Shozy Form1.1

1BA+ 1DD Hybrid Driver HiFi in-Ear Earphone IEMs Upgrade Silver Cable Version

    Natural Immesive Tunning
    Beryllium coated driver + Balanced armature with 2-Way Crossover
    Metallic venting and nozzle design
    0.78mm 2Pin Pure Copper Cables
Regular price $74.99 USD
Sale price $74.99 USD Regular price

Balanced armatures and beryllium dynamic driver with 2-Way Crossover

Equipped with balanced armature for mids-treble and 9.2mm beryllium dynamic driver for sub-bass- mids for accurate reproduction of sound with low distortion and natural presentation and a lot of air and treble details  

Pure copper cables

Coming with the Form 1.1 earphones are a fabric-shielded high purity copper cable choosen for the project. There is good synergy for this combo and metallic parts and terminations are choosen for better durability and sound.

Metallic venting and nozzle design

Metallic back venting designs developed for the dynamic driver, adjusting the air pressure inside the chamber to control the bass decay, positioned on the sides without blockage when inserted.Quality metallic nozzle, premium built for high durability and hygiene can be found as well

Color theme

Colorful cosmic theme with reflective materials, when you view at different angles the reflected spectrum would be different. The hand made body uses latest 3D printing framework and is post processed by applying resin top coat, polished by craftsmen manually.

QC, selections/ pairings

We select drivers carefully and every pair of earphones are built to output consistent, quality sound alike the target curve.

Inside the Box

  • 9 ear tips

1 Year Warranty

The Shozy Form1.1 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configuration
Dynamic Driver+ Balanced Armature
19 ohm@ 1KHz
Frequency Response
20Hz- 20KHz
3.5mm Stereo Plug
0.78mm 2Pin

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1 Year Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty for the all products except the cables and accessories*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Anil Patel
Piece of trash

Does not work after a week of use and customer support requires a video to believe you that the headphone is not working.

Hello there,

We are sorry about your problem. We sincerely apologize for your bad experience.

While we understand your situation, the manufacturer won't be able to judge the problem better if we don't get the video we need.Please rest assured that we will have a targeted solution once we confirm where the problem is.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your support and understanding.

Paulo Silva
great set

one of the best price values for an iem, simple, after 70 iems, this one for the price beats all cakes

Phil Cable

Shozy Form1.1

Fun, enjoyable, great value.

Bit by hidef bug a year ago, starting my journey with a hidiz ap60II dap then an ap80, now with two different dacs. Have a few different iem's and headphones:

bqeyz BQ3, blon bl-05, trn v80, hidizs ms4, fiio f9pro, tinhifi t2 plus, vg4, and now the shozy form1.1

All my listening is done with a fiio-btr5 or dac/headphone combo off an android phone either using 24/96 flac versions or 24/48 off amazon music with RE equalizer settings set to those found here:

Why so many - there isn't a set genre I always listen to and found each iem and headphones I own provide an unique experience with each. Which is why I wanted an all around performer that handles most if not all genres well for taking with me places.

Good slam, and fantastic lows that aren't muddy like the bl-05. Maybe not as concise as others, yet satisfying. Bass drums thunder yet don't overwhelm while bass guitars are distinct without fading into the background. Great for symphonies and pipe organ music.

A little recessed at first but with a little EQ the mids come forward with clarity but still a little thin for some vocals. Overall pleasant and not overdone.

Great shimmer, snares and cymbals shine. Enough detail to hear the drum stick slide across the cymbal and a fret slide. Faster songs with a lot going it loses a little clarity but not enough to about. The only way I noticed was listening to the MS4 with a balanced output or the vg4, swapping back and forth with the shozy.

Try various tips, had a couple spares from the other IEM's to try and after a couple days found a great set that does a great job staying in while retaining the smooth sound.

I get a grin with every listen. Fun and engaging they make listening for extended periods enjoyable. Make sure you try multiple tips to find one that works. Only complaint is the cable, wish it was a little thicker and less tangle prone which is why I replaced it with a spare I had.

Bhu S
Inoffensive but unimpressive

Be-coated DD is not really impressive at all (at least on this set). It's not bad, but they don't make much of an improvement, unlike something like the Urbanfun. In fact, the bass isn't as tight as you'd expect it to be, especially from a Be-coated DD.

The DD isn't where the problem lies, though. The pinna gain is too little (for me). Based on my experience with 20+ IEMs, I'd say a 10dB gain is neutral for my ears. The 1.1 don't even reach 5dB.

This is important because the sound it makes is very inoffensive in every way, which is to say it sounds dead and boring (even despite the boosted bass).

At first the inoffensiveness makes you feel like you can just crank up the volume and enjoy some tunes. However, the more I use it, the more I feel like there's something missing, like the music is lacking energy. This is why sufficient pinna gain is important.

M McCutcheon

These are excellent and well worth the price. I highly recommend them. The eartips that come with these babies are excellent as well. Just an above average-for-the-the-price Iem. They remind me a bit of my Starfields, actually, which is high praise.

Ooooohhh baby !

I'm writing this review while listening to Willie Dixon (I can't quit you, baby). I'm over the moon. The man is inside my head and so is the drum kit, the harmonica, the guitar and the bass. Clear crisp mids. Vocals are amazing. You hear the bass but it doesn't overshadows the vocals. It's there, all of it, the way you want it but not more so. The highs are super well defined but not tiring. You can listen to the set hours on end and you'll want more. That's how good it is.


El Shozy Form 1.1 es uno de los mejores productos del 2019, la mayor sorpresa de estos auriculares para mí vino de la parte vocal.
El sonido vocálico del Form 1.1 es completo y delicado, el grosor y la textura están en su lugar. Las voces son bastante húmedas sin ninguna pegajosidad. Al escuchar algunas canciones antiguas, el Form 1.1 está lleno de encanto.
La ventaja de estos auriculares esta en su buen juego para las voces.
La voz masculina es cálida y con buena textura.
Son auriculares muy sabrosos, y además de sonar muy bien para música vocálica es muy adecuado para algunos instrumentos de cuerda.
Personalmente, soy un poco sensible con el sonido agudo extremo.

Dependiendo de la grabación de la música, los destellos del Shozy Form 1.1 pueden ser un poco picantes en algunas grabaciones, pero no los llamaría fatigosos.

The Nightcammie
Bargain Audiophile Starter IEMs. Start Here,Move Upward Incrementally in Price

Besides figuring out that I can wear these
upside down to get a tight seal, these sound
astonishing considering it's price, and the images
of these do not do justice to the sparkles, since
they are more understated than some IEM's,
which is how I would describe their sound,
understated, never harsh or overly sparkly

Average buyer
Hidden Gem

Highly underrated IEM. To speak in more uneducated-in-audio terms, these are really immersive and well executed. From the design, to the sound. Great buy!

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