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All new and innovative 40mm Sapphire dynamic driver consisting of cermet (ceramic-metal composite) layered on a thermoplastic polymer film stabilizer.

Our foremost goal with project GHOST has been to redefine our tonal balance for headphones and match it with uncompromising audio quality.

GHOST’s tuning has been calibrated to match the acoustics of the human ear’s auricle and pinna.

The open-back design allows natural airflow across the outer acoustic cavity of the driver.

A New Chapter for THIEAUDIO’s Headphone Lineup

The GHOST is a new precedent for THIEAUDIO’s headphone audio engineering. Our foremost goal with project GHOST has been to redefine our tonal balance for headphones and match it with uncompromising audio quality. To achieve this, we have completely redesigned the acoustic airflow of dynamic drivers and their acoustic cavity to finely adjust the pressure across the diaphragm membrane. After countless miniscule acoustic tuning modifications, we have achieved a tonal balance that perfectly matches the perceived hearing of the human ear at every frequency interval.

Of particular note, the GHOST's tuning has been calibrated to match the acoustics of the human ear’s auricle and pinna. This delivers a vibrant and crisp bite to every instrumental and vocal note, without any harshness or sharpness. The mids have been tuned to be natural, yet not sterile. Our careful engineering has achieved an ever slightly warm texture and lushness to the body of instruments and fullness in vocals, all while staying clear from any signs of bloating or muddying in the mids. The bass is rich, but not overpowering in order to maintain the natural tonal balance.

For users desiring a bass-dominant presence, a simple swap for thicker ear pads can provide all of the bass one can desire. This lends an incredible versatility for the GHOST, which presents a professional natural tuning, with the option to occasionally provide a fun and bass-heavy ride.

Open-Back Design

A key goal for project GHOST was to deliver the most natural sound possible in a headphone context. In order to achieve this, we have opted for an open-back headphone design. The open-back design allows natural airflow across the outer acoustic cavity of the driver. This provides greater driver for the driver, as well as peripheral perception for the listener. GHOST's open-back design delivers a life-like stage presence to every song and successfully mimics the full audio experience of listening to stereo speakers.


THIEAUDIO was established in 2019 as a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. Our team is composed of only a handful of dedicated engineers and enthusiasts from China, South Korea, Mexico, and Singapore that have come together to craft the finest audio solutions. THIEAUDIO’s goal has always been to deliver the best audio quality at transparent price points for everyone to enjoy. Our innovative work throughout the few, but fruitful years have revolutionized the global industry and have set new standards as to the audio quality that should be expected in the market. THIEAUDIO’s milestones in the global industry include our in-ear monitor lineup such as the Monarch, Monarch MKII, and the V16 Divinity, while our headphones, like the Phantom, have been beloved by many DIY enthusiasts. Our team is dedicated to continue the pursuit of achieving paramount audio performance and sharing it for all to enjoy.

Inside the Box

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1 Year Warranty

The THIEAUDIO GHOST Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details




40mm Sapphire Composite Dynamic Driver


60 ohms


91dB @1kHz

Freq. Response


Cable Termination

Interchangeable 3.5mm wire

Headphones Connectors

Dual 3.5mm


Oval shape with a width of 11cm and a length of 9cm

$129.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
A beginner reference headphone

- Good construction with metal york and face place.
- Good comfort after break-in on the headband clamp.
- Reference & natural sound signature.
- Comes with a case
- Speed is just enough for complex songs
- Semi-open ear cup
- Detachable cable
- Pad rolling
- Suitable for casual and relaxed listening

- The headband is tight and uncomfortable on the first try, especially with a large head. Required books or other tools to ease the headphone clamp force.
- Cable feels cheap
- Subass and upper treble roll-off. Lack of rumble and micro-detail
- Flat frequency response may sound boring to some.
- Sound stage isn't wide enough.
- Depth isn't deep enough.

Great for beginners.

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

Ghosts continue to be my daily driver after 8 months of solid use. Running them in balanced mode out of my Jotenheim2 with Beyerdynamic 3.5mm-->4pin XLR cable. Each day I take these cans off/on my head dozens of times. 240 days of ownership x 18 times per day = 4320 times on/off my head. They've performed flawlessly with zero signs of wear or fatigue. There are no weird creeky sounds of cheap plastic as I pull these from my head. So, their lightweight, seemingly cheaper build, is none-the-less very robust. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is what I'd entitle a book about this headphone. Pads are still perfect. Clamp is still very firm and secure. Sound is better than ever after 1200hrs of play. And I want to report that the Ghosts hardly leak sound even though they are open-back. I'd say they're more like semi-open/semi-closed. I don't disturb my wife who sits 8' away from me while I have my headphones on. And, I can still pretty much hear everything I need to hear in my surroundings if I don't have the volume up too loud. These Ghost headphones have been a pleasurable experience--everyday as my daily driver. I don't want for anything and I've owned some expensive $1000+ Beyerdynamic headphones in the past. $129 is a ridiculous price for this performance.

Zachary S
Ghost Headphone Review

Overall great headphones. Build quality pretty good. can't really find a flaw to it.

David A

What a fantastic headphone, punches way above its price tag. Like others have said it feels a bit flimsy/plastic but once on your head they just come alive with a great sound. So pleased that I took the plunge and purchased these.

András Riz

It's an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a good open back headphone that is also affordable.

Love them!

I drank the Zeos cool aide! Bought them and the 109 pro pads! Now enjoying these immensely!!

A great price for a great Headphone

Without doubt, for their price, the Ghost are a ridiculously capable headphone. I would strongly recommend these to anyone who already owns 5+ pairs of headphones & is interested in experiencing their music collection in 'chill' mode but there are a few notes of caution:
Firstly, you have to go in knowing that regardless of what anyone may say or price, no single headphone can do it all, your experience will differ depending on audio source; genre of music, how it is recorded, your ear size and how you hear.
Secondly, I would strongly advice an extensive 'breaking in' period (1 week minimum), as out of the box they only hint at how good they can perform.
Thirdly, do not expect industry leading robust fit & finish; they are not flimsy by any standard but as with most headphones you have to treat them with respect. I personally use them as 'in home' headphones.
In conclusion, what other reviewers have said about the Ghost on Linsoul is pretty much spot on but I would also add that when you consider price to performance, think of the Ghost as the natural evolution of the Koss KPH30i (clears).

Sam Bates
Too darn good! (for the competition)

Element of HD600, Meze 109 pro, and Sure 1840, blended into something truly hifi at an actual reasonable price. Looks like Sure pads will fit them too. The Meze pads are highway robbery.

Thieaudio Ghost - A Good Value

These headphones are a good value, for those not wanting to shell out $500+ or more for high quality sound. They offer excellent sound reproduction, comfort during extended listening and good construction quality. My only negative comment relates to the length of the cable. While well-suited for on the go phone / DAP listening, it is too short for most critical home / desktop listening environments. Another 12” - 18” would be much better. Even at their modest cost, they represent the best headphones I’ve purchased in my audio equipment hobby life. I highly recommend to anyone looking for good sound quality at a reasonable cost.

Synco Vd kolk
Thieaudio ghost

It is very good it out performs my Sennheiser hd 650

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