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The 2nd Release of the Hype Series

The Classic THIEAUDIO Tonality

Two 10mm Composite Diaphragm Drivers & Latest Generation Sonion Drivers

Custom Audiophile Silver-plated OCC Cable


From a nameless group of DIY enthusiasts to one of the best acclaimed IEM brands in the world, THIEAUDIO has made an incredible journey in the pursuit of high-fidelity audio. THIEAUDIO has become a staple brand in audiophile communities around the world, beloved for its best-in-class tunings, superb technical performances, and budget-friendly pricing. From the start, the THIEAUDIO team has put audio quality at the forefront of each project, aiming to be the Robin Hood of the audio world by bringing the best sounding audio solutions at the most affordable prices. Since its launch in 2019, THIEAUDIO’s legacy of in-ear monitors has forever changed the world of IEM’s, influencing how global manufacturers of earphones engineer their products. THIEAUDIO’s international team of few, but dedicated engineers from China and South Korea are committed to continuing this legacy by creating innovative, yet affordable, audio solutions that will leave you in awe.

Hype Series

THIEAUDIO is excited to announce a fresh lineup of next-generation IEM’s: Hype (Hybrid Performance). Since our journey into the world of Hi-Fi audio, we have accomplished much and have grown tremendously with every new project. Every launch has taught us how to develop better sounding audio solutions, as well as develop and utilize new driver types. We are putting together all of our acquired knowledge into the new Hype series. As the name implies, the Hype series will integrate multiple transducer types that best demonstrate innovations in the field to bring together new IEM’s that excel in both technicalities and tonality. We promise that the Hype series will live up to its name. 

Introducing IMPACT²

The IMPACT2 (“Impact Squared”) is THIEAUDIO’s latest technological innovation to change the personalized audio industry. IMPACT2 is a new subwoofer solution consisting of two 10mm composite diaphragm drivers arranged in an isobaric design. The addition of another 10mm subwoofer significantly enhances the power and texture of the bass, while our in-house isobaric chamber design keeps the frequency and pressure constant. This means you can enjoy better-quality bass without sacrificing tonal integrity. 

Latest Generation Sonion Drivers

The Hype 4 features the latest generation of Sonion Drivers, which we have custom implemented specifically for the Hype 4. The Soinion E50 series “Hummingbird” is a dual ultra-tweeter balanced armature driver, with the best technical specifications from any treble drivers offered by Sonion so far. With superb ultra-treble extension that rivals EST or planar drivers, as well as lower driver vibrations and harmonic distortions at higher outputs, the E50 series is one of the most robust treble drivers we have tested so far. 

Furthermore, we have selected the updated 26A series driver from Sonion for the mids. Dual stacking of this driver provides excellent output-to-THD ratios, which means you’ll notice a higher perceived audio resolution, texture, and layer in your mids and treble. Our implementation of the 26A series driver provides excellent tonal balance, particularly in the fundamental midrange, as well as lower trebles, with a near-perfect match to our target curvatures. The combination of the 26A with the E50 series drivers is one of our most exciting and efficient balanced armature utilizations so far.

The Classic THIEAUDIO Tonal Perfection

Following the foundation of preceding models, the Hype 4 required a tonal signature that was nothing less than perfection. Using the blueprint from the Monarch MKII, Clairvoyance, and the Oracle, the Hype 4 features our most successful tonal balance. With a strong sub-bass presence that cuts off precisely at 200Hz, with a ruler-flat midrange, to a near-perfect pinna curvature at 3kHz and a mild gradual decay until 20kHz, the Hype 4 is the perfect studio setup in your ears. Discerning audiences will appreciate the clean separation from the bass and the mids, which allows sub-bass impacts to be even more precise while the mids remain neutral and as-intended by the studio engineers. The treble response reminisces on one of the most legendary IEM’s that has revolutionized the industry. The technicalities from a humble 6 driver configuration sets new standards for this price bracket. The Hype 4 encompasses the no-nonsense recipe for THIEAUDIO perfection. 

Intended for the Professionals

The Hype 4 performs as portable studio monitors, and recalls back on the original meaning of in-ear monitors. From its wide soundstage to excellent stereo imaging and layering capabilities, the Hype 4 provides technical discernment that rivals even the best of studio monitors and monitoring headphones. The sub-bass-boosted neutral tuning signature is meant to deliver the exact tonality that the music was originally mixed on. The Hype 4 focuses on one thing - being as accurate and precise as it can, and we believe it truly delivers. So, musicians, studio engineers, and audiophiles who want the real deal, the Hype 4 is the IEM for you. 

Custom Audiophile Cable

The Hype 4 comes standard with a high-grade silver-plated OCC cable.  This upgrade in cable materials provides a little more clarity and refinement compared to the previous generation of THIEAUDIO’s cables. 

Inside the Box

  • 1 x THIEAUDIO Hype 4
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The THIEAUDIO Hype 4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


4 Balanced Armatures + 2 Dynamic Drivers


17 Ohm

Cable Interface



105dB (±1dB) @1kHz

Frequency Response Range


Plug Type

Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Ducote

The Thieaudio Hype 4 IEM is an impressive addition to any audiophile iem collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its build quality is nothing short of stellar. The earpieces are not just beautiful; they're like the hidden gems of the chifi world, needing to be seen in person to truly appreciate their elegance. In terms of sound, it's a symphony of balance, delivering clear highs, detailed mids, and punchy bass Its sound stage and imaging capabilities rival those of much pricier options, making it a versatile choice for any music genre. The Hype 4 exudes an energy that's infectious, captivating listeners from the first note. Despite its size, it's surprisingly comfortable, offering a snug fit that won't leave your ears feeling like they've been in a wrestling match. Plus, it's almost like getting the sound of the Monarch MKiii without breaking the bank, potentially making it an endgame IEM for many enthusiasts.

My only one small complaint is the cable. While it's undeniably nice, the lack of switchable terminations at this price point feels like a missed opportunity. The option for a 4.4mm termination to cater to discerning audiophiles would have been nice  Nonetheless, even with this minor hiccup, the Hype 4 stands tall as a formidable contender in the realm of IEMs, ready to dazzle and delight even the most seasoned

Thieaudio Hype 4 IEMは、どんなオーディオファイルのiemコレクションにも素晴らしい追加です。細部にまでこだわって作られたそのビルドクオリティは、まさに星のようです。イヤーピースは美しいだけでなく、それらのエレガンスを本当に評価するには直接見る必要がある、まるで隠れた宝石のようです。音に関しては、バランスのとれたシンフォニーであり、明瞭な高音、詳細なミッド、そしてパンチの効いた低音を提供します。その音場やイメージングの能力は、ずっと高価なオプションと競り合うほどであり、どんな音楽ジャンルにも適した多目的な選択肢となっています。Hype 4は、最初の音から聴衆を魅了し、感染力のあるエネルギーを放っています。そのサイズにもかかわらず、驚くほど快適で、耳がプロレスの試合に参加したかのような感覚にはなりません。さらに、Monarch MKiiiのサウンドを破産させずに手に入れるようなもので、多くの愛好家にとってエンドゲームのIEMになる可能性があります。

Thieaudio Hype 4 IEM는 어떤 오디오파일 iem 컬렉션에도 인상적인 추가입니다. 세심한 주의를 기울여 제작된 그 빌드 퀄리티는 별과도 같습니다. 이어피스는 아름답기만 한 것이 아니라, 그들의 우아함을 진정으로 평가하려면 직접 보아야 합니다. 음향면에서는 균형 있는 심포니로, 선명한 고음, 디테일한 중음, 그리고 탄탄한 베이스를 전달합니다. 그 음향 무대와 이미징 능력은 훨씬 더 비싼 옵션들과 견줄만큼으로, 어떤 음악 장르에도 다재다능한 선택지가 됩니다. Hype 4는 처음

liam macdonald
Hype 4 And Linsoul

First off i bought these For Gaming/Music They are simply amazing first minute of listening what a experience Swapped from Singolos and Red zeros
Now A massive thank you to linsoul and Deng From Support Super helpful answered every question i had and really helped me a lot the best service ive had from any shopping experience every also i would recommend express shipping both my orders came in 2 days again thanks linsoul and Deng
simply amazing company and excellent service

Amazing set for good value

This is my favorite iem so far for gaming and music listening. I heard about it from Fresh reviews’ recommendation and he’s always spot on. A huge bonus is the gorgeous white faceplate version. I hope thieaudio make more iems in this color. Pinpoint accuracy in game and a lot of fun bass and treble when listening to music. Huge

友博 多田


Reyes Gutierrez

These are absolutely amazing listening experience. For FPS gaming they are on point and so worth the $400 I paid & well worth the wait. Hopefully these last me years to come for FPS gaming . I am a dad and take very good care of my gaming stuff . So these should last me years to come

They sound perfect

Eduardo Bassol Salazar
First blind purchase gone right

I literally read 1 review...i was looking other IEMs but for some reason this one took my eye...fairly new to this world and i already own 3 pairs from the low end....this is my first Mid end and it feels so premium that idk what to do with the other ones....guess ill just use for different circumstances, this one is great to hear lives and movies but not for gaming (imo) bass is just right not too much not to hidden, material is also high quality, the one thing i didn't liked was the way the ear tips came...low ends have a case for them...this one came in plastic bags that wouldn't open unless broken into, also the ear tips are not the best, white and foam...and god i hate foam tips....anyway other than that great product worth the extra kick of money hopping to get to my Monarch custom made someday soon

Reviewer avatar
Max W.
Fun. Engaging. Balanced. Detailed.

I love quality Bass and was very exited to try this new Dual Dynamic Driver technology.

Compared to Clairvoyance and Monarch MKI - these fall somewhere in between: a musical monitor that is still fun and engaging. This pair is a less expensive way to try double dynamic driver setup, which sounds impressively good, outperforming both in Bass details and quality. But, obviously, not as good when it comes to details in Mids and especially Highs: you can't beat EST drivers in their effortless extension and lushness, yet these are still impressively capable.

You will struggle to find any major negatives in these.

Perfect for Electronic music.

Hype 2 is smoother and more fun to listen to, not fatiguing. Hype 4 is more analytical, more detailed. Both have slightly different sound and style, specifically meaning that Hype 2 is a solid everyday everything joy machine at a very good price.

Hype 4 sound has more resolution, more details, thicker midrange, wider soundstage, more space and air around sounds.

Hype 4 is slightly more in your face, slightly more intense. Juicy. Punchy. Thick. Fresh out of the box, sound a little (almost not worth mentioning) bright and a touch fatiguing: a good burn-in will smoothen them out into perfection!

Side note about Burn-in: laugh all you want but I nearly returned now my favourite headphones because they sounded so bad out of the box. 50h later, change is significant. Modern driver diaphragms are made from incredibly thin and rigid materials which require more cycles to break-in.

Stock Cable sounds really good: able to push a lot of details and keep everything sounding well rounded. Looks and feels fantastic. Perfect match. *Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Dongle (24bit/48kHz DAC/AMP), iPhone, Onkyo App - IMPRESSIVE.

Then I pushed them a bit further with DSD 11.2MHz and PCM 32/384kHz files, DSP off, High Gain, from Sony NW-WM1A DAP. Those two file formats are where magic truly begins and even on High Gain these IEMs did not even stutter - smooth and effortless all the way.

As expected, Hype 4 + 4N Silver Cable sounds absolutely - MAGICAL.

The difference with SPC stock Cable is this one is balanced (4.4mm), better clarity, better definition, better resolution and instrument separation / edges / borders, more solid composure of all elements resulting in a smoother more uniformed sound, more engaging and realistic. Holographic effect appears often.

Both stock silicone and foam Ear Tips are high quality, comfortable and highly resolving. Perfect match.

Larger storage case is really the perfect size. And it looks good. Included microfiber cleaning cloth is always a nice touch.

Very happy to see Shallow Recessed Sockets: these are much better and stronger than usual Flush Sockets. However, I wish they used stronger and more durable Deep Recessed Sockets.

Build quality is superb, high gloss shells, metal nozzles, neat bass port opening.

Faceplates are simple but are definitely an art: I can't stop looking at them, mesmerizing. When you put them under the light and move around their colour changes from blue/green to all blue to all deep purple.

These have smaller shells than Clairvoyance and in my opinion fit better and deeper.

If Hype 2 is a perfect gift for someone special or a friend you want to get into Hi-Res IEMs on a tight budget, Hype 4 is for someone who is already aware of quality sound but not ready for Monarch MKIII.

A complete package.


The Thieaudio Hype 4 draws inspiration from the revered Monarch Mk3, exhibiting a mini DNA resemblance in terms of noteweight and tonality. However, the absence of Electrostatic Drivers (ESTs) on the Hype 4 sets it apart, with the Monarch Mk3 holding a noticeable edge in detail and resolution.

One notable feature of the Hype 4 is its isobaric Dynamic Driver (DD) setup, gaining popularity in the audio community. This design theoretically allows for a higher tolerance for EQ in the bass region, as each driver has less work to do to produce the same levels. DDs traditionally face challenges in Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and impulse response compared to Balanced Armatures (BAs). The isobaric design aims to address these weaknesses while offering increased customizability, translating principles from the speaker scale to the IEM scale.

In a comparison between the Hype 2 and Hype 4, there is a noticeable progression in definition and layering. The Hype 4 stands out as a significant upgrade, showcasing improvements in these aspects over its predecessor.

While the Hype 4 might not fully match the Monarch Mk3 in detail and resolution due to the absence of ESTs, its isobaric DD setup and incremental improvements make it a compelling choice. Whether you're a fan of the Thieaudio lineup or looking for an upgrade from the Hype 2, the Hype 4 is poised to deliver a noteworthy listening experience.


These iems are amazing. For the price they are perfect.
no regrets.

Rizal Afrial
Great set & fast delivery

very fast delivery, and the product is amazing 👍🏻 thank you Linsoul & Thieaudio

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