Hifi In-ear Headphones 1 Dynamic Driver + 2 Balanced Armature IN EAR MONITORS Earphones

    Elegantly Crafted CNC Metal Panel
    3D Printing Resin Cavity
    Powerful 10mm Dynamic Drivers
    Two Customized Balanced Armature Drivers
    Gold-plated Headphone Plug
    High-purity Oxygen-free Copper Wire
    Exquisite Accessories
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Elegantly Crafted CNC Metal Panel

TANGZU FUDU VERSE 1 features an aluminum alloy CNC integrated panel. This black frosted panel prominently displays a smooth triangle at its center, reflecting a design that's both simplistic and generous. This design is a tribute to the ancient Zen culture, symbolizing the beauty of simplicity. As users delve into its auditory prowess, they will encounter music that resonates as purely and cleanly as its design.

3D Printing Resin Cavity

TANGZU has crafted FUDU VERSE 1 with a minimalist approach, utilizing fewer materials without compromising on design. The 3D-printed black transparent cavity boasts a tranquil and steady aesthetic, and when paired with the metal panel, it stands out as an epitome of elegance and clarity.

Powerful 10mm Dynamic Drivers

At the core of TANGZU FUDU VERSE 1 lies a 10mm high-performance dynamic driver. Expertly tuned, it offers a deep and powerful bass performance that leaves a lasting impression. Users are treated to natural, pure tones with a punch that's free from distortion. Its transient response is rapid, ensuring every beat is noticeable.

Two Customized Balanced Armature Drivers

These tailor-made units enhance the midrange and treble frequencies. The treble extends to a richer height, creating a wide sound field and a velvety smooth treble. In harmony with the dynamic drivers, these headphones assure a robust and precise listening experience.

Gold-plated Headphone Plug

TANGZU FUDU VERSE 1 features a 4.4mm oxygen-free copper gold-plated headphone plug. This design choice ensures resilience against oxidation and promises signal transmission that remains both robust and enduring.

Exquisite Accessories

Design and performance harmoniously blend in TANGZU FUDU VERSE 1. Standard with the headphones are the Tang Sancai-Equilibrium type earplugs, a testament to TANGZU's commitment to excellence. These are complemented by the plush velvet earplugs from the partnered brand, DIVINUS. For storage, an elegant lychee leather bag ensures the headphones are kept safe and stylish.

High-purity Oxygen-free Copper Wire

TANGZU FUDU VERSE 1 utilizes four strands of intertwined high-purity oxygen-free copper that is silver-plated. This configuration guarantees swift signal transmission without any distortion or attenuation. Shielded by a protective black sheath, the wire remains durable and flexible.

Inside the Box

  • Tang Sancai Eartips(S+M+L)
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TANGZU FUDU VERSE 1 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configuration
1 Dynamic Driver + 2 Balanced Armature
Driver Specifications
10 mm DD + 2 Balance Armature
Distortion Rate
≤1% at 1kHz
106dB ±≤1dB at 1kHz
Channel Difference
16 ohms
Frequency Response Range
20Hz - 20kHz
Cable Type
25*0.05 Silver plated
Cable Length
0.78 2-PIN

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