10mm Magnetic CNT Driver In Ear Monitor

    CNT Diaphragm&Imported CCAW Ultralight Voice Coil
    Accurate and Crystal-Clean
    Remarkable Appearance, 4g Lightweight
    Detachable Silver-copper Mixed Cable
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New Extraordinary Listening Feast with 10mm CNT Driver

The TIN HiFi tank family now welcomes a new member-T4 PLUS which featuring the 3rd Gen CNT composite diaphragm and N54 external magnetic circuit design. T4 PLUS will give you an unmissable audio feast with its optimized stronger and better magnet inducing circuit. Given an overall balanced three frequencies, the bass is tuned to be boomy and alluring with high precision.

CNT Diaphragm&Imported CCAW Ultralight Voice Coil

New-generation carbon nanotube diaphragm is chosen as the best partner with the powerful N54 outer-magnet circuit, for its superiority in temporal response. The nanotube is 400 times the strength of steel, allowing the new diaphragm to be lighter and stronger, so even the tiniest vibration can be captured instantly for your auditory joy. The CCAW multi-layer voice coil is the same one favored by the big names in the industry, for its top-level fidelity in bringing out the original favor in your audio.

Accurate and Crystal-Clean

HiFi music is all about faithful to the original. To eliminate distortion to an extreme, a brass frame is introduced for better airflow and less harmonic distortion. Your music will be pleasantly bright with clear separation in instrument and vocal. To give the already detailed sound a finer touch, T4 Plus’s resonance chamber is embedded in classy wood, to effectively rid the distortion caused by ear tunnel resonance. Only the finest natural music, delivered to you by T4 Plus.

Remarkable Appearance, 4g Lightweight

In a combination of classic and modern aesthetics, T4 PLUS applies a high-grade wood as the faceplate with the resonator embedded in it. The quality wood not only gives it a classy look but also reflects its owner’s exquisite taste. Each bud only weighs 4g, easy to be carried around for work and play. The customized ear tips, made of silicone memory foam, will fit your ear perfectly for a baby-smooth texture and promise you undisturbed listening with outstanding noise cancellation.

Detachable Silver-copper Mixed Cable

Cable is the off-ignored accessory that in fact contributes greatly to headphones’ performance. T4 Plus incorporated 4-strands high-purity silver-copper mixed cable for its durability and high conductivity, guaranteeing you a long-lasting music journey. The transparent PVC wrapping is nice to touch and anti-tangle, with extremely compatible 0.78 2-pin jacks.

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TINHIFI T4 PLUS Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

10mm magnetic CNT
Max Power
Frequency Response
106±dB@1kHz 0.179V
gold-plated 0.78mm 2pin
Single Earbud Weight
about 4g
Cable Length
about 1.25m
Cable Material
4 strands 270C silver-copper mixed wire PVC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Isadore Alire
Nectar For The Eardrums

They took a little longer to burn in than the last IEM's I purchased, but are a huge bang for buck product.
My preferences don't seem to line up with most experts/reviewers. I found the T4 + to be a nice relaxing listen with plenty of detail.

Charles Lewis
Great IEM

I like these a lot. I would pick these over many others in the same price range and above. Comparing them to a few others the bass is strong, punchy and tight with nice extension. Above what I would consider neutral without compromising mids. The mids are nice too. If it is V’d it’s not thin at all. It’s actually very detailed. The treble has good clarity and energy without being harsh. Overall impression is it’s ideal. Looks and design are different making it look nice and unique. The box and artwork are cool too. Cable is great. No complaints all pros no cons. Again it was the best I have in its category being tuned to my preference while still being very versatile.

Antonio Teixeira
True Contender for Top DD @100usd

The TINHIFI T4 Plus is more than just another release from TinHiFI that follows the Harman Tuning

It's the culmination on how different material usage on the driver diaphragm , can under the same base tuning , yield different tonaly, timbre and texture to sound.

The T4 Plus has brought together the best of all these materials, LCP,.LCP + PU, DLC, CNT, offering a sound that is authoritative, detailed but fatigue free.

Excellent studio monitors for the $100 class

The TinHiFi T4 Plus is an excellent studio monitor in the $100 range. The design has a unique aesthetic appeal, and the sound quality outperforms the price level. However, it has two excellent siblings, the TinHiFi C3 and TKZK Ouranos, which may be cheaper and better choices in some cases.


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