1DD + 4BA Hybrid Driver In-ear Monitor

    1DD + 4BA Hybrid Drivers
    Tuned Towards the H-2019 Target Curve
    HiFi Earbuds for Gaming
    3D-Printed Resin Housing&CNC Processed Faceplate
    High-Purity OFC Silver-Plated Cable
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1DD + 4BA Hybrid Drivers

Developed upon the legacy of its predecessor, the EM5, SIMGOT EM6L takes audio excellence to new heights. EM6L combines an 8mm custom-designed high-polymer diaphragm dual-cavity dynamic driver to handle the mesmerizing mid-to-low frequencies. Alongside, two sets of balanced armature drivers take charge of the mid-to-high and high frequencies. With meticulously set crossover points and precise tuning techniques, we not only achieve seamless frequency response and phase coherence but also achieve a harmonious blending of tones.

Tuned Towards the H-2019 Target Curve

The H-2019 Target Curve is universally acclaimed for its three-frequency balance, precise soundstage reproduction, and accurate imaging. You can experience the richness of lows’ ambiance, the depth of steady mids, and the captivating allure of the highs’ response . The newly launched EM6L earphone has been designed to adhere to the H-2019 Target Curve, boasting three-frequency balance, a natural soundstage, and an expansive audio field. Elevate your listening experience to true HiFi levels with this extraordinary earbuds. Get ready to be captivated by every sonic detail - it's time to embrace audio nirvana!

HiFi Earbuds for Gaming

Unlock audio and gaming perfection with our versatile SIMGOT EM6L earbuds. Tuned to the H-2019 curve, SIMGOT EM6L flawlessly reproduce audio with accurate soundstage positioning and imaging, excelling in both gaming and music playback. Dynamic low-frequency response ensures precise positioning, while spatial sound effects create an immersive experience. With outstanding noise isolation, enjoy a private cinema-like audio adventure. Gain a competitive edge and elevate your gaming with our extraordinary headphones. Redefine excellence in 3D audio bliss.

3D-Printed Resin Housing&CNC Processed Faceplate

Crafted to perfection, the finely textured resin housing serves as the cornerstone for unparalleled sound purity. Eliminating standing waves, it ensures every note resonates with flawless clarity. Adding to its allure, the CNC processed faceplate brings a touch of elegance and sophistication. Its mirror-like finish exudes a sense of refined artistry, making your audio journey an immersive experience.

High-Purity OFC Silver-Plated Cable

The included silver-plated OFC cable ensures enhanced signal conductivity, allowing every musical nuance to be faithfully transmitted without compromise. The cable is interchangeable, allowing for future upgrades and personalization. The dual-pin male and female socket system, combined with the positioning groove, ensures exceptional durability and reliability. Listen to music in its truest form, with unparalleled clarity and fidelity.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SIMGOT EM6L
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SIMGOT EM6L Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency Response Range
Effective Frequency Response
Earphone connector
0.78mm QDC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mason Joyner
Overall, amazing for the price point.

They are super great all in all. The only issue I’ve had is the ear tips seem to be low quality, and the sizes are odd. The earbuds themselves are very good for gaming.



Lampis Deligeorgopoulos


Great iem to make most people happy

The build is nice enough, I really like the cable. However, the fit is a little shallow and with the ear tips provided you might struggle to get a proper fit. I find myself adjusting them every half hour or so. On the flipside, can't imagine these hurting anyone's ears. This is my only issue with the em6l.

The good stuff now. If you're not in the hobby as a collector/addict who seeks new types of coloration due to their brain adapting to the sound which leads them to buy new every 2 weeks but simply want good, detailed and accurate sound to enjoy music and leave the hobby, these can be your endgame and you wouldn't be missing much (nothing if you ask me). Being Harman with a slight midbass boost, this sounds absolutely fine to the way my mind perceives music these days. When I crave more clarity, I EQ the 200hz area and it works well. What stood out to me was the extra pinna area energy which sounds powerful, but was never too bright to someone coming from the moondrop variations. It's not that scary, I actually liked it and now I'm used to it.

If you're looking for one set to do it all, for more or less correct sounds reproduction this is it.
I don't believe in technicalities so I'll say there's not much preference I have now in terms of "details" etc between this and said 500$ set. Since the upper treble here is smooth enough already, it's a big step up from 20-30$ sets and realistically not much difference coming down from expensive sets.

Martin Vlček
Just amazing

Have had them for over a few weeks now and they're the best pair of IEMs I've ever bought, by far.

My only issue is that the default rubber earbuds got kind of loose after a few weeks of intensive wearing. Almost lost them a few times.

Simgot just keeps winning

This set offers great detail, great bass definition (and texture!), light weight (fit is also great) and a solid-ish case to go with it. My only gripe could be the QDC connected, 3,5mm cable. The cable is a good quality one though. If you like Harman IE, you'll love this IEM. There's a lot of detail and bass, all in the same package. It's really hard to think of a genre of music that this set couldn't really handle. Apparently Simgot just cannot lose!

For musical reference, I listened Moonpeople by Devin Townsend and I've listened that song A LOT; The EM6L reveals nuances of Devin's voice that I have not heard before. The bass hits at the end impact and rumble quite nicely.

A collection must.

Sounds more expensive than it has a right to. Tone, timbre and reach are very addictive. Recommended!!

jeffery Catlett


Best IEMs for the price

Genuinely amazing. Look up the reddit reviews for it and they'll tell you all you need to know.

This is awesome piece. Full recommendation.

Hey All,
I got Simgot EM6L as my fourth IEM set. I daily drive Bayerdynamic DT 1990 Pro and Hifiman Edition XS on my Topping A90 amp and Topping D70s dac.
I also have Raptgo Hook X IEMs which I really like.

This set, however, EM6L, sound awesome! They are a great addition to my collection and they play everything so nice and enjoyable. I am not going to write a full review - for that you can visit some YouTubers like HBB or Fresh Reviews. Yet to me, this is awesome set and I use it a lot ever since I bought it! Absolutely no regrets.

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