10mm PU+LCP Composite Diaphragm HiFi Wired In-Ear Monitor

    LCP Superlinear Composite Diaphragm
    Light-weight Ergonomics Design
    The Harman Target Curve of According Audiophile Target
    HIFI Grade Silver Plated Cable
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LCP Superlinear Composite Diaphragm

LCP composite micron-scale diaphragm, with very strong elasticity. It realizes higher accurate high-frequency vibration and excellent transient response. TINHIFI CS equipped with KAIKOKU-CCAW 0.035mm light weight sound unit imported from Japan is adopted.lt has the effect of a wide sound range and high-frequency transparency, which optimizes the high-frequency extension of the sound and presents richer detail.

Light-weight Ergonomics Design

TINHIFI C3 adopts 3D-printing technology, capturing the contour of the ear canal and the shape of the outer ear accurately through a computer model simulation database of the human ears. It not only fits the human ears canal perfectly but also maintains a certain physical sound insulation ability, which makes it very comfortable to wear.
TINHIFI C3 overall weight is only 4.38g, it greatly reduces the pressure on the ears. Semi-custom contour penetrates perfectly into the ear canal with some physical noise reduction. The TINHIFI C3 is made with environmental-friendly material that are harmless to the skin for long-term contact.

The Harman Target Curve of According Audiophile Target

TINHIFI C3 is tuned according to Harman Target and the opinions of senior audiophiles, which makes it have the right extension from low-frequency to high-frequency, full intermediate frequency, and rich layers.

HIFI Grade Silver Plated Cable

Using 4-core 270C silver-plated wire core, the sound is transparent and clean. For a 2-Pin interchangeable cable design, you can replace other earphone cables to get more sound quality experience. N52 ultra-powerful magnet and full internal dual magnetic circuit design provide unmatched low-frequency performance and transient response.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TINHIFI C3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TINHIFI C3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Unit
10mm PU+LCP Composite diaphragm
Gold-plated 2P connector
1.25m 4 strands transparent pvc stranded wire
Max Power
106±3dB@1kHz 0.179V
Single weight

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Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Linddahl


Lee Underwood
Nice IEM For the Money

One of the better Tinhifi iems I have owned. Great sale from Linsoul as well.

Neutral IEMs with beautiful transparent midrange

TinHiFi C3 is the new neutral sound signature IEMs created by TinHiFi. It inherits the aspects of the famous T3 Plus, but with a more detailed sound.

TinHiFi's new C Series marks the beginning of a new era for this brand. The TinHiFi C2, which was very good, was a surprise, but the C3 has achieved such a high level of perfection that it can be said to be an evolution in one respect, further developing the knowledge gained from the famous T3 Plus.


muito refinado

a tin hifi vem se reinventando, fone muito bom

TINHIFI C3: Just Simply Fine

TINHIFI C3: Just Simply Fine


△ Good quality shells as it has a solid built and has smooth contours.
△ Probably one of the best IEMs when it comes to fitting and comfort .
△ Good quality stock cable.
△ A sound signature that will be probably versatile to almost known music genre.
△ Fairly good technical aspects.
△ Textured with some transparency on note definition.


▽ Airy extension seems inadequate.
▽ For its asking price, the inclusions are a bit spartan.
▽ It has some perceptible peaks between upper mids and presence treble that treble-sensitives should be aware about it.


Purecast 9
Great sound if you're not an audiophile.

Has an overall balanced output without any preference on a particular frequency.
Highs are not unpleasant even at max volume.
Mids are good,sound warm and have good separation. Could have benefitted from a tad bit more richness.
Bass response is quite impressive. Gets very deep and has the rumble that makes music enjoyable without being too exaggerated.
Soundstage is moderately wide.
Quite comfortable on the ears.
Go for them if they are.your first pair of IEMs.

Sophanna Ven
It’s good

It’s not bad it’s good

Great Value Budget IEM

The Tin HiFi C3 is the latest offering from Tin HIFi and comes at budget price. The packaging is basic with the IEMs, cable and eartips in a simple white box with no frills or fancy extras which add to the price - there isn't even a simple pouch or case provided.
The IEMs are made from resin and closely resemble the TIn HiFi P3 Plus with just a different design and colour of logo on the face. The IEMs are very light and comfortable to wear. The cable is of good quality silver-plated copper with aluminium terminations and a 3.5 mm single-ended plug. It is clear that Tin have focused on the essentials which they have done very well.
The sound is well-balanced with lots of presence and no harshness in the mid and upper treble which can make piano music sound harsh. While lacking the detail that much more expensive IEMs (especially planars) provide, the overall sound is very enjoyable and non-fatiguing, across a range of genres.
For the price, they offer exceptional value for money and only the most critical listeners might be slightly disappointed. Highly recommended.

Hobby Talk
Awesome sound on a budget.

Amazing fit!

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

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