TANGZU Wu Zetian

HiFi 14.5mm Planar Driver In Ear Earphone

    New 14.5mm Planar Driver
    4th Gen of DLP 3D Printing Technology&CNC Aluminum Faceplate
    Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin 5N OFC Cable
    Ergonomic Shape, Comfortable Fit
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The Aesthetics of Wu Zetian IEM

As a brand deeply influenced by Chinese history, TANGZU’s newly launched earphone Wu Zetian pays homage to the one and only Chinese female emperor. It is precision crafted with meticulous attention to every detail. Particularly selected violet color represents the noble origins while the auspicious clouds pattern on the faceplate reflects superior craftsmanship and traditional Chinese culture. Improved sound performance based on the previous models will present a more balanced performance.

New 14.5mm Planar Driver

Joining the planar battlefield, TANGZU is bringing Wu Zetian to the community. Featuring a 14.5mm planar driver with adjusted middle frequency, this earphone is a new attempt of the brand to pursuing an overall musical but balanced sound with more thick and spacious sound signature. Theoretically, this set of planar driver IEM has a much lower distortion rate.

4th Gen of DLP 3D Printing Technology&CNC Aluminum Faceplate

With 4th generation DLP 3D printing technology, this earphone is assembled with premium quality materials including a CNC processed Aluminum faceplate and an ergonomic shape resin shell. Each material used for making this earphone is carefully selected and undergoes a rigorous testing process in order to ensure that the quality meets our expectations.

Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin 5N OFC Cable

Included in the package is a 5N oxygen free high-purity cable. The detachable features makes it easy to connect the device to various devices and ensures more possibilities for those who love to change things up. Either you want to experience next level sound quality with your private cable or simply like to change it, the Wu Zetian provides convenience should your needs change later on.

Ergonomic Shape, Comfortable Fit

Fit is something to audiophiles. TANGZU has specifically designed the products to provide the perfect fit, outstanding comfort and a pleasant listening experience simultaneously. It’s build based on large data of human ears via a precise calculation on the shell measurement to ensure to meet the sweet spot of fitting for the majorities. We believe the unique design will satisfy different tastes and preferences .


TANGZU, a brand inspired by the most prosperous traditional Chinese dynasty-Tang Dynasty, a golden age of Chinese arts and culture, has been keeping its roots by releasing three iconic models successively: Li Yuan, Li Shimin and the brand-new Wu Zetian. TANGZU is a brand of broad vision and exquisite craft.
Empress Wu Zetian was the only female emperor of Imperial China. She reigned during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) and was one of the most effective and controversial monarchs in China's history. By naming the new earphone this way, TANGZU intentionally brings unprecedented sound performance to the community with the 14.5mm planar driver and finely tuned three frequencies. We believe that Wu Zetian will surprisingly outperform its competitors.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TANGZU Wu Zetian
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TANGZU Wu Zetian Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

14.5 mm Planar driver
Distortion Rate
100dB (1kHz)
Channel Difference
1dB (1kHz)
16 ohm
Frequency range
Cable Material
5N OFC 0.05 * 224 wire
Cable Length
0.78mm 2Pin Connector
What’s in the Package?
Wu Zetian IEM
Earphone case
5N OFC Cable
3 pairs of Silicon eartips (balanced)
3 pairs of Silicon eartips (vocal)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Elegant rich sound

I write this review after around 9 months of usage.

The IEM comes very well packaged and unboxing experience felt very premium. It come with lots of accessories including a coaster, a large number of tips, an over the top big case and very high quality cable.
Sound wise it's very laid-back, it can be either balanced or bassy depending on the tips you choose.
I should say that even in its balanced form the bass is strong and present with good treble extension.
This planar feels like it was tuned as a dynamic IEM.

I had some issues with my first pair where the left bud stopped working but after writing to Linsoul they quickly sent me a replacement which came with all accessories again of which I was pleasently surprised.
So now I can enjoy the cable on multiple and the case for other iems.

To get it replaced I was asked to destroy the faulty iem on camera which was not an easy task ( very durable for a resin shell)

Fun bass and clear vocals

My 2nd favourite earphone from Linsoul. 1st being Focus Edm whose bass is a tad bit stronger than these. Really impressed and satisfied with these as well. The LInsoul team's customer service is also topnotch. Really appreciate their help.


If someone is in doubt whether to buy these, don't be, if only you will have halve the satisfaction I have had with these earphones you will be very happy.
Nicely balanced and with a good bass, at least for me listening to my dark synthwave or drum&bass collection is a real treat. But also metal and more vocal music is very properly represented. A clear sound (without being too bright) with a comfortable warmth.
More than worth the price!

Luís Vítor Baião Neves da Luz

Great sound and separation of sound.

Emmett Whyte

Great price in linsoul sale super fast delivery sounds awesome thanks

Luis Camou

TANGZU Wu Zetian

Erik M
Great tuning

I really like these. Got them on 11.11. highly recommended.

Qc issues

The left earbud stopped working and linsoul won't give a refund

Hello there.

Thank you for the message.

The manufacturer needs you to take a video to swap the cable connector from left to right or to swap the cable entirely to show that the left earbud is faulty.

If you are unable to prove the problem via the video, we will send you the RMA form and details via email for you to send us back the earphones for a replacement or repair.

Thank you.

Empress of planar drive IEMs. Excellent listening model.

The TANGZU Zetian Wu is one of the most remarkable earphones in its price range, combining a well-rounded overall sound balance, wide sound range, excellent audio specifications, excellent sound image consistency, and a harmonic-rich midrange that is pleasant to listen to.


DJ Core
Best Planar IEM

This has the best of everything from bass, mids, and treble of any Planar IEM. The sound is as beautiful as the 1st Tang Dynasty Empress herself, Wu Zetian.

MoonDrop Spring tips bring out the best this IEM has to offer.

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