High-Power Reference Class AB Reference-Grade Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

    Minimalist Design
    Reference-Grade Performance
    Power Output Stage
    Patented Driver Module
    Customized Power System
    Efficient Cooling System
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Foundation for the Future Product Direction of SONCOZ

SGP1 is a Class AB Reference Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Designed for High Resolution Audio(HRA)Recording and Playback Systems, which has been Developed by SONCOZ for 3 Years. The SNR and THD Extraordinary Performance of the SGP1 Pushes the Performance of Fully Discrete Class AB Amplifiers to a Whole New Level. Each Channel 4-Parallel NPN/PNP Power Tube Push-Pull Output, into 8 Ohm Load Output Power Up to 120W, which Makes SGP1 Push Difficult Load Speakers also Become More Comfortable. SGP1 is not only the Core Product of SONCOZ, but also Lays the Foundation for the Future Product Direction of SONCOZ Brand. SGP1 is Specially Designed for Speaker System to Present Acoustic Expression,From Deep Bass to Clear High Tone,SGP1 Achieves Rich Gradation of Sound Quality.

Minimalist Design

We believe that every aspect of our products, such as the Look and satisfying feel of the controls, contributes to the overall SONCOZ product experience. Because of this, SONCOZ products exude the hallmarks of Scandinavian design-simple, elegant design, with approachable and easy to understand functionality. Such as ours SGD1, SGA1, etc. In other words,SONCOZ products follow a minimalist Design, nothing more, nothing less, everything is balanced, proportional and harmonious.

Reference-Grade Performance

High-Resolution Audio is Intrinsically Tied to Low Noise and Low Distortion. System Noise is the Lower Resolution Limit of an Analog System because it Determines whether the Smallest Signal is Masked by the Noise Floor. Therefore, it is Highly Desirable to Pursue the Inherent Low Noise Level and Wide Range of Dynamic States. The Full Rated Power Output A-Weighted SNR is Approximately 130 dB, which Makes the SGP1 15 to 30 dB Quieter Than Most Top-Quality Power Amplifiers. 130 dB is Approximately Close to the Noise Performance of an excellent 22-bit Digital System.

Power Output Stage

The Role of the Power Amplifier is to Faithfully Amplify the Sound Signal and to Vibrate the Speaker Precisely. Thus the Great Drivability and Firm Linearity of the Output Circuit are Essential. SGP1 is Readying for Instantaneous High Energy and Speaker Impedance Changes. For the Circuit configuration with this Mighty power, SGP1 Based on Our Long Experience in Amplifier Development, Finally Designed a Patented Module and 4 Pairs of Tube Parallel Push-Pull Output Amplifier Circuits. This Transistor Extends High-Frequency Response and Features Tighter Tolerance Gain Matching Between Complementary NPN/PNP Pairs. These Circuits Reduce Distortion at High Frequencies or Low Sound Volumes, Resulting in Quieter SGP1 Background Noise, while the Sound Emotion is Finely and Intensely Expressed, and the reproducing Minimal Sound Data Precisely.

Patented Driver Module

The SONCOZ-Patented Driver Module Virtually Eliminates All Traces of Distortion at All Input Signal Levels and Loading Conditions. The SGP1 Shows No Traces of Crossover Distortion when Driver Module is Combined with the Push-Pull Outputs Stages Switch Between Different Output Loads.Without Crossover Distortion, Low-Frequency Details are Released with Precision,while the SGP1 Remains Virtually Distortion Free During Driving Heavy Loads.

Customized Power System

Realistic Sound Quality Requires Abundant Power, which is the Cornerstone of Amplifier Design for SGP1 Audio Systems. In fact, we Designed New High Performance Power Modules to Provide the Enormous Power Required by the Amplifier Modules. This Enables SGP1 to Provide Immediate and Continuous Mighty Power Output. Before Rectifier Filtering after AC Input, SGP1's Power Module is Equipped with Four Large Capacitors of 2700uF/200V to Suppress the Interference and Noise of the Grid, which Provides a Strong Guarantee for SGP1 to Obtain Pure Power Supply. The Ultra-low Noise and Extremely Fast Rise Time of the Power Module, Coupled with the Absolute Linear Amplification of the Power Amplifier Module, Enables SGP1 to Produce Naturally Fast, Clean and Agile Sound in the Audible Frequency Response Range. More Importantly, in order to Reduce the Transmission Loss of the Power Supply and Output under High Power, the Main Current Wire between the Power Supply Unit and the Output Stage is Directly Hardwired with Multi-Group Multiplexed 6N Occ Single Crystal Copper Wire.

Efficient Cooling System

Each Heatsinks Starts with 5.2 kg of Aluminum Block and after about 3 Hours of Machining, 60% is Removed to Get 2 kg of Refined Aluminum. This Design Provides Over 300,000 Square , Milimeters of Heat Dissipation Surface Area per Amplifier. More Importantly, the Thickness of the Heatsinks Fins Varies Slightly to Help Reduce Resonances and Ringing in the Heatsinks, while Multiple High Power Heat Pipes Evenly Distribute Heat for Optimal Thermal and Electrical Properties. This High Efficiency heatsinks Greatly Improves the Cooling Capacity of the Power Amplifier Module, Ensuring the Safe and Reliable Operation of SGP1 at Full Rated Power.

No Warm-Up Required

Unlike Most Class AB Power Amplifiers, the SGP1 Reaches lts Full Rated Performance in L ess than One Minute. For this Reason, there is Absolutely No Reason to Keep the SGP1 Powered On when not in Use. The SONCOZ-Patented Driver Module in the SGP1 Keep it very Stable Over a Wide Range of Operating Temperatures.

More Details

The High-Speed Output Power Following Circuit Enhances the Meter' s Pointer Responsiveness and the Longer Pointer Swing Arm Greatly Improves Readability Across the Amplifier' S Output Range. Listening to Music Becomes a Wonderful Enjoyment with the Transparent Mechanical Analog Meters Pointer that Swings Flexibly in Real Time with the Strength of the Music. The Warm Orange LED Backlight is a Continuation of the SONCOZ Brand Color and a Balance Between Visibility and Non-Glare. The SGP1 is Equipped with a Simple, User-Friendly Control Interface. Intuitive Push Buttons, and the IO Triggers Guarantee Control Over Power. SGP1 can be Powered On or Soft- Started On Time to Avoid Putting Pressure on your Listening Room Electrical System. The Jack is 3.5 mm TRS Connector. The Tip is Wired to the TRIGGER I/O Bus and the Sleeve is Wired to Chassis Ground and there is No Connection to the Power Ground Ring. The Stray Current Generated by the Ground Loop in the Chassis Increases the Internal Resistance of the Power Supply or Generates Magnetic Field, which may Lead to the Deterioration of Sound Quality. SGP1's Vibration-Cushioned Footpads Have No Grounding Loop. The CNC Aluminum and Rubber Combined Foot Mat can not only Block the External Vibration, but also Alleviate the Internal Vibration. The SGP1 Provide very High-Quality Customed Twist-L ock Speaker Connections. These Connectors have very L OW Resistance and the Ability to Carry High Current Reliably.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SONCOZ SGP1
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SONCOZ SGP1 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

8 Kg
Rated Out Power
130 dB, A-Wt., 20 ~ 20k Hz
< -110 dB (< 0.0003%), A-Wt., 20 ~ 20k Hz
Output Current
8.5A Peak Output Current per Channel
Output Voltage
95 Vpp Peak -to-Peak Output per Channel
Output Configuration
Bipolar 4-Parallel Push-Pull per Channel
Frequency Response
+0.12dB @82; +0.13dB @42,@20~20kHz
Input Sensitivity
Input Impedance
0C to 50 "C Ambient Temperature; Up to 80% Humidity, Non-condensing

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Customer Reviews

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Alexander Matveev
Outstanding amp for Modhouse Tungsten

I purchased SGP1 primarily to run Tungsten on it. I have better low end than Oor+Hypsos. But the biggest surprise was when I tried HD650 on SGP1 - I could hear sub bass. Pair it Wandla and I'm done.

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