Tipsy TTROMSO PineStone Sea

HiFi 12mm LCP Dynamic Driver In Ear Earphone

    12mm Large Size LCP Dynamic Driver
    Tesla Custom Magnet Group
    3D-Painted Cavity and Artist Hand Painted Faceplate
    Dual Core OCC Silver-plated High Resolution Cable
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TTROMSO-Norwegian Aurora Color

TTROMSO is a small town located in the Northern Europe that inspired Tipsy design team with its tranquil but ingenious aurora. The newly lanched model bears a unique name-PINESTONE SEA, that not only is the best interpratation of Tipsy hardware aesthetic concepts but also concludes the development of Tipsy series of products over the year. In this modern world, Tipsy envisions a federation of art and industry to surprise those who love art and music

12mm Large Size LCP Dynamic Driver, Tesla Custom Magnet Group

Despite remarkable shell, TTROMSO also excels in its driver. Equipped with a 12mm large size LCP dynamic driver and Tesla custom magnet group, this model achieves as low as 3% distortion rate to maxium restore sound details and dynamic soundstage.

3D-Painted Cavity and Artist Hand Painted Faceplate

Speaking of the artistic gene of TTROMSO, the color must take a place. Named PineStone Sea, this model features PANTONE indigo bunting color as the dominant hue, along with hand painted faceplate by experienced artists. The aurora is vividly alive. 3D-printed cavity will fit in your ear securely and comfortably

Dual Core OCC Silver-plated High Resolution Cable

TTROMSO comes with a detachable dual core OCC silver-plated cable to maxium restore sound details, transient changes and lossless signal. Detachable design ensures future upgradability as well while 0.78mm-2pin connector is widely compatible with common cables in the market. Change the cable as you wish for a different sound experience

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tipsy TTROMSO PineStone Sea
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Tipsy TTROMSO PineStone Sea Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Tipsy TTROMSO Pine Stone Sea
12mm LCP dynamic driver
Frequency range
0.78mm 2Pin
3.5mm gold-plated plug
Cable length
Cable material
dual core OCC silver-plated high resolution cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leonard A
Fun V shape, bad quality build.

They have a fun sounding signature, with good Bass and good details in Treble. Mids is present and smooth but taken back in quantity over the highs and lows.

The build quality itself is the problem, talked with others on Head-fi also. They have very bad driver flex from when they arrive. And it gets worse over time.

1 driver is loose and rattling when bass is present, the other making a resonant noise around 120Hz.

For the money they would get 4/5, but the build drags them down. Lots of other product that is better to buy.

Also have it in your mind that Linsoul is not very helpful if a problem arrives,, you have to send them back and pay postage that can be up to half the price of Tipsy Ttromso.

Kenneth E Lawson
The Whole Package!

These have it all: fit, comfort, sound, and aesthetics. I've always been a sucker for elaborate packaging, and these have the most elaborate yet! Still, it might have been nice to have a little box instead of a bag. But that's a minor quibble. They're beautiful IEMs, beautifully packaged, and they sound brilliant. The whole package!

Mandeep Kumar

This is my first time saying somthing about a iem. I never done any review in my life and I'm not a master audiophile nor iem expert but one thing I can say about these iems are a good rival to HBB OLINA. Tipsy ttromso fit very nicely and the sound and looks are soo damn good and they have a long nozzles. I don't think I need to tell you guys about HBB OLINA you all know how it is..... but after listen to tipsy I'm feeling a bit tipsy right now.✌️

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