the constraints of conventional Bluetooth earphones and embrace a new era of wireless audio 

60ms Ultra-low Latency for Gaming

Step into the future of gaming with ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics Wireless Earbuds–where responsiveness is redefined. While industry averages linger between 65-85ms, Ceramics shatters expectations. Harnessing cutting-edge flagship technology and LLR Technology, our earphones seamlessly transition into gaming mode, delivering an unprecedented ultra-low latency of just 60ms. Dive into the heart of intense FPS battles with ease, as Ceramics ensures you stay steps ahead, effortlessly dominating the gaming arena. Elevate your gameplay–where every move is instant and victory is assured! 

Boundless Freedom: Bluetooth 5.3&15mW Chip

Featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology and a high-powered chipset, Ceramics has an expansive 15-meter transmission range for unparalleled freedom. Whether you're on the go or deeply immersed in your favorite melodies, Ceramics earbuds ensures an unshakeable and consistent connection. Redefine your wireless encounters -where each beat enjoys boundless freedom, and your sonic journey breaks through all barriers! 

Dual Connectivity&Smart-touch Control

ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics Wireless Earbuds revolutionize your wireless experience with instant dual-device pairing. Paired devices reconnect automatically upon opening. You can effortlessly switch between entertainment and calls–a seamless transition at your fingertips. With smart touch controls, a simple tap on the earphones is all it takes for one-handed convenience. Ceramics earphones delivers swift, intuitive control for a versatile and enjoyable audio journey.

Swift Power, Prolonged Play-10-Minute Charge, 2-Hour Play

Unleash the energy of ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics–a mere 10-minute charge empowers you with 2 hours of non-stop music. With an impressive total playback time of up to 28 hours, Ceramics keeps the beats alive throughout your day. The charging case, armed with a 400mAh battery, ensures your earphones are always ready for action. Embrace efficiency–where a brief charge fuels an extended audio journey, making Ceramics your ideal companion on the go. 

Versatile Soundscapes at Your Fingertips

ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics TWS is meticulously tuned by professional acoustic engineers. With three distinct modes - HIFI, POP, and ROCK, you can experience a personalized sonic journey. Tailored to complement diverse music genres, you can effortlessly switch between these audio profiles to suit your mood and musical preferences. Ceramics doesn't just deliver sound; it crafts an immersive musical realm curated by professionals, ensuring every note resonates with precision.  

Inside the Box

  • 1 x ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics
  • User Manual

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Technical Details


Linsoul ROSE TECHNICS Ceramics


10mm Large DLC Diaphragm


Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless

Bluetooth Working Distance

about 15m

Charging Case Battery


Earbuds Battery


Charging Port

Type-C Connection

Rated Power


Product Weight

about 38.34g

Earbuds Dimension


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Customer Reviews

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In a knife fight not a Space Travel killer, however it did some deep cuts.

So if you read the title you already know it’s not defeating the Moondrop Space Travel….in sound. However, it comes very close and has other strengths the Space Travel does not boldly go to. It has a better “sealed” case, better signal transmission strength and an IPX rating. Certainly a Moondrop killer in general is the Roselink APP. This app is frequently updated with revision improvements and superior user interface. You may think discussing an app is irrelevant to the Ceramics, but it makes all the difference when selecting sound profiles, configuring button functions and OTA updates. This is just as important as sound quality with Bluetooth or DSP IEM’s. The best thing is it’s available in the Play Store and IOS AppStore so it doesn’t need to be side loaded at all. So after gushing about the app, what does the Ceramics have in common with Space Travel. They both are weak in the volume department and ambient sounds are still bleeding in regardless of tip seal also no wireless QI charging. The Ceramics does slightly poorer in sound stage but makes up for balance in “HiFi” setting. Third party eartips will be an issue if they’re intention is for a deep insertion. My Final E-tips were the best..too long the case didn’t seal. At least the nozzles are circular and to oval like Moondrops. Moondrop spring tips worked pretty well. I ended up deconstructing Z-Reviews Render tips for the foam, because they were too long. I inserted the foam piece into the stock tips and achieved a better, not great seal. Through my journey I’m now satisfied and take these out more than Space Travel. Oh and the stone grey is just better at concealing finger prints. Overall I would by these again if any demise comes to my set I own now. This is also a great item to just give as a “Just Because” gift given its inexpensive price. Battery life I don’t know, I rarely wear TWS IEM’s more than the flight time between Arizona to California.

Fabiab Gabler
definitely worth its money

It'll keep it short, this TWS in ears are exactly what I was looking for - thhey work out of the box and don't offer features (like ANC) which barely work but shorten the battery life.
+ good sound quality
+ plug and play
+ multi-point bluetooth
+ design
- every nie and then only one speaker works - after i put both back in the case and take them out 10 sec later both work again

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