TinHiFi T2 EVO

10mm Carbon Molecule Composite Diaphragm HiFi In-ear Earphones

    Classic Tank Style Body
    High-quality Workmanship
    Rich Accessories
    Detachable MMCX Cable
    Ergonomics Design
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TINHIFI T2 EVO-The Evolution of In-ear Monitor

Following previous T2, T2 PRO, T2 PLUS earphone, now the TINHIFI Tank Family is having a new member-T2 EVO, featuring classic tank build with high-quality workmanship, plenty accessories, high-end packaging and unique 10mm carbon molecule composite diaphragm. It will certainly be loved by more and more audio enthusiasts. Coming with community’s love-blue memory foam eartips and a few silicone tips, storage bag and detachable cable making EVO one of the dreaming earphones to have

10mm Carbon Molecule Composite Diaphragm

TINHIFI T2 EVO is equipped with a 10mm carbon molecule composite diaphragm. The low frequency is moderate in sense of volume and sound diving, and has a sufficient sense of dimension, creating a dynamic feeling and agreeable atmosphere. Human voice is slightly prominent in the medium frequency. The moderate thickness and a somewhat cool feeling can be very helpful in shaping the sound profile. The high frequency features a superb high-pitched tone, which is extremely smooth and agreeable.

Tank Build&Ergonomics Design

TINHIFI T2 EVO is made of aviation-grade aluminum and a Tank style body. The real aluminum color is so classic and neat. The metal housing won't cause any allergic reactions on your ears as they are completely hypoallergenic. The canal design can shut out noise perfectly and you are able to enjoy deep and rich sound. Included three different sizes of ear tips work for most cases. A comfortable and functional TINHIFI EVO is ready for anyone who loves music

Detachable MMCX Cable

TINHIFI EVO is designed with popular MMCX connector and detachable feature ensures durability and full upgradeability. The cable comes with 5N 8-core silver-plated wire, because the soft and supple material is used, the feeling is good. There is no worry that the cable will be curled afterwards

Tuning Feature

Each model of Tank Family has its own style. For T2 EVO, the sound has more layers, and the loudness of human voice and music instruments is natural and real, producing a sound effect through a reasonable arrangement of music instruments. Soprano, when tuned to a super high pitch, is likely to produce a slightly jarring sensation, but it does not affect the overall sound effect.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TinHiFi T2 EVO
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TinHiFi T2 EVO Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

10mm carbon molecule composite diaphragm
93±3dB@1kHZ 0.126V
Frequency response
Rated power
Max power
Max distortion
1%@1kHz 0.126V
gold-plated MMCX connector
1.25m (30/0.05 oxygen free copper+200D Kevlar)Φ1.0 outer cover*4C twisted transparent white/purple/green PVC wire
3.5mm black gold-plated plug

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sidney Leite
Too bright!

I own every single earphone in the T series, and the EVO were a big disappointment. Too bright, sibilant, and thin-sounding.

Garrett Williams
Great value!

These headphones sounds great and cost half the price of many headphones at their level.

Nikolay Gramchev

Very musical iems. The music reproduction has very high clarity and natural timber. Vocals are lively and well present. The highs are crisp and airy. The bass and sub-bass are not a focus of the Evo but are well present to keep the performance full. Think the Tin T2 Evo is better than the Moondrop SSR.

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