4EST + 4BA + 1DD Flagship In-Ear Monitor

$149.00 USD
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Product Features

Five-way Crossover with three different types of drivers (1 Dynamic Driver + 4 Balanced Armatures + 4 Electrostatic)

Modular 22AWG 6N OCC Silver-Plated and Graphene Silver-Plated Cable with easy plug swapping between 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm jacks.

Reference Tuning with Reference Technicalities.

Unparalleled audio resolution, comparable to the world’s best speakers and headphones.

The Prestige stock cable maintains the ultra-pure 6N OCC silver-plated and graphene silver-plated cable in Litz structure, but the additional strand incorporation gives it a slightly meatier feel and a richer sound.

Medical Grade Resin Housing

Each Prestige unit is individually handmade by our dedicated engineers. The housing is constructed from 3D-printed medical-grade resin, which is safe on the skin and durable. The shell structure has been based off of the V16 Divinity, which was popular for its ergonomic fit and comfort during long listening sessions. Additionally, each faceplate of the Prestige is individually decorated and coated, presenting a truly bespoke experience.

Premium Cable

The Prestige stock cable maintains the ultra-pure 6N OCC silver-plated and graphene silver-plated cable in Litz structure , but the additional strand incorporation gives it a slightly meatier feel and a richer sound. Most significantly, this new stock cable features the proprietary "Smart Switch", a new modular plug design, allowing you to choose between 4.4mm balanced, 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced terminations, simply by swapping out the plug ends. This reduces the need for bulky adaptors, giving your setup a more complete look and feel. The 2-pin connectors on the stock cable are also updated to provide a more secure fit with your IEMs.

Inside the Box

  • Prestige In-Ear Monitors
  • 22AWG 6N OCC Silver-Plated and Graphene Silver-Plated Cable With Modular System
  • 3 Pairs of Silicone Ear-tips
  • 3 Pairs of Foam Ear-tips
  • Carrying Case

Technical Details


In-Ear Monitors


4EST + 4BA + 1DD




95dB @1kHz

Frequency Response


Cable Material

22AWG 6N OCC Silver-Plated and Graphene Silver-Plated Cable

Cable Length

1.2 Meter

Cable Plug Type

2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm

$149.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent treble, but never painful!

I often fatigue within a few songs of listening to my Focal Elear's regardless of EQ settings if I wanted the volume to feel "satisfying", so I was a bit worried about finding the Prestige set to be painful on my ears without significant EQ in the treble. I found this was not the case at all - with only a slight boost to the ~2k area, I find myself only restricting volume due to long term health concerns rather than immediate ear irritation that happens with some other sets. But the treble is much better than simply being non-offensive, it is handled with an amazing level of detail and punchiness I had not experienced until now. Mids and lows are handled quite competently as well and meet any expectations I would have for the price point, but the way the treble is handled is definitely the thing that makes this set stand out. Some audio gear's level of resolution can come at the cost of subjectively degrading enjoyment of amateurly produced or intentionally lo-fi music, but some mix of the tuning and technical proficiency of the Prestige allows it to capture all the hi-fi microdetails I've ever heard out of tracks while being forgiving to lower quality mastering, showing it at its best rather than making shortcomings in production quality the focus of the listening experience.

When picking out a high-end IEM, it felt a bit risky choosing one with so few professional & customer reviews such as the Prestige, but the only possible gripe I have had with it in my time with it is the nozzle size. With MDR-7550's as my travel pair spoiling me with super thin nozzles to make for a 0-fatigue fit, the Prestige is less generous in contrast, but still comfortable enough for hours of uninterrupted listening.

In short, well tuned out the box but responds well to EQ, very technically solid across the board but shines most in the treble and most importantly pleasing to use for my entire music library. My daily driver around the house for the foreseeable future.

Andhe Taylor
Theiaudio Prestige

Depending on the source, the iems do sound very different. Sometimes it is musical/analog and others it is neutral. There isnt as much bass without added boost from equalizer settings that I would like. So I am searching for a TOTL tribrid with 2 dynamic bass units. Overall, the fit is fine.
The supplied multi-ended cable is lacking in design and was replaced by a 4.4 terminated cable. Can then cable roll to make sound more pleasing to my ears. Went with Cu/Silver composite.
Overall a decent iem just wish there was more bass

Never Heard Bass Quite Like This Before

Premium earphones, design and cable.
Compared to the Monarch MKII, soundstage isn't as wide and it isn't as detailed. But the fit is much better and more comfortable. The treble is extended and clean. The bass is extremely pleasing to the ears.

Max Weitzel
Stunning Bass & Ultra Highs

Monarch MK2 is the Relax one with a softer Bass,good Mids,magical Vocals and Silky Highs.

Prestige is a different way.
More stunning Bass/Slam and Ultra clean Highs.More lively and Energetic.

(Faceplatt looks really good and the Fit is awesome)

Chean Ming Hean
Great treble and bass

Monarch MK 2-ish with superb treble extention and improved bass. Love it.

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