Tanchjim Ola

DMT4 Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Earphones

    DMT4 architecture dynamic Driver
    Precision acoustic structure
    Balanced Triple-frequency, Excellent Sound Reproduction
    High-quality Cable
    Lightweight Non-fatiguing Wearing
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DMT4 architecture dynamic Driver

OLA is configurated with DMT4 architecture dynamic Driver independently developed by TANCHJIM. By adopting FEM analysis and FEA finite element analysis software to simulate and analyze the driver data, and a large number of improvement tests such as optimizing the magnetic circuit, lowering the suspension quality and adjusting the rigidity of the diaphragm, etc, to present a clear sound with a wide dynamic range.

Precision acoustic structure

TANCHJIM Acoustics R&D Department utilized the acoustic-structure coupling (ASI) to analyze the inner cavity of IEM. After loading the geometric structure, the data such as the density of damping pores, cavity material, and suspension system variables are controlled for FEM analysis and correction. Eventually, the reasonable inner cavity volume and shape of OLA are obtained, which contributes to its excellent sound quality experience.

Balanced Triple-frequency, Excellent Sound Reproduction

OLA has a flat bass response, which is comparable to the objective index of the flagship Hi-Fi in-ear earphones, bringing a balanced and pleasant immersive listening experience. OLA is highly fitted to the HRTF head-related transfer function curve, which brings clear imaging and hierarchical details, and ensures clear and realistic sound effects, percussion and footsteps during gaming.

High-quality Cable

The stock cable of OLA is twisted with double-core OFC core sandwiched with Kevlar fiber, and then covered with 4N OFC silver-plated core for coaxial weaving. Because of its low capacitance, the outer silver-plated cable core does not participate in electric conduction, but only plays the role of suspension shielding. The cable has an overall strong toughness and can resist pulling to a certain extent. The skin is made of inert material, which is smooth and convenient to use.The four-leaf elastic cage sleeve 0.78/2PIN plug-in kit is adapted as always o, which has excellent durability and contact performance. On this basis, the OLA is equipped with a new generation of TANCHJIM lengthened 0.78 male pin, which makes it more compact and stable.

Lightweight Non-fatiguing Wearing

The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy cover made by precision CNC, equipped with ergonomic in-ear transparent PC cavity, fully fitting most people's ear canal and providing non- fatiguing wearing.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tanchjim Ola
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Tanchjim Ola Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Dongguan, China
160± 10%
Frequency range
< 0.3%
10mm dynamic driver
1.25M 3.5- 0.78PIN
Cable Material
Litz crystal copper silver-plating
Diaphragm material
polymer graphene
Cable structure
Litz oxygen-free copper composite coaxial

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Customer Reviews

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Not bad budget set

Vocal forward IEM, sounds clean and correct. It is a budget set so don’t expect insane timbre, watch out for fit issues. They’re very small and the metal shell might dig into your ears, to fix this just try different ear tips.

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