Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image
Toneking lucifer image

Toneking lucifer

Dynamic Driver 10mm Fiber Diaphragm HiFi In-ear Earphones

    High-sensitive and easy to drive.
    CNC Cut Solid Wood Shell
    Balance system inside and optimize the details
    Compact enough to take it anywhere
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As the latest generation of TONEKING ’s flagship dynamic driver HiFi earphones, Lucifer has excelled others with the newly developed double layer plant fiber diaphragm which is of high-sensitive and easy to drive for all frequencies. The sound is thick, warm and smooth

Tuned to be Balanced.

This model features a smooth transition between the three frequencies. With it, you can feel the surge in bass, the thickness in mids and the details in highs. Sibilance is controlled and altered to a favorable level to present enough details without too harsh

CNC Cut Solid Wood Shell.

Solid wood is not only famous for its unique pattern and long-lasting lifespan but also its function in producing acoustic resonance like a real instrument. Lucifer adopts this material for the shell to achieve a balance system inside and optimize the details

6N OCC Detachable Cable.

The cable included is a 6N OCC braided cable, free of twining and interfering, stable in transmission. The gold-plated 3.5mm jack is universal for most devices. Detachable features ensures fully upgradeability for more fun

Easy to Drive.

Unlike other professional HiFi IEMs, this model is designed to be easy to drive with your daily devices. Free to enjoy the HiFi music on the go. Compact enough to take it anywhere with you to add a fun flavor

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Toneking lucifer
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Toneking lucifer Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

111dB SPL/mW
Frequency response
Input impedance
The distortion rate
≤0.1% (1 KHZ)
Channel balanced
≤1 dB
Rated power
Cable length
0.78 2 pin
6N OCC Braided Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Natural, detailed, but only with a good amp combo and a simple mod

I purchased the Lucifer with some hesitation due to the lack of reviews, but was very interested in the proposition of a wood-enclosed IEM. I'll admit that the first few listens with my Topping A30 were pretty lackluster. Comfort is absolutely outstanding, and sound-stage was wide and layered. But Bass and mids seemed sloppy and way over-accentuated to me. So I experimented. Even though impedance for this IEM isn't the best match for my Darkvoice 336SE, I found it made a definite improvement in clarity due to the bass and mids being more recessed. Next I covered the top vents with scotch tape on a whim and to my surprise that resulted in a huge improvement! Everything sounds so much more balanced, detailed and natural. So, I've gone from thinking I wasted $170 on a niche IEM, to being very pleased with the Lucifer! If you're thinking about making a purchase, rest assured that the Lucifer has a lot of potential but unfortunately you'll need to experiment before it's unlocked.

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