• Crafting Sonic Elegance
  • 10 BA Drivers + 4 EST Units
  • Luminous Mother-of-Pearl
  • The Sonic Philosophy
  • Personal Customization & Upgrades
  • Vortex Cables Unleashes 'Siren'
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Crafting Sonic Elegance

In the quest for supreme sound quality, SeeAudio meticulously crafted HAKUYA. This transcendent auditory device is more than just a listening tool – it's a deep exploration of sound quality and natural listening. Discover how HAKUYA surpasses traditional in-ear headphones, merging intricacy with an expansive sound range.

10 BA Drivers + 4 EST Units

Witness an auditory engineering marvel as HAKUYA blends 10 BA drivers with 4 EST units in a sleek design, redefining the limits of sound and space. Every element is finely tuned for acoustic brilliance and utmost comfort. Immerse yourself in a durable, elegantly structured masterpiece that transcends regular headphones, offering an unparalleled sound journey.

Luminous Mother-of-Pearl

HAKUYA earphones, where engineering meets art, embed luminous mother-of-pearl to mimic the cosmic night. At their heart, 24K gold pieces, polished to a perfection of 0.2mm, reflect an aurora against the black backdrop. Each meticulous step in this dance of light and color requires precision to avoid reversible traces.

The Sonic Philosophy

SeeAudio is dedicated to providing a natural and balanced auditory experience. Delve into how HAKUYA's multi-driver design ensures coherent sound, maintaining a balance akin to a single source. From powerful, undistorted bass to clear, natural mid-frequency transitions and precisely controlled high frequencies, HAKUYA's impedance curve represents the integration of technology and philosophy.

Personal Customization & Upgrades

HAKUYA offers not only personal customization and unique artwork designs but also a superior upgrade option for the Byakuya version – pure silver internal wiring. Elevate your audio experience with this material improvement, experiencing a leap in performance, enhanced sound quality, and detailed resolution. Choose the configuration that suits your auditory preferences.

Vortex Cables Unleashes 'Siren'

Explore the collaboration as Vortex Cables introduces 'Siren' for See Audio's 'Hakuya', utilizing high-purity monocrystalline copper, pure silver, and gold-plated copper with shielding. With an advanced LitzType9 structure in a coaxial design, 'UltraTwins Pair' ensures sound signal quality, maintaining audio purity and detail fidelity.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SeeAudio HAKUYA
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SeeAudio HAKUYA Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Config
103dB(TrueSound), 105dB(Artist Signature).
<1% @ 1kHz.
Channel QC
±0.5dB @ 1kHz.
Cable Configuration
Monocrystalline Copper+Pure Silver+Gold-Plated Single-Crystal Copper.
Connector Type
0.78mm 2-pin.

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